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  1. Ultimately, the challenge is simple and can be stated like a question. Can you make a game that is hardcore in both PvP and Crafting? The primary difference between AO crafting and CF crafting is blueprints and thralls. Hybridizing an intense harvesting and crafting system with ways to mass produce is absolutely critical, otherwise the game drags on day-to-day as an attempt to Fame farm and harvest. Blueprints are an amazing idea and must be executed well in CF, IMO, lest the PvP get sidetracked. The more you incentivize individual harvesting over the Points of Interest gathering, the more you incentivize players to avoid each other. If we all have to individually harvest essentially all the time, then we just end up avoiding each other. Albion suffers from this. You can certainly have the whole "explore and find rare nodes" but without fixed point objectives (mines, quarries, etc.) you cut out a massive amount of PvP. Combine the immense, unavoidable harvesting and crafting grind of AO with near uniform resource distribution in a zone, and you get a bunch of harvesters running in circles claiming to play a PvP game. Instancing the GvG as battlegrounds also completely separates AO from CF. So far in my AO experience, I have only had fun fights in the dungeons, which come closest to fixed point objectives in the game. I have not experienced the 5v5, and I will never be able to competitively, because I do not have a 10:1 ratio of harvester/crafters to equip me. Edit: Also, AO has flagging systems and safe zones, two things thankfully not a part of CF vision.
  2. RIP Oberon, we hardly knew ye.
  3. Aiming for Minimum Viable Product seems like a terrible business strategy if you want to survive longer than making a quick buck...
  4. No, there will not be PvE Endgame Raids. Unlike most MMORPGs, the Endgame is provided by trying to win against other players, and therefore it is a PvP-centric game. For many of us, this is a much preferable setup, but is consistently ignored in favor of excessive PvE games. I say that to prepare you for potentially irate responses to your OP.
  5. Not to mention all the people you never hear from and do not comment or even like the video, but watched it and thought positively about the content and the game.
  6. I think you are seriously overestimating how many players would log in once, and only once, daily and not play for over 2.39 hours during that session. Edit: Especially in early game, when the potential for disparity is highest.
  7. If I am interpreting everything accurately, this change seems almost negligible. Let's say over the course of a year you inefficiently lose 100 hours of training time as a non-VIP. How much behind people would you actually be, given that incremental changes are no longer part of the system? If we condense those 100 hours into a single last pip of a high-level train, it is actually at most one skill-up difference. The only meaningful issues would be if you failed to train efficiently early in the game, but you would catch up incredibly quickly. Honestly, for me, pretty much a non-factor change. I liked the video, but I am not sure it is as big of a nerf to Alts as you framed it.
  8. Somewhat similar vibe to Breath of the Wild for me. Cartoon-lite with beautiful environments.
  9. Heh, I laughed a little at this. But the rest of the post seemed sound to me, especially bugs & how hard it is to tune things that are not working as expected.
  10. Bops in to make first post be a 1.5 year necro
  11. My answer depends on how easily they are lost.
  12. Tone policing is self-defeating. I find your tone offensive in this post, so you should not post it (I do not really, but that is sort of the point). The Devs have written rules and have decent latitude for enforcing them. My point is that different people react differently to the same thing happening, and that is okay. The Devs can handle themselves in this capacity, and the forum community needs to continue helping each other - translating people's language into other words and putting perspective on grandiose claims (like the person who wrote that nothing has changed about the game in three years). I often say things I regret; I use the edit button and make clarifying posts where I call myself out. People navigate the internet well and recognize that sometimes people spew poorly made socks to each other. It's not excusable, and we should all treat each other a little better, and do a bit better at ignoring the vitriol. Specific to ACE, I am not overly concerned about these forums. If this seems harsh to you, god bless you and you may want to avoid venturing much further into the depths.
  13. I still wonder how much they considered going subscription based. As a game trying to throw back to old MMORPG social structures, it remains a major question mark whether that can happen when people do not need to pay a continuous fee to maintain multiple accounts. If you want people to be committed to things like their reputation, there is no better way, IMO. As far as VIP goes, any attempt to straddle the P2W line will leave some people complaining that it is P2W and others complaining that it is not worth the cost. Meanwhile, alt accounts can do all of what VIP can do and more, for cheaper long term cost. It feels like people will go bonkers if they announced a subscription or even a meaningful VIP. But, I am personally very concerned about this problem. I understand the financial ramifications, but in the long term easy alt accounts may break the game in ways that are financially crippling.
  14. In my opinion, this is the state of the systems. There is such a diversity of specializations of harvesters and crafters that the segmentation is not necessary. At this point it feels like there are a couple good alternatives with the potential to maintain interdependence, generally increase player satisfaction by allowing us to choose how we make up our character, and infuse more value to VIP. The passive training system was first introduced so long ago that so much has changed and I hope ACE iterates on this one soon.
  15. I think this is a good idea that I expect them to pursue. I think both race and class training options are a smart overlay.