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  1. Would the fact that the larger creatures could/should have more Stamina or Hit Points not be a start to the off set ?
  2. Is there where I accuse @jtoddcolemanof stealing cells from me ? heheh .... I could care less about the sub-division as long as we have solid performance and the ability to place the objects we've purchased in a reasonable way
  3. Did I miss the email asking for our name choices? @Pann ?
  4. So I logged in last night but then logged out tot he lobby on Corruption, I log back in and find myself starving and near death? So hunger keeps on when you are out of the campaign but still logged into Lobby now?
  5. So I am fresh into the patch and wanted to share my first set of stone harvesting with you. need to get the 12 Premium for the Laborer Stone built Slate Plentiful 1 - 8 Nodes harvested 8 Grey/Red 2 White 16 Green 4 Blue Critical Chance 40.3087 | Critical Amount 4 Its a small sample but an odd one right?
  6. Now to determine the border between acceptable but meaningful names
  7. to steal an image from @Tinnis from a different thread on Inventory I feel like Zybak's gut feeling here makes sense. this single blob of an Inventory does not match up well with the early interface done up all pretty having a broken up, specific to X space format would make it easier for the team to bring in the Inventory Bonus Slots in a way that the player would visually feel has impact. right now adding a row to our current blob would be useful but have little visual impact.
  8. this would make sense .... just wondering once we 'go live' if the pattern recognition would still work. I mean the Thicket parcel is pretty noticeable .. so we know where Boars are at. The Blue Crystal is noticeable we have an idea where cats form, curious of there is a pattern for the other nodes
  9. I cannot remember a time where I have seen Tin inside the Canyons but Copper, Iron and Gold I do remember
  10. Well as I stand around harvesting 1000's of stuff, my mind wanders to patterns and wonder if you all have seen it too. 1) Certain ores are usually found near other ores and stones - Have you notices Copper and Iron seem to be near each other more often than not? Have you seen Gold near Slate, Copper and Iron near Granite and Marble? What other spawn locations are you seeing ? 2) Iron and Copper are more than likely near the middle of the map, and not near Gold or Silver. You guys seeing any other patterns? Do certain trees seems more common near certain Ore/Stone nodes?
  11. if your team is having fun great ... I will stipulate that my perception of gathering is different than what you describe. I have logged hundreds of hours fitting F and I stand by mine and many others views that in its current state that gathering is not fun.
  12. I know its early in our efforts, but a few of the crafting options seems to create some challenging bloat for inventory. Do nails need to come from bars? Something just feels off on the 3 steps
  13. It was fun but the output math felt wrong. In the time it took the 3 of us to down X motherlodes the volume of raw mats did not sink with the mats we would have gathered if we all would have just done little nodes. now .. before someone chimes in that motherlodes are about gems not the actual gold ore I will answer with a Oceans 11 Quote: "Tess does not split eleven ways!" three players working ,the Motherlodes should kick out enough basic materials (ore or stone) to help the lead gatherer pay the others for their work in some way so the lead gatherer can pocket the specialty material (gems/minerals)
  14. We tested the Siege Banner placement on the Tower slot/nodes for the EK and they are still disabled
  15. this is total mats gathered over the nodes I was averaging way over 4 whites per node