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  1. This is absolutely a potential concern. Remains to be seen how this will impact things. It seems likely that min/max guilds will have most players going Combat + Siege/Tracking/Survival (and not crafting or harvesting). There are likely to be passives in those trees that help you in combat related activities (not so with crafting). This to me is a far bigger concern that someone training Combat + Gathering/Crafting. We will see.
  2. I understand the argument, but it is kind of an arbitrary circumstance you are portraying. Just because someone has crafting training does not mean they will automatically have better gear than someone who does not. It just is not that simple. Who plays the game more will impact the quality of their gear far more than who has VIP, which to me, removes it as a P2W concern.
  3. I don't think that P2W is so black and white. To a degree, the community will decided what P2W is and to what degree it is acceptable. For instance, if guilds start requiring that members have VIP, or there is general discrimination against non-VIP players, then it is a problem (regardless of what the benefits are and what the numbers look like - reality trumps theory). I 100% agree about the "double dipping in the same trees" issue. Stating for the sake of clarity: You train 'Racial Basics' to 65% (or w/e it ends up being) and then start training in the 'Man' tree while still training in 'Racial Basics'. The same issue happens in the Class and Combat trees as well. That to me is a clear power advantage for VIP (although perhaps small - we don't know until we see the skill trees). This is clearly P2W, the ONLY way you can get this power increase is by paying. That being said, if it ends up being a 1% advantage for VIP, no one will care. But, if it is 20%, then yea, we have a problem. The concept: The degree to which something is P2W matters, not just if it is. However, I do not think that being able to train Combat/Profession at the same time is necessarily a power advantage. In my mind, a P2W power advantage needs to be something that cannot be obtained unless paid for (within reason*). In this case, if you craft your own purple weapon, or purchase one from someone else, you have the same power. You gained only the convenience (and potential cost savings) from making your own; not power. Unless there is Bind-on-Pickup style crafted gear that ONLY the crafter can use (See WoW), then in my mind, crafting is not considered a P2W power increase. In summary, there is a huge difference in my mind between being behind in power because of less training (cannot get this power any other way) versus being behind in power because someone crafted gear (can get this by other means). Paying for convenience and efficiency (within reason**) is not P2W. * If you have to spend 20 years in game to obtain something that cost $20, that would impact this balance (exaggerated to make the point). ** Again, the degree is important in evaluating this.
  4. How could adding MORE ranged make melee better?
  5. What you have is melee who can be ranged. That does not fix the issues of ranged vs melee.
  6. @NchDu Often just react to the sound of a fessor wave or the animation of the ranger( using supress in meleefights) @Tinnis Also: they should use "dizzy" vision distortion more as a CC effect rather than only for out of combat.... 2 new soft CC categories: Deafen and Dizzy Goes along nicely with the style of Blind impacting you as a player and not some arbitrary effect on your character.
  7. As others have eluded to, this siege test has a very specific purpose: to test the siege mechanics. They know there is no reason to keep forts, they know there is no reason to build up walls (you can just teleport through them). Right now, they just wanted to test that capturing a keep worked, that building up walls worked, that using siege equipment worked, etc. Not to mention that server performance has been a big focus of this patch cycle as well.
  8. At this point in testing, gear really isn't that important. It seems like you think every way over gears you, but they don't. If people are doing way more damage than you, it is most likely because of training. Right now, there is no way for you to catch up on that. However, I believe a skill wipe is coming with 5.3, so be ready for that. If you really want to farm for better materials try the West server. FAR fewer people there (less gankers). Obviously your ping might be higher, but if you are just farming it doesn't really matter. If I see you in game again (I killed you last night - sorry, didn't realize you were new), I will trade you some materials so you can experiment a bit. And just so you know, materials are not everything. There is a LOT of RNG in crafting. I have had people trained in blacksmithing for 6+ months craft me weapons with blue quality materials that ended up being lower damage than slag weapons. A lot of times the most efficient way to get a good weapon is to keep using low quality materials until you get really good rolls. Good luck and see you in game.
  9. Logged in this morning to bank all my stuff in advance of the patch. Whenever I tried to move too far from where I logged in, it instantly teleported me back to that point. Additionally, I was unable to switch in/out of combat (the z key did nothing, attacking did nothing). Long story short, I have over 90 exports and can't even get over to the chest to use them. QQ
  10. I agree it may be overused a bit in some cases. There are absolutely some classes that have more combos and more complicated ones (Knight and Confessor come to mind). The Champion combos are actually pretty straight forward and simple. As far as the leap skill goes, I agree that "combo" is lacking. I would prefer they have it be one leap and then combo into some other skill(s), such as a stun/slow/something interesting. Beyond that, I would love for the leap to be ground targeted.
  11. This is kind of a key concept to the Crowfall combat. One of the biggest reasons it exists, and is good for the game, is that it allows counter-play based on what you see in the game. By playing, you quickly learn the animations of certain skills. That way, when you see someone start the skill chain for their stun, you are able to react and avoid it. That is not true of other games, so it is a unique feature that brings a lot of skill based game-play. I understand the slight learning curve associated with it. But it is not really intended that you read and make decisions based on those UI pop-ups. Instead you should have memorized that Disarming Shout is 3-3 and that Rend is 3-E (Champion combo). It really isn't that much to remember and it becomes second nature before you know it. Additionally, you will be able to change these key-binds in the future to better suit your play-style. As far as the UI goes, there is a LOT of work to be done on the UI and there may even be addons or customization features in the future as well. So I wouldn't worry about that. Given the low number of skills you have at one time compared to a traditional MMO, I really do not think the "memorization" burden is higher. This system promotes skillful play and reduces the ever present "instant cast, un-counter-able CC" that exists in MMO's these days. Keep playing, you will get used to it.
  12. Just some feedback on the testing process in general: With the limited import/export system that exists right now, you guys need to communicate and schedule patches and new CW very well. Yesterday a new patch was "confirmed" while I was playing (not trying to throw anyone under the bus). Knowing that, I decided to use all my exports up (because, why not). Now that there is no patch, I am stuck with 0 exports, which just makes me not want to play. Really frustrating.
  13. I like the concept. The only problem I see is that players that start at day 1 will never have a need to buy tomes (they will always have full training - assuming they keep up with it). I think a better solution would be to say that you cannot use tomes in a "current tier". A "current tier" being the skill tree level a day 1 player would be at (on a direct path). So a day 1 player could still use tomes to broaden out a bit, but would never gain an advantage over someone in a dedicated line. Example: You have spent all your time to be the best trained blacksmith possible. You cannot use tomes to become a better blacksmith, however you can use them to train some of the basics skills of gathering wood. But someone who spent all their time training to harvest wood will always be better than you (until you are both max). I am not sure the "twinking" issue will be that big of a deal, but I think it can be solved pretty simply with a "cap" concept (however they implement it).
  14. Well, at least I know where to get my weapons crafted now.
  15. On Saturday morning I logged on (siege test server or something like that I think - only one available on live client). Playing on Champion I found it impossible to perform 2 leaps from the "1" skill. I would jump once, and the icon would stay there allowing for a second jump, but it would never execute. Not sure if this was a bug with the ability or (more likely) performance issues. Did not get a chance to test it on any of the other servers up throughout the weekend.