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  1. System quickly climbs to 100% CPU usage just at the lobby. Quitting the game and my CPU drops back down to 8%. Asus ROG (extremely good cooling for a laptop) with Intel Core-i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 765M. In my Confessor tree I have 100 points in restoration, which should unlock Zealotry, but I am not able to start training Zealotry.
  2. For the love of god, no minigame. Would like a toggle though. Hit F to start harvesting. Then if you move out of position the auto-harvesting stops. Leave an option for the need to hold it for people who prefer that.
  3. Notice this last week, but was just able to confirm that something isn't right. The Combat Principles tree is not correctly calculating percentage complete. I have 1009 out of 2200 points which should be 45% when rounding down, but the progression indicator states 50% completed. I was able to move on and start training in the Weapon Basics tree. More details of how I discovered this here: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16184-slightly-confused-on-skill-tree-total-percentage/
  4. OK I think I just confirmed this as a bug. I have 1009/2200 skill points in the Combat Principles tree which should be 45% when rounding down (45.86%). Tree says I have 50%. Went on to Weapon Basics and was able to start training in that tree.
  5. Looking over at Eve Online where the large corporations all have major strategies in place. Everyone in a corp is focused down a certain path, so that their fleets perform optimally together. Then as wars shift you'll find that a corp will change their strategy. Either to counter a rival, or for a variety of other reasons. As this large scale meta changes so do the demands in the market. Similarly we should be expecting shifting meta in Crowfall, and a shifting market to support it. If it does fall in the realm of being fairly static that could be quite boring.
  6. Except that they do not need to have 1 to 1 balance. They simply need to all be viable. Your different additions analogy can be a factor of stone vs ore, but that doesn't mean it has to be the same leather. You can have them be different experiences, with different pay out, different risk vs reward ratio and have that be just fine. Doctors make more money than garbage men, yet we still need both. I expect there to be an ebb and flow with supply and demand on the price and profits on resources. If one makes more sense in the beginning expect a glut of people to go there, and another area to be more neglected. You end up with price dropping where there's the glut and prices climbing where there's neglect. Then some people will chase opportunity and it will all change. This is a good thing. Static value, and static risk-reward make for a less vibrant economy. It also makes for more repetitive gameplay when it comes to competing for important resources. Variations are good.
  7. Considering the leather simply will be needed harvesters doing like you said would create a lot of demand. Price goes up and it's worth the extra effort. Balance doesn't have to come in the form of 1 to 1 balance. Different resources will be needed at different rates. Drop rates can be adjusted accordingly. There are any number of things they can do to make the different types of harvesting interesting. I don't see any reason why they have to be the same.
  8. Discovered this skill training related bug last night. In the Combat Principles tree, the percentage of total complete in misreporting. I started a thread elsewhere to see if there was something I missing about the calculation, but as the discussion progressed it became apparent that it's a bug. I currently have 800 / 2200 points in the three which is 36% but it is reporting 40%. It seems to be consistently reporting 4% more than what I have. The full thread on that post is worth a read as there are a lot of details there. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16184-slightly-confused-on-skill-tree-total-percentage/
  9. You're saying you got to 50%, moved on to an unlocked tree, and now when you look it says 53%? If that's what you're saying I'm inclined to think that this is a bug in just how it's reporting. I just checked the three ATs I'm train, and the math adds up there. I also checked the other core trees I have points in, Exploration Basics, Crafting Basics, and Vessels; they all look fine as well. For the ATs I have one where the points aren't spread around, all trained skills are to 100 except the one currently training, the other two have points spread around like my Combat Principles.
  10. I've checked it and rechecked it. First three skills are maxed: 300 Upper branch has: 73, 54, 65 (192 together) Lower branch has: 100, 72, 80 (252 together) Now training Defense: Control: 47 Grand Total: 791 Which should be 35% (assuming no rounding, 36% rounded), it is reporting 40%. Not missing any skills because there aren't any further ones that could have training in them. I'm going to keep an eye on this, so far it's holding at reporting 5% higher than it should. With Defense Control at 47 it's going to start slowing down, so it'll be a day or two before another run of the numbers is worthwhile. It'll be interesting to see at what point the next tree unlocks. I still have at least 5 days of training until I do/would hit 50%. I'm going to keep updating this thread as it will be a good reference for reporting this as a bug once the reported hits 50% and I have more details.
  11. If the reported 38% holds at the current rate, and lets me move to the next tree at 50% I can train Defense: Control, and then only put 34 points each into the four skills it unlocks. If that's reporting incorrectly and I need the 1100 total points in this tree, then I'll need to train 65 points in each of those four skills. The only thing I can think of is the partial training in 5 other skill nodes that haven't added up to a full point yet. I can't see that making that much of a difference though.
  12. The Combat Principles tree has 2200 total points. To me it seems that 1100 points are what's needed to unlock the more advanced trees. So with that goal in mind my training is a little spread out to unfinished skill nodes to take advantage of earlier points training faster. I currently have 741 points in this tree and the client is telling me that I have 38%. Problem is that 38% of 2200 is 836. Rounding up I currently have 34%. I thought maybe the tier of the skills matter. Since each tier is a multiple training time wise, I tried weighting the trained skills the same, but then I come in at 28% complete. What am I missing here?
  13. This was my exact thought while reading the article. Every person being on their own EK will be rather boring, ideally a guild, or even multiple, will be using the same EK. If I'm founding member of the head guild, and a year down the line I decide to step away from them game what happens to the EK? It's safe to say in such situations multiple people will have contributed to parcel and building purchases. Perhaps guild fund raisers where everyone contributed. In the end do I just own it all? I'd hate to see a situations where a guild leader gets fed up and sells a sweet EK on Ebay.
  14. Client performance seems to change from week to week. Last weekend I was running at a stable 35 fps, this past weekend if I was doing anything it dropped to 15 fps. I suggest checking for dust like Doradur said. Also upgrade your video card sometime between now and soft launch. (I'll be building a new gaming rig by then myself.)
  15. Earlier today I was unable to create chat channels. I tried 4 times over the course of maybe half an hour. Each time nothing happened. Also each time my right click (confessor dash) stopped working. Using my left click seemed to fix my right click each time. I just now tried to recreate the issue while recording, so I could attempt to more accurately see what was fixing the right click (perhaps just going into combat mode would suffice), but the issue did not occur this time around.