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  1. I get less error when I format the "Pull Down Menu' tabs differently, in the end those sheets will be hidden. I like the idea of color coding all the resources so they are uniform across all sheets, had not thought that all the way through. As for the base stats columns I am trying to figure out a way to make them clickable so the user can select what they have and get an idea of what they can end up with (As in Boot Strapping) and/or get an idea of what the total base stats for attributes are (before experimentation)
  2. I have been making progress and was wondering what people thought about the usability.
  3. Crafting Crafting in builderworld2 hit a problem Saturday while making pick sigils, when I clicked take, it would stack on the last thing I made which was Unmarked Runestone ended up with a stack of six. If I right click the Unmarked Runestone to auto enter it into the proper slot the stack will either stay the same until I use up the Unmarked Runestone or the stack will decrease by one as it is supposed to. If I right click to return The Unmarked Runestone it either disappears or gives me a pick sigil with the old style graphics. Logging out and back in fixed the problem Once when using all Blue ingredients I received a finished product that was Gray. Crafting in builderworld2 on Sunday While making weapon components the bug from Saturday returned, I have a stack of six crossguards, all with the same stats. I did not right click to return the item to inventory to see what would happen. Both days all three crafting potions where in effect when the bug happened. I have not been able to reproduce the bug. Metal Bars that have the attribute Beneficial Harvest Chance: (Resource) and Beneficial Harvest Power: (Resource) display with a stat of "+". I believe the stat is 0.0009 or less, for when I use the Metal Bar in crafting and I get a good enough experimentation results the stat will display as 0.001 or if I do not get enough experimentation results the stat will display as 0.001 when the crafted item is finished. Building On Sunday building came available to me, when I have a proper building placement and I left click to place a building, I only attack and the building does not place. Other I have not been able to get any screen capture to work as my curser will not leave the crowfall game window.
  4. I am intending to do a pull down list based on the benefit (i.e. lifesteal, attack power, necromancy experimentation...) one is looking for, which then will auto fill the specific resources "Iron, Ashwood, Slate.." including if you need a specialty seal, as is the case with necromancy experimentation. At the bottom a list of resources will be generated needed to make the item. I keep thinking about highlighting components that are optional or maybe highlight those that are mandatory. I don't see Specialty Seals as optional if your goal is to improve Harvesting or Crafting stats.
  5. Thanks Jah for pointing that out, I have changed the title to avoid confusion. Yes, Caldera's reference for crafting combines is a wonderful resource. Sorry for getting everyone excited about blueprints.
  6. I started making a crafting build template, still a work in progress. Basically it is a list of the things you need to make the thing above, based on the stack of that thing you need to make. If you think that is complicated then wait till you see the spreadsheet. Right now one item is available to view, I'm still working on the drop down menus to auto fill the basic resources you will need to make that component for the thing you want to make. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/attribute_F8XZYDw7hOb_ attribute/edit? categorized =sharing So far with the one build template I have up, you can select the attribute/benefit you are looking for and it will make a list of the basic resources you need to complete the item. I categorized the attributes into Combat, Crafting, and Exploration. With exploration sub categorized into Ore, Stone, Wood, & Animal. This makes it easier to find in the pull down menu.
  7. Thanks for the explanation, I logging in to train my next skill only to get the Invalid Client message. Now I know why.
  8. Thank you for your help, going directly to the graphics card manufacture and downloading the latest driver for windows 10 did the trick, as well as waiting just a little bit longer for the game to load.
  9. I am going to try playing on a macbook pro, which has all the required specs and will be using Windows 10, theoretically this should work. I have already used mac's bootcamp to partition the drive so I have a dedicated windows section. I have downloaded the Crowfall software. My two questions are, has anyone else tried this? And if there is no active play test going on will I still see something or just get a black screen? Right now I am just getting a black screen.