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  1. So... who else is excited now for Mur-deer? For whatever reason, I had always written them off and hadn't factored them in to any future plans, but... I'm smitten!
  2. This is like, honestly one of the most difficult decision for me! haha, I lean Balance myself, but meh...
  3. I'm going to go with the slightly more unpopular opinion, and say that we're looking at June, 2018...
  4. Summer is right around the corner, and I'm expecting a lot more play time to come with that! Looking forward to getting back in and checking out crafting and disciplines.
  5. I'm sad not to have Forgemasters (at least, not at first), but color me definitely intrigued about some of those disciplines that they teased!
  6. We just got some teaser info on the Frostweaver today!
  7. had a nice blurb about the importance of one's reputation in game, with it being tied so closely to your account name, based on the Q&A:
  8. Have you noticed a decent improvement in Crowfall with SLI enabled? Tempted to do something along those lines with my next (eventual) build, but I'm thinking I'll wait until Crowfall is juuuust about ready for prime time.
  9. While we don't have a separate chapter at the moment, we have a number of members who are still relatively close to that time (e.g., Czech Republic). I think the majority of player so far though, are US-based. If you don't think that would necessarily present a problem, we would absolutely love having you with us.
  10. Ok, I'll admit to checking for Forgemaster news on a somewhat daily basis... The Twitter tease of the Forgemaster shot had me genuinely hopeful that we'd see something that weekend!
  11. This was one of my favorite parts about EVE... I had the app loaded up on my iPod (yes, you read that right) and could go through and change skills on the fly, whenever I wanted. I would love to see that sort of flexibility make a return here. I was only able to catch bits and pieces myself, but it looks like they've gotten online for us now too over at their official Twitch channel.
  12. If you have a chance tomorrow, make sure to check out the team's live stream on the official Twitch channel, at 2:00 pm Central time. They're cooking up a special, one-hour edition of Crowfall Live, answering viewer questions and demoing some of the EK tools!
  13. Somewhat related to this, two things I wouldn't mind seeing that would help me at least: 1.) Ability to bypass the 'Are you sure you want to deposit that item?' pop-up with a check box (e.g., 'Don't ask for future deposits', clearly visible in the top/bottom of the Spirit Bank interface. 2.) A simple, 'Send all to Spirit Bank' button from the Inventory interface; preferably, one to bring things back out too (and obey the 2 minute window if needed). 3.) A 'Combine Like-Stacks' button from the Inventory interface. Maybe #2 could only be performed out of combat, also. Either way, these would help me ensure that I wasn't losing things if I could speed up the process of depositing them. It's save my wrist, too...
  14. I loved my Engineer and Magus back in WAR, mobility issues and all. I like that style of gameplay, but I completely agree that it could use a new take / new interpretation if that is what we're going to see with the Forgemaster.
  15. Many thanks for your continued blog posts and articles, Anhrez! Your continuing series on professions has really gotten a lot of us excited for crafting, and large a part it will play in game. This one, however, was especially helpful! I recently began my testing experience as well, and would have benefited greatly from this one. I quickly learned that one of the best investments early on was the Harvesting potions from Alchemy. It made the 'Harvest, Craft, Equip, Repeat' cycle much more bearable!