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  1. They mentioned a new patcher is on the list just not a priority at the moment.
  2. I have yet to play a large amount of time after the patch, however I have not had another crash. I used to crash on loading terrain, randomly, and during combat. R9 290
  3. CD is 24 seconds.
  4. I never said anything about data mining. They provide a media package.
  5. Read this and feel free to use the icons. https://crowfall.com/en/fair-use-policy/
  6. I have been running for about an hour or so without a crash. Didn't notice an update though.
  7. Delete CFTest folder. Or delete everything and redownload the patcher.
  8. Only fix that worked for me was to deleted the "CFTest" folder.
  9. Permanent YouTube Mirrors: Crowfall - “Massive Reveal” Q&A Crowfall - Powers FX Crowfall - Icons and Runes UI Crowfall - Disciplines 101 Crowfall - Environment Improvements Crowfall - Animation Showcase