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  1. You're welcome, the big scary red letters had me concerned at first too!
  2. Even the non-testing copies are safe to use during testing phase, they'll all be credited back to you.
  3. Troubadour: PBAoE songs (i.e. Dirge of Dissonance, Lament of Sadness) seem to only have 5m range now, instead of the stated 10m. Holy Avenger: Battle Chant's animation is shorter than the spell's effect by about 5 seconds.
  4. Yeah, I have no clue honestly - but if the effect is negligible or non-existent then it gets my +1!
  5. Did someone say "projectiles in Crowfall"?
  6. Yeah compensating for field of view and height when calculating Fog of War would be great, even if it's only roughly based on the surrounding elevation; it doesn't have to be pixel perfect, but enough to acknowledge that the hills are there and that you can't see over them, or that climbing said hills would increase your field of view. As with all these things, however, there is performance to consider - this would be fine for the scouts, but FoW is something that everyone has to process - that adds just a little more strain to everyone's systems as large groups coalesce. I'm all for it, and would love to see it implemented, but frames come first!
  7. Yeah I remember that post, which is why I'm trying to say that I don't want to press the issue. If my suggestion doesn't change anything then that's fine; ACE have a lot of other priorities that take far more precedence than people having to scroll through a list to find something
  8. @Eaden Yeah there's plenty of features that still need to be added to the EK browsing menu, but at least it works I guess! ACE knows that those things will need to be implemented... It's mostly a question of priorities (the EK browsing works and it's non-essential), and in small part due to ease of the task (it wouldn't take them long, sure, but that is time spent away from crucial projects). I only posted this because I thought it might be more time-efficient, compared to adding filters/search bars etc., and therefore might be worth doing sooner rather than later. If not then I expect the suggestion to be ignored P.S. I think having a simpler list (as you suggest) would have probably made things easier for ACE on this front. I like the pictures, though they tell us nothing about that particular EK right now, but for pre-Alpha's sake a simple text list with proper search functions would've done us all just fine!
  9. In Srathor's EK, he logged out but his character remained - it was unaffected by spells, but I could interact with it physically (i.e. it blocked my movement and I could stand on top of it). He was in my party at the time of logout.
  10. Yeah for sure, at the end of the day we need a search function and at least the option to hide offline EK's... As far as I understand the reasoning for putting it off was that there's other priorities, but maybe if there's a simple stopgap then ACE might find it worthwhile to do that in the here and now. I really don't know enough about any of this, and it's probable that this has already been considered. I blame the exchange rate, my 2 cents are worth less than you guys
  11. Would also help if the text overlaying the pictures was white fill/black outline, or vice versa - having a contrasting centre/outline lets any text be easily read over any multicoloured background
  12. Just thought of something that might be easier to implement than search function and hiding of offline EK's - make Offline EK's dimmer by a fair amount, or display night scenes (and respectively Online would show day scenes). I don't have the foggiest if this would actually be easily said as done, but I thought it was worth suggesting - would make a nice stopgap until ACE has the time to add in more sophisticated functions!
  13. On Druid, using Focused Spark: Using an ability with a cast time (i.e. Bear) in rapid succession after holding down LMB will sometimes result in LMB continuing to be fired while the next ability is being cast.