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  1. Every time I log out and then load the patcher to log back in it downloads and applies 6 patches. I get in the game fine after the patch, but it will still repatch the next time I log in. This is all after downloading the new patcher as instructed by the patch notes. With limited play the CPU bug seems fixed for me. It's possibly (can't verify) using more CPU that before the Unity version upgrade, but not excessive.
  2. Glad to see the effort being taken to address the bugs before they pile up even further. On the topic of EKs it will be interesting to see how they pan out in the end. Everyone having one will devalue them a little, as a lot of people are going to want others to come to their EK; leaving us with a lot of one man worlds. Not suggesting that they change this at this point, it's what people are expecting, just curious to see how it pans out. Could have tied them to the guild like in Guild Wars, but that probably would have made the micro-transaction aspect more difficult. As it is I think guild EK's will mostly be the only ones that see traffic more than a few people. I just worry that people wanting to spend time in their own will bring down the traffic on the guild EK's, which is where the social hubs will be (outside of the CW's of course).
  3. There is a reticle but that doesn't mean you can reliably target a specific body part. For most classes as it is aiming for a certain limb is not something that is at all viable. You're assuming that they will do more to enable more specific targeting. They've said nothing that I've seen (prove me wrong if I am on this) about making it more viable. Even if targeting a certain body part were viable you sill have no way of knowing which body parts have which resistances.
  4. It seems like with the styling of the different armor that people are going to want to stick to a certain type as you said. It's not like generic armor where using chain sleeves with your plate chest piece will create a different but equally cool look to using either alone. Perhaps that's part of why they're sticking with hit boxes, to add one more layer of getting people on a single armor type and being able to more reliably deliver the cool look.
  5. If they have some cool stuff they're working on they should say that. They do it all the time on other features. 'Hey you guys can't see this yet, but there are cool things coming on X.' And more often that not when we get the further details it was well worth the wait. As it stands it feel like they're just coming up with excuses to justify continuing down this path. It also seems like they may be just trying to find a way to make sure people match armor of the same type. I hope they have more planned to make this more worthwhile, or just move on from the idea. As it stands now with the information available it feels like a huge waste of resources to continue down this path.
  6. Like Vectious said, it's complexity for the sake of complexity. Without the ability to choose where you're attacking the hit boxes really add nothing to the game. The only effect I can see is making it more difficult to gear up. If you want a certain balance of resistances you'll need to get that same mix on each armor piece, instead of just getting the balance out of the total. Maybe that's part of the devs' reasoning. With how much talk there always is about limited developer resources and doing X of Y if there are enough resources to do so, the entire hitbox concept just seems like a big waste of effort. Not to mention it will add more calculations that the server needs to handle. Maybe there's an aspect that hasn't been revealed yet. As things are now however this really feels like a design choice that sounded cool during a whiteboard session and they ran with and lost sight of whether it was really adding value to the game.
  7. They should update those descriptions to reflect that. Needing all of the previous skills seems odd as they're supposedly focusing on making choices with training.
  8. Do the skills with a hexagon behind them require more than one connected skill? Do they require all of them? I'm seeing this in multiple trees. Weapons Basics tree, third tier in both skills have the hexagon, I have two of the three pre-reqs and still can't train either.
  9. Also seeing 100% CPU usage. I'll pass on testing until that's fixed. My Asus gaming laptop has very good cooling, but I'm not going to listen to the fan whir the whole time.
  10. System quickly climbs to 100% CPU usage just at the lobby. Quitting the game and my CPU drops back down to 8%. Asus ROG (extremely good cooling for a laptop) with Intel Core-i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz, Nvidia GTX 765M. In my Confessor tree I have 100 points in restoration, which should unlock Zealotry, but I am not able to start training Zealotry.
  11. For the love of god, no minigame. Would like a toggle though. Hit F to start harvesting. Then if you move out of position the auto-harvesting stops. Leave an option for the need to hold it for people who prefer that.
  12. Notice this last week, but was just able to confirm that something isn't right. The Combat Principles tree is not correctly calculating percentage complete. I have 1009 out of 2200 points which should be 45% when rounding down, but the progression indicator states 50% completed. I was able to move on and start training in the Weapon Basics tree. More details of how I discovered this here: https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/16184-slightly-confused-on-skill-tree-total-percentage/
  13. OK I think I just confirmed this as a bug. I have 1009/2200 skill points in the Combat Principles tree which should be 45% when rounding down (45.86%). Tree says I have 50%. Went on to Weapon Basics and was able to start training in that tree.
  14. Looking over at Eve Online where the large corporations all have major strategies in place. Everyone in a corp is focused down a certain path, so that their fleets perform optimally together. Then as wars shift you'll find that a corp will change their strategy. Either to counter a rival, or for a variety of other reasons. As this large scale meta changes so do the demands in the market. Similarly we should be expecting shifting meta in Crowfall, and a shifting market to support it. If it does fall in the realm of being fairly static that could be quite boring.
  15. Except that they do not need to have 1 to 1 balance. They simply need to all be viable. Your different additions analogy can be a factor of stone vs ore, but that doesn't mean it has to be the same leather. You can have them be different experiences, with different pay out, different risk vs reward ratio and have that be just fine. Doctors make more money than garbage men, yet we still need both. I expect there to be an ebb and flow with supply and demand on the price and profits on resources. If one makes more sense in the beginning expect a glut of people to go there, and another area to be more neglected. You end up with price dropping where there's the glut and prices climbing where there's neglect. Then some people will chase opportunity and it will all change. This is a good thing. Static value, and static risk-reward make for a less vibrant economy. It also makes for more repetitive gameplay when it comes to competing for important resources. Variations are good.