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  1. Campaign system tests are coming to a server near you! FULL STORY
  2. I'm filling in for Pann for a bit, and depending on how scheduling goes I'll see what I can do. I make precisely zero promises!
  3. Blair leads us through an in-depth look at the Cleric's powers. FULL STORY
  4. Check out a brand new set of building blocks! FULL STORY
  5. <insert obligatory "shots fired" joke here>
  6. The ports we use will be changing. FULL STORY
  7. More generic is better. If you send in "Blah Blah Forest" we'll probably just let you know we're using the "Blah Blah" part.
  8. No lore is necessary! If you wanted to send ranked lists, that's fine, but that's not necessary. We'll follow up with you if the names aren't appropriate for any reason.
  9. Chris lays out some details on Crowfall's AI. FULL STORY
  10. An Arkon Greatsword Relic will replace the Unique Character Name KS reward. FULL STORY
  11. A new 24/7 live environment will soon be implemented alongside the test environment. FULL STORY