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  1. You're right. Challenging, more fun, and rarer? First step may be to ditch essentially all self-heals.
  2. I am hoping ACE is fast and loose with pulling discs that are broken, and being comfortable not reintroducing them if it just doesn't work out.
  3. Ultimately this discussion, and all healing discussions prior on these forums, boils down not to whether healing should be strong, but whether healing should be easy. The problem, as Tinnis pointed out, is that these heals are so easy. They don't need to be aimed! Imagine more damage spells that don't need aiming, you just click and wham, damage done. Heals, like damage, can be powerful, but only if challenging to execute well.
  4. Holy panic button, Batman. This is a nonstarter for me, since the actual formation of the game is going to be so completely different, with respawn points being in cities and needing to be protected by walls and guards. Not going to be an issue in this game, like others (see Archeage). If your respawn, or Tree of Life, is getting camped, ya'll better rally. Also, I am expecting a "within temple vessel equip invuln timer" similar to Shadowbane's death shroud. There is a bigger argument at stake here, though. This is the reality of building for player freedom, and expecting player policing. It is a dynamic system, not a rigid one. We have experienced enough games where a small number of players intentionally drive people out of the game. This small number of players also loudly project their views on forums. Although they will shout from the rooftops "git gud" (I love when these same players complain about zergs), ultimately we know there is a self-defeating aspect to their behavior. Love the game because of its freedom, but use the freedom to drive away players, and argue those players just do not belong - then the game no longer is populated, stops existing, and we all wait endlessly for Shadowbane 2. There is a saying that "freedom isn't free," and it is sometimes taken to mean we have to fight wars to remain free. I think a more complex interpretation is that to remain free often requires self-restraint, or exercising your freedom in ways that enhance the freedom of others. If you really want player freedom, and you are aware of how some players use that freedom to intentionally destroy others' fun, buck up and be the police. Guard the respawn temples from gankers. Drive them away and gank them back. Recruit noobs, even temporarily. Or don't, but don't complain about those who "carebear alliance" against you. Or don't, but don't complain when ACE has to react with rigid mechanics. ACE devs want their game to succeed, so are going to implement mechanics to restrain those who will not restrain themselves. tl;dr Don't want safezones? Protect noobs from gankers. Otherwise, expect ACE to protect their game.
  5. Does dying raise them? Welcome!
  6. Yeah, I remember. I thought it was a good idea, and I still do. I suspect it'll at least find its way into some CWs, if not into the main mechanics. I think it overlays a lot better with points, which also offers a better route to "catch up" - buying points up to the max possible at the time.
  7. I anticipate that ACE will create CWs with "reset" training at some point, if it becomes a big issue. Sort of like a full wipe, but only CW specific (next CW you could have all your training back). There are a lot of variables to consider for this, not the least of which is world density (people/size). I also expect multiple strategies to CWs, including accepting defeat beforehand and just harvesting to the max for EKs, dumping everything into the CW to crush others, and in between. I am not indifferent to these arguments, but I just cannot find enough juice in them. Why exactly should players who have played the game longer not be better off than those who just started? Why won't multiple guilds have dedicated crafters who are actually all together on equal footing (if they chose to be), and organization, size, and strategy still win the day?
  8. I was going to make a post on this theme. The problem with class-based disciplines is that we will likely wind up with simpler FOTM builds. It'd be much more influential on diversity to add race-based disciplines, so you know a Stoneborn Knight has different possibilities than other race-knights (it also makes intuitive sense, IMO). I have absolutely no problem with disciplines open to all classes, those are excellent for diversity, IMO.
  9. @soulein I think if they do lore-based factions they should be by god, and the god should only allow particular races or classes or something.
  10. Well, today's reveal was obviously great for our guild! If anyone is interested in an all-Dwarf guild, we will be building up our involvement when Stoneborn get released. In the meantime, pm me for discord details and the like.
  11. You mentioned in the summary post that disciplines are crafted, can scale up in quality (which affects bonuses), and you are planning to increase the difficulty (or cost) of crafting them. My question is: Are there any plans to make discipline-specific components? If so, what methods of acquiring those components are planned? Harvested, crafted, looted, hunted, found, "named" mobs? For example, we may need to acquire some specific drop or harvest-able in order to create the Troubadour discipline - for example a golden harp string. That harp string may only drop from a named Harpy mob, which can be locked down or hunted. Shadowbane had an excellent discipline hunting system that could be iterated on here and made into something truly great. I'd love to see the exploration tree include a tracking system not just for players, but for discipline-related components and mobs.
  12. Seemed like the weapon disciplines provide some answers, though also some more questions.
  13. This is incredibly exciting. I am so pumped about the layering of character differentiation, it honestly could not feel more different than having 13 presets. I am thrilled, really.
  14. If they keep classes and training for particular classes, then there will still be massive choices.
  15. Another interesting thing to consider: let's assume classes being opened to more races is simply cosmetic. There will still be major differences in the game, because the Lore involved (even when many do not care) will bring in more players. Not just more players, but different players, with different attitudes. And all of that matters a great deal to the health and survival of MMORPGs that try to construct a social universe. In my experience, guilds with collective Lore identities survive the longest and add a ton of flavor to the games they play. That's why I joined one, personally. Any group of people willing to "gimp" themselves to stay committed to their story adds to this world. But, I am definitely with Barab - we simply don't want to be too gimped. To make a big reveal that is universally loved is essentially impossible. To make a reveal that is loved by some people and trivial to others is a good goal.