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  1. Looks good. Here's hoping you get good neighbors though.
  2. Tooltips on confessor are a bit inaccurate. For example 1-1 have a cost of like 5% each. But the tooltip says its a 50-70 Cost.
  3. I mean Beach heads are meant to be unable to get into. That way rookies don't get gang banged by like a 15 man raid But I do wish there was more of an award to keeping forts. As well as much shorter timers. To be brutally honest I would be very happy if timers were even as low as five minutes. Pretty much forcing factions to dedicate guards to it less a random hamster caps it. @jtoddcoleman I know you kind of made rumor to this being a change. I really hope you guys do go through with it. That way giant zergs of 30-40 people don't just overwhelm the map with superior numbers without worry of back caps due to the 30min timer. I also hope we'll soon see a reward to CWs and an actual CW soon. With most placeholders and systems Being implemented we might see a real CW by the end of the month .
  4. Honestly I think the big 3 would be. Remove buff visibility... really not needed. Remove Friendly HP bars... give option to put them back up. Remove status effect text... The giant INVULNERABLE STUNNED or SUPPRESSED.
  5. It would be nice if we could optionally clean the screen of text and other ui. The red boxes are UI + Buffs Its taking up a large portion of the screen. But add in text and large groups... And it quickly starts to take over. There are worse examples than this. You would never guess there is roughly 20 people in that 2nd picture. Thats how much the UI is covering up. So my suggestion would be the following Move up the Map radar to the edge of the screen and condense + move the campaign scale directly underneath it. Option to Remove the durability UI Option to remove the Bottom HP + Resource bars. Doing so will move the skill ui to it's place. Move the buffs to the bottom or top right corner of the screen. Option to hide chat while im combat. Option to remove Friendly Buffs Condense Party member UI Option to remove party buffs. Option to condense Personal buffs to Icons only Option to remove server information. All of which would turn into but significantly clearer and cleaner of course.
  6. Already in the game.. its called the Corruption map
  7. oh no? Your opponents with "P2W" now have 10 more ap then you do... which means instead of hitting you for 150 dmg... they now deal... 153 OH MY GOD pay to win. I mean we got people who are practically a year behind people in terms of skill training, and they are still competitive. I mean put 2 fresh accounts with good players against an trained account with a good player... And the 2 will always beat the 1. heck its very reasonable and possible for a fresh to beat a maxed out account, especially if the maxed out account is in the hands of a potato.
  8. Though I have no clue on how to re-create it. the Suddenly your a duelist bug is occuring again, where a class that isnt a duelist ( lets say confessor) suddenly has their tray swapped to that of a duelist in big fights. Forcing them to relog after the bug.
  9. FPS got blocked out but it floated around 20-25 for the first fight and 15-25 the 2nd. Also root bug at 17:00 only happens if your rooted mid dodge
  10. I might of gotten hit by the 35% multiple times? When I died I got ported to a fortress... lagged like crazy and got ported to another fortress. Think someone capped the one I was at in bird form. After I revived I lost pretty much everything but a brand new hammer; neglected to check it's durability. But it did die in like 3-4 hits. Before death most of my gear was above 50% with a bow roughly around 80%. Afterwards it all just went poof
  11. oh no it was a fair bit more then 100 durability. think the lowest durability I had was 400ish on my basic armor. But everything on me got destroyed including brand new harvesting tools I made.
  12. To come off brutally honest.... This snap test is a trainwreck.... People gear is getting deleted when they die. People are getting stuck under the map. People can get into beacheads no problem. Massive memory leaks and performance problems. Crafting can cause instant crashes. got a few take bugs with arrows. People are crashing left and right. Some builds are bugged making it impossible for some people to die once they hit 10% hp for like 30s.
  13. With 5.3 coming around the corner and the live and test servers now having to different skill systems for players. Would it be possible to just turn all training from multiple days to just single days. That way we can train to final nodes By no means make this a permanent thing. Just until 5.3 hits and exclusively on the test servers. Feel it would give you a large amount of the player base to encounter skill training bugs that would of gone unnoticed due to long training times. Won't be upset either way. Will still play and test. But just think dramatically lower skill training time for a limited time on a limited server would prove to be beneficial to the testing environment.
  14. I think the main reason the moved sprint to combat was actually because of trailblazer. Think the two would actually stack making you run super fast That said I'm assuming what you want is something along the lines of If so I'd be game for something like this. Especially for knights, where knights kind of get screwed in the sprint department.