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  1. Join the discord, people, it's like a multicultural appetizer leading up to the main course!
  2. As someone who plays confessor a lot, I would gladly trade the dash for the knight's defensive RMB. The problem you listed above is a great one to have, imo. If you think about it, it's not a problem at all but actually a boon to have such wildly different choices in designing your character to play how you want it.
  3. I believe so, yes. English is makkon's second language (third, fourth?) with Russian being his first so cut him a little slack.
  4. Great idea! Yumx, I think you will win the day with all those likes. I will be there, only half-drunk because it starts at noon my time.
  5. Just like the paying diner at the restaurant the paying tester here is entitled to their opinion and this forum is the place to air out any and all grievances pertaining to the tests/game. Just like the paying customer at a restaurant who is rude to the servers or curses the cooks when they don't get what they want, the paying tester who acts the same can be assumed to not be a pleasant person; I'm not going to tell them they can't do it (because it's their right) but I can certainly judge them and subsequently categorize them as such for doing so. I don't understand why we need a thread that essentially says, "don't be a d**k."
  6. I don't like this idea as it limits choice by hard-locking powers. If I decide the situation calls for me throwing out one or two more orbs even though I'll eat some burn damage for it I want to have the freedom to make that choice. Limiting how I choose to use the class mechanics is usually never a good design idea.
  7. I agree. This reminds me of the "nerf myrm net" discussion some months ago. We need not nerf a particular power so long as the counters to said power are working as intended. In myrm net's case, it was legio run buff/movement cc cleanse that should have removed myrm net but didn't.
  8. Sugoi had some fun fights this weekend on many different servers. Here are a few videos of the action! Enjoy!
  9. When you split a stack of slag in your inventory and deposit one stack into your spirit bank, the other stack becomes "stuck" in your inventory and can't be deposited into the SB. This has happened multiple times after I deposited one stack, closed my inventory, opened it, then tried to deposit the other stack.
  10. And make the Guineacians pay for it.
  11. The bold part is the crux of the argument. Attacks are very easy to land right now but I have to assume it's because of performance issues that they implemented these changes. I would like to see the old 'fessor and ranger projectiles that you had to lead targets with to hit and not the raycast that we currently have but with performance and server hitching the way it is, it would be nigh impossible to land skill shots with dynamic, variable, and intermittent lag spikes and fps drops. I think they need to nail down consistent, smooth performance with 20+ (ideally 100+ but 20's a good start) people on screen before they tackle the skill ceiling issue.
  12. I thought the same. View from the other side.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned already or if it's working as intended or not but fall damage procs punch drunk and also takes health and mana shield both when mana shield is active.
  14. Agreed, they should be worth the effort. That said, ideally no one short of 5 plentiful harvest in training and a 40+ tool will even attempt to whack a rank 9 or 10 node, but it will happen. To that end I don't think making the high-ranking nodes rare on the map as a means of restricting the output of rarer resources is the best answer. I maintain that white should be common, green should be uncommon, etc... Guaranteeing uncommon or rare or even epic resources ceases to make those resources true to their descriptive name. I like the idea of whacking on rank 10 nodes for hours on end only to maybe get enough stuff for half a blue weapon, it keeps the descriptors of quality true to their name. "Rare" colored weapons should actually be rare. If everyone has one, they aren't rare.
  15. They have to maintain the rarity of resources and making "uncommon"(green) or "rare"(blue) resources effectively "common" (by guaranteeing their availability), it renders the rarity moot. Higher ranked nodes should not guarantee rarer resources, they should only offer a greater chance to obtain them.