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  1. Not to mention you could just require that people in your kingdom not be dicks. I believe there is a way to ban people from your kingdom, isn't there?
  2. I think I understand what you're getting at, but basic functionality shouldn't be something one has to trial and error. I think there's enough nuance in this game currently (and even more planned) that being "casual" (such a loaded term, but trying to apply the context you're going with here) will probably never be an issue. If you want to get anywhere, you will have to figure things out and do some research, for sure. But basic understanding of how abilities work shouldn't be one of those things, in my opinion.
  3. They've mentioned that there will be many types of campaigns with different types of victory objectives. The nature of their system not only allows but actively encourages experimentation. Once the underlying systems are in place, they will be able to create all sorts of map types and game types, so I'm not terribly concerned at this point about things getting stale or boring from that perspective. My only concern is that for this to work the combat has to be really on-point. It's getting there, but definitely not there yet.
  4. Also if you prefer to read rather than watch, this should help: Additionally, more helpful posts are available in the Welcome to Crowfall forum (where I pulled the guide from as well):
  5. I'm kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum from Tinnis, as I just started and barely have anything trained. So, during the alpha testing cycle I am primarily training crafting (though I recently started training exploring to get some of the early harvesting bonuses, since I'm finding I'm doing a lot more gathering at this point based on the state the game is in). Come launch, I fully intend to harvest for the first few weeks, then switch to crafting almost exclusively once I've gained a few contacts for materials.
  6. I had high hopes for playing a druid when I started. I took it off my training rotation last week.
  7. My girlfriend played a centaur ranger in one of our D&D groups that she absolutely loved. I was hoping this would eventually be a thing, cuz then I'd be able to sell her on Crowfall a lot easier. >.>
  8. It also feels pretty apparent in melee mode on a ranger as well, for what it's worth. I mean, I'm managing to make it work, but I can definitely understand the issue. It's less about what your character is actually doing and more about making sure you have your crosshair directly lined up on the opponent's hitbox. Which, I dunno, I guess you could make a case for it makes it more skill based...but it is VERY ruthless if you have even remotely crappy ping. I don't know if duelist/myrm has a more forgiving window or what, never played those classes so no idea personally.
  9. For me, this, bold for emphasis. I had to resort to making a tiny macro with my keyboard (I have a logitech g510) to making this more bearable, but it's still a little nerve-wracking with the dizzy mechanic in place. Even that wouldn't be so bad if the camera didn't get force zoomed in so much. I dunno, I understand that gathering should be a risk vs reward thing, but at this point it feels like all risk and very little reward. Really, the only way I can make this work in my head is that you're just not meant to get anything other than white grade mats until you've put in a month or two of gathering training (which, I dunno...seems kinda nuts to me, even with a healthy long-term view of things).
  10. I disagree that this is a common mechanic (having dedicated crafters/harvesters, that is). That may have been the case at some point, but virtually every modern mmo allows you to be an island unto yourself, able to do everything at once. I think the overall vision of this game is for pretty much everything to be player run and player dependent, and that includes interacting with other players to get what you need/want. People that REALLY enjoy crafting don't get bored with it (I know, I'm one of them, and I've seen entire guilds of people who love to do nothing but farm and craft.). That being said, so far the design vision of this game does not preclude crafters from participating in combat at all. They just probably won't be solo gankers. They will work fine in a group. I dunno, I just think giving everyone the ability to do everything would be a step in the wrong direction for a game that's intended to have a completely player driven economy in which players are interdependent on one another.
  11. Yeah, not sure if it would personally be my cup of tea but I do like the idea a lot. Lots of room for different playstyles here, RP included (there's a LOT for RP'ers to be excited about, in fact).
  12. Running into a consistent issue with Poisoner discipline on Ranger: after logging out then logging back into the game, the basic poison attack passive is no longer being applied; If I remove the passive from the tray, I can no longer slot the passive again (it won't go into the slot at all, and I verified I can slot other passives just fine). Apologies if this is a known bug, haven't seen anyone else mention it yet (I'm guessing not many people use poisoner anyway since half the skills are not implemented yet).
  13. Got to run with Dolmar and a couple others for a brief bit of running around ganking fun tonight; fun guys, great teamwork, thanks for the fun fights fellas. (I like alliteration) (Also I'm super exhausted so I make no promises about the coherence of this post).
  14. As a person who loves to hybrid as well, I'm pretty happy with the current focus as it is. Maybe I'm misunderstanding (entirely possible, I'm still pretty new to this), but it seems like people can still be viable in combat with the right combination of skills (disciplines), gear, and of course player skill, even if you aren't constantly training one of the universal combat skills. You still have one class (or 3 for VIP) that you can focus on training while you're training crafting or gathering, and there are quite a lot of combat stat boosts in the class trees. You won't be the best at combat, but if you're being a hybrid that's going to be the case regardless isn't it? The design philosophy of this game seems to be pretty focused on encouraging player interactions. This is a little outside of my comfort zone as I'm used to being a hybrid and kind of being "ok" at most things and not having to necessarily go to anyone else for anything, but that's what I signed up for. I'm looking forward to having skills that not everyone has, and being able to carve out my own niche of usefullness (I kinda laughed at the "I can make the best hilts!" example, but silly as it sounds on the surface, that is actually pretty awesome when you think about it.) I dunno, just my two bits.
  15. Based on info that has been posted so far, definitely seems like there will be attribute caps based on race and as others have mentioned higher quality vessels = higher attribute values and skill caps. There has been talk of different races having different number of passive slots (like humans getting more, since they have no special racial abilities), but not sure if anything is confirmed yet. I think the comparison of EvE ship = vessel is mostly apt though.