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  1. Yep, that's my face when I see these random-ass commercials
  2. That works well for the "flying directly upwards after blinking onto something" bug, which will gently teleport you to the ground... It works for this instance as well, however for this particular "knocked back into space by ability physics" bug you'll fall from the height you're at, which unless you're ungodly fast will probably cause you to die (sometimes you'll even fall twice, just in case the first free-fall dive didn't get ya)!
  3. Another one. P.S. What is a "Standard Bearer"?
  4. Yeah it seems like there's a bubble around all the objects, and it absorbs anything aimed near them... That includes the wall you were standing on, so you have to stand near the edge and not aim too far downwards
  5. I think that last one is due to nearby objects blocking raycast abilities (even if they're not visually in the way), the same thing is happening to raycast heals
  6. That would be awesome, though it can be hard to track me down in-game Just try sending me a PM every now and then when you're on, and I'll invite you to my EK (though it's currently empty )
  7. I think the guy I was facing is relatively new to the game, but he was a quick learner (especially after this happened to him )
  8. Yeah there's a magic number for the channel time somewhere; as you say it should give enough time for active defenders to react, but you're already proposing two nerfs to it (alert sound, interrupted by damage) so I'm just being cautionary
  9. The only thing I'd change about this list is increasing the channel time (Number 4). The alert sound should be sufficient to allow people who are in the vicinity to react in time, even if they're outside the fort farming nearby nodes (especially if we can interrupt the channel with damage). Otherwise I wholly agree
  10. I love the improvements to the stone buildings BTW, I just saw Blazzen's video showing off the catapults and the inside of the gatehouse... Murder holes! I would like to see them be much larger though (by a factor of 2 or 3) since the small circle doesn't give you much field of vision to fire down from - but it's a great direction and I wanna give credit where it's due!
  11. Hell yeah!
  12. It's only a model 8^)
  13. The small stone forts have 2 gatehouses, so it took at least 6 of those!
  14. FINALLY! I have a contribution
  15. Same (except I did play WoW)