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  1. this makes me very pleased .... Having some people who've been engaged with the game, the community and the Devs as part of the face of the ongoing effort can only help promote the game.
  2. Right now the Bene harvest buffs are pretty meh ... that could help create a reason to spend points on that
  3. I find the lore bits interesting. I am looking at this game to be 'my game' that I play an awful lot of hours in the hopeful near future. Part of that longevity (at least for me) is finding connections to the world I am playing in, as right now I have a lot of quick hit survival games I could play but they all feel so disconnected to me. In most cases its the players (you know who you are) that will be generating the most connection creating content, but these small ties to the creatures, the gods and the overall world concepts feel like the small pieces of mortar that hold together all the pieces of the game i hope to play. I am far from a role player, but understanding the more about the gods I think could make God Reach and the choices made in in selecting my faction feel more real to me. As an update goes it reads far more Pantheon then Bestiary and I look forward to what God has such a strong tie to my beloved packpig! Kane or Cybele ?
  4. Over the last 2 weekends (I got 3 heartwood farmed before the shut down on the 21st along with snap test effort before) I estimate I have spent 25+ hours gathering and testing Optional materials. Where many players have specialized in their skills training I have gone a wide good at a lot master of none to break into the skill areas to have these materials drop to test a few things out. Here is are my current suggestions: Move Beeswax to Knotwood trees and give it parity with Grit - Right now Beeswax is trained in the 'Exploration Basics' in a similar trajectory as Grit but its found only in the higher ranking trees? Its on a path with Cobblestone, Knotwood and Slag makes more sense to tighten it down as a % of drop and pair it with Grit. Skinning has too many Optional Mats to train - Blood and Bone are in a 'Basic' path with Hunger Shards and Meat have their own paths that match up with the other gathering professions. Maybe moving Blood and Bone to the same Basic skill to train would make more sense. I can't look at the current tree and see how SoulGems should be trained in Basic but only tied to non Slag nodes? Maybe replace Motherlode Ore: Gem Chance with Gem Chance? There is already a limiter on Motherlode gems with the Motherlode: Mining. The players can still be gated to mine Motherlodes with this single skill requirement. Allow Gem Chips to be found in a low amount from regular ore nodes. These can be combined with a recipe from Profession seems light in day to day value these could be only used to build standard gems seen from a Motherlode. (it could be a lovely nod to Horadric Cube) not Soulgems leave them as a find or not? Allow Mineral Chips to be found in low amount from regular stone nodes. These can be combined with a recipe from Profession seems light in day to day value these could be only used to build standard Minerals. The team can shift the skill Stone MotherLode: Mineral Chance to Mineral Chance. The gate to Stone Motherlode still exists with the Motherlode: Quarrying.(it could be a lovely nod to Horadric Cube) Create more options in Tool creation and in Seals for armor and weapons to give + % Optional materials Allow Gem Chips and Mineral Chips to be used in Alchemy recipes after being ground in the basic Alchemy mechanic. this would create another sink for materials in contrast with their the basic defined use. Shift Hunger Shards to the final Proc table of an Skinning event, leaving just Dust, Skin and Blood/Bone in the per hit table? Where are Hunger shards found in the event of killing a mob? At one time they looked like blue crystals and were found while skinning . Right now they are drops from the kills inventory. Currently they are a trained skill behind the Animal Harvesting Basics path. Moving them to the final proc of the creature skin could create less crazy loot pinata during skinning and an artificial limiter on them as they have great possible impact. Add Yew heartwoods in game or expand their math, after 104 Yew trees and more than 300 procs to the 'per hit tale' not a single piece of yew heartwood has dropped. I can visualize the use of Motherlodes and think they add a useful social mechanic, but I think they should be buffed with materials (maybe a default +1 Plentiful Harvest) in them and their total drop amounts to make them very attractive to scouting teams and a rolling zerg. But I do think creating a pathway to get everything is something Crowfall has committed too. Look at Geomancy ... a route to everything? Architecture a route to everything? Enabling Chips could create another form of trading currency, allow smaller guilds to accumulate value but not replace the extra value coordinated teams will have by harvesting Motherlodes.
  5. So @thomasblair is your passive example equipping a Weapon Discipline specifically crafted to match the weapon you archetype uses to get the lift you are talking about? and we can plan to swap out these for the more impact-ful Major Discipline stones once we have trained up our combat skills not to need the passive lift?
  6. maybe @thomasblair would give us insight on timing of things related to player to player interactions
  7. true but I believe Doggus noticed that even if he was not in his EK if a player was in and he left it stayed open and could be accessed by another player with him ther or not as long on the invite list?
  8. this came about in a side room discussion on the volume of mats needed to test the newer recipes. Our inventory gets limited fast and I for one will be more than willing o share white mats with ppl as I hunt for better things. the more attempts at the recipes the better we test (imho) would love an easy way to off load mats to other ppl If its easy players will do it
  9. wait wait ... hear me out With the looming 24/7 tests coming inter-player trading could sure be helpful, there are lots of work needed in the game and I am not asking for player to player trading to be added ahead of the teams scheduled efforts but player to player trade could be added with the mechanics we already have in game. if we allowed Cottages placed in EKs to have chests not only could it be used as an easy real time trade area in a safer place creative groups can use their 'leave a body' in the EK to keep the instance alive even when the EK owner leaves so that any of their grop can swing in and drop off and pick up. Once the management for EKs were spun up, it could be used as an offline drop box. I could be getting killed by facerip or blazzen on Corruption West and players who I want to grab or leave stuff in my DropChest could swing by without the need of an 'anchor' account in the EK to keep it active and open .
  10. The effort to create crafting tables,etc and fortifications seems to fit with Campaigns
  11. to be an effective or profitable geomancer, players will need to face the dangers of the Campaign Worlds My worry is the concept of being a Crafter first with some combat for survival. If I am playing one character will I be able to compete with a player Alt training nothing but a crafter ? VIP sure will need some big value if its goal is to support the single account player
  12. the screen shot is old ... only one i had of the Vessel. About a month a go (maybe 7 weeks) we had rank 7/8 nodes to harvest. We also had 8 pips for crafting so I could make +69 picks, shovels, etc without much effort. The shovel goes in same place as the Knife just can't have both equiped at the same time.
  13. Ahhhhhh How did we get here ? back to the real topic So ..... after another weekend of playing it sure would be fun to have an option for RuneCrafting that allowed the optional mats to be increased. It seems odd that +Gem helps the gathering in gems from Motherlodes and the SoulGems from regular ore but +Mineral helps just Stone Motherlodes (no optionals right now in stone nodes) as I do not consider dust and optional as anyone can have dust drop but optionals require breaking into a Skill . Should +Foraged Fruit help the gathering of Beewsax? I can see why it does not as I avoid eating beeswax when I can.
  14. had my .... take a moment moment While in my EK i was moving around things to tighten up my inventory and make space , I moved the uber vessel created from rank 8 graves over from inventory to Spirit bank and Poof gone ..... That was a lot of minerals lost so painful I left the keyboard and went for a walk ... so thanks Unity engine you made me exercise and I hate you for it.
  15. These are what I see also