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  1. Thanks Auras, Having a place to update and revise recipes is definitely something that needs to happen. My focus was more on the front-end of it and it looks like you have more of the backend built. I will have a look at your project in more depth later and maybe shoot you a message, might be able to work together on it.
  2. Thanks No pressure to get it done now eh
  3. Hello fellow Crafters, I've been working on a website that will give crafter's the ability to prototype items and receive a list of total resources required as well as a list of components and statistics for items. Right now the website is still fairly early on in development, and I only have a few weapons functioning. However, I wanted to open it up to the community for input on its progression. The ability to go through and select ingredients and receive a list of stats and resources is in place. The only stats currently available are from things such as metal bars, stitched leather, and a small number of sub components. I will be working to get more items added and implement more features as time goes on. Still to do: clean up the UI, 1 touch crafting on non-basic items for resources and stats without any added bonuses, re-crafting components, and calculate total build time Link : Crafting Prototypes Happy Crafting
  4. For those that don't wish to use disciplines for it, you can also cancel the animation and have your FoV reset between strikes while not losing much if any harvesting time.
  5. Placed my throneroom: lodge in the parcel where there was a bunch of trees. The lodge removed the trees and placed correctly, but after the EK went offline and was restarted the trees returned.
  6. no stats for beneficial harvest: x on sealed silver bars. Same result using mining seal. Neither experimentation or crafting an item using the bar will result in a number being shown, even though the stat is carried forward.
  7. Hey all, Just became a backer, been an MMO player from 2000 starting with AC and moved to SWG. I've been long awaiting another game that has a deep crafting system. Everything i've read and seen from streams has me excited to hop on and play. Hope to see you all soon