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  1. Running into a consistent issue with Poisoner discipline on Ranger: after logging out then logging back into the game, the basic poison attack passive is no longer being applied; If I remove the passive from the tray, I can no longer slot the passive again (it won't go into the slot at all, and I verified I can slot other passives just fine). Apologies if this is a known bug, haven't seen anyone else mention it yet (I'm guessing not many people use poisoner anyway since half the skills are not implemented yet).
  2. Got to run with Dolmar and a couple others for a brief bit of running around ganking fun tonight; fun guys, great teamwork, thanks for the fun fights fellas. (I like alliteration) (Also I'm super exhausted so I make no promises about the coherence of this post).
  3. As a person who loves to hybrid as well, I'm pretty happy with the current focus as it is. Maybe I'm misunderstanding (entirely possible, I'm still pretty new to this), but it seems like people can still be viable in combat with the right combination of skills (disciplines), gear, and of course player skill, even if you aren't constantly training one of the universal combat skills. You still have one class (or 3 for VIP) that you can focus on training while you're training crafting or gathering, and there are quite a lot of combat stat boosts in the class trees. You won't be the best at combat, but if you're being a hybrid that's going to be the case regardless isn't it? The design philosophy of this game seems to be pretty focused on encouraging player interactions. This is a little outside of my comfort zone as I'm used to being a hybrid and kind of being "ok" at most things and not having to necessarily go to anyone else for anything, but that's what I signed up for. I'm looking forward to having skills that not everyone has, and being able to carve out my own niche of usefullness (I kinda laughed at the "I can make the best hilts!" example, but silly as it sounds on the surface, that is actually pretty awesome when you think about it.) I dunno, just my two bits.
  4. Based on info that has been posted so far, definitely seems like there will be attribute caps based on race and as others have mentioned higher quality vessels = higher attribute values and skill caps. There has been talk of different races having different number of passive slots (like humans getting more, since they have no special racial abilities), but not sure if anything is confirmed yet. I think the comparison of EvE ship = vessel is mostly apt though.
  5. Mine is most likely a lot older (something on the order 9-10 years I think, yes I'm amazed it's still working too). It was one of the earlier TVs to have an HDMI connection and I'm guessing that has something to do with it because I didn't have the text scaling issue when I was using regular VGA (though of course, image quality was relatively crap by comparison. I will take the weird text if I can have a much prettier picture). At any rate, it's wonky in a lot of ways, I don't really expect games to look perfect on it at this point but as long as I can eventually scale it (which looks to be coming in a future build), I'll be content.
  6. This is awesome, thanks for posting. I'm also affected by the ATI crash bug, so I feel your pain. This is doubly helpful for me because without text scaling, I can't really read most tooltips very well on my admittedly weird setup. (I'm using my 32" TV as a monitor, rather than a "proper" monitor, so resolution doesn't fall into a typical standard)
  7. Hello all. I'm looking for a guild to run with come launch; a few disclaimers: I am planning to be fairly casual. I'm in my mid-30s, have a family, full time job, outside hobbies, etc (more specifics below regarding playstyle). I game for fun, not as a second job. That being said! See below. General Guild Criteria (basics that I think would be a good fit): Region/Prime Time Zone for Activity: US Central/East (I generally play in the late evenings, US Central time, around 7PM-11PM during the week, more varied on weekends) Guild Size: Prefer Mid-Large size, as these usually allow for the biggest variation in playstyles, but I am open to smaller guilds as well provided they are on the more casual side. Atmosphere: As mentioned earlier, prefer casual or at least an acceptance of casual individuals. I am happy to help when I can with sieges, conquest, etc (I enjoy group, objective-based pvp quite a bit). I am ok with off-color humor (not offensive, no racial slurs, etc) and swearing. Basically I am an adult and am ok with adult things, but would like to avoid the overindulgence that typically goes with a more juvenile mindset. My Play-style: In combat, I prefer playing a support/healer/caster role, or specialist hybrids (classes that I am most interested in are Druid and Ranger. There are a few others I'm interested in but need more time to play with them. This may change once we've had a chance to really play with the new class/discipline system. Basically, I like playing the "combat medic" or "buff/support/engineer" type roles). I do expect combat to be somewhat secondary to me, at least during early launch. I am extremely interested in crafting and plan to be a dedicated crafter at the start of the game. Commitment: I plan to play nightly, though that can change at any time. RL comes first for me. If I make a commitment to be in game at a particular time for a guild event, I will do everything I can to make it, but RL must come first if something conflicts. Voice chat: I'm tech savvy and fine with using whatever voice comms are preferred; I don't talk much in voice chat but I'm fine with listening and typing. Background and additional "What I'm looking for" I'm an "older" gamer (as I mentioned, mid-30s, but of course for many folks, myself included, that means 15-20+ years of gaming experience). I've played most major MMOs, at minimum for a few weeks, at most for several years. In terms of the type of genre that Crowfall falls under, the closest ones I've played long term were Warhammer Online and DaOC. More recently, I was pretty heavily into ArcheAge and Black Desert Online (still pop into BDO on occasion, but it hasn't gone the direction I had hoped). In terms of PVP experience, I have never and will never be a "top dog" type. I prefer group and small squad, team-based combat and I like being a support for the folks who are really good pvp'ers. I have a decent head for strategy, and I like structure and hierarchy. I have a military mindset as I grew up in a military household and had plans to join the military before life took a different turn, so I'm very comfortable in that sort of environment as well. In terms of demeanor, I am extremely easy-going. I am generally the "mediator" in group settings. I am not easily rattled or frustrated, and if it isn't evident yet by my preferred playstyle, I love helping others to succeed. That being said, I don't have a lot of patience with negativity, whining, or folks looking for handouts (genuinely asking for help with the intent to learn and grow, and the occasional vent/gripe are of course understandable.). Finally, I love immersion and feeling like my characters are a part of the world they're in. I wouldn't consider myself a heavy/hardcore RP'er (not anymore, anyway) but it's always something in my mind when I'm playing and it would be nice to play with a group of others who have similar views, but not required. If you made it this far, thank you very much for reading my wall of text. Hope to see you all in game come launch and future tests.
  8. Hello all. And I hope this is the last time I need to say hello in a welcome forum for a new MMO. I have been watching Crowfall's development for some time now; I recently experienced a bit of a windfall, and that combined with the impressive "Massive Reveal Day" on Tuesday has sold me. I finally invested and am looking forward to adventuring with you all in the coming months and years!