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  1. If your testing was done on Saturday after about 11am CST, then there were known server issues going on. The issues really kicked into play after *cough* Gordon rebooted the server to fix other issues. All of us were having the same issues as you on Saturday. However a better answer may be that your ping controls everything. IIRC, mostly everything is controlled on the server side right now. Coming from a Network Administrator perspective (and someone who has played online games for the past 15+ years).. you're seeing normal issues for high ping. If you play any game with high ping, you will see these issues. Especially with a barely optimized for pre-alpha testing game.. I'm sure it doesn't have much leeway for high ping right now.
  2. I also noticed something similar to this as a Ranger. My 1 ability in dagger stance works about half the time. I've noticed if I switch from Bow to Dagger fast and hit 1, then it allows you to proc the secondary effect of the Dagger jump.. without jumping. When you hit 1 again (to do the slow-granting slash), you actually jump and do the slash. Other times, you do both 1's and it still not go off. Then you have to wait about 2-3 seconds to hit 1 again and it jumps you. When that happens, it shows your slow-granting slash on cooldown, but not your 1 ability. Very weird stuff, but I can get a video of it if needed.
  3. Current recreate-able bug on the Bloodbath West server. Haven't tried it on another server... I honestly don't want to lose my stuff lol. Lost quite a bit on the bbw server.
  4. There are simply a lot more important things to do. I really like someone's comment on a live stream I saw a few months ago, "a lot of game companies don't even allow (normal players) to see their game at this point". I'm sure AI tweaking is heavily on the backburner with all of the updates that are coming out soon. I hope mounts will be in before launch, but as much as I would love to see taming before launch.. I can't see that happening.
  5. Worst you have seen in an alpha because this is "pre-alpha".
  6. Still an issue with current ranged targeting. Maybe they made the scope a little too wide? Right now, it's nearly impossible to focus targets as a ranger in team fights because your arrow hits the closest target instead of hitting the target closest to the middle of your cursor. You can say, "Git gud, they are body blocking for him"... but when another guy is over 1.5m away from the person I'm aiming directly at.. but the 1.5m away is a little closer to me, so he gets hit.... there's a problem. Don't mean to rant about it, trying to explain the situation. I can provide videos when I get home if necessary. Edit: Hey.. this was addressed in the live stream. Just got to 38:57 where it was talked about.
  7. I think SB is a little overpowered right now. I wouldn't mind it if rallying banner only healed allies... but it wouldn't make much sense because it's technically a banner that you put down. More training and learning how to get around it will help in the future. I think good rolled slag weapons are fine, but basic weapons definitely cannot break it. *cough* unfortunately in the first video.. only Soulein had an advanced weapon.
  8. GFs! Tons of practice for our new guys
  9. Thanks Kcing, all we all need is practice. Just keep dueling/looking for fights and always try something new. Or do like I do and copy smarter people's builds. @scipio
  10. @ACE_Jackal isn't a dev, he just fetches coffee. Right?
  11. There is a flaw in your mentality, I cannot be hit for 2k
  12. Very true! I found out that the Druid was streaming and those guys were his friends. I helped them out for a good 15 minutes, explaining how to get adv weapons and where to start. The traps still only knock up 30% of the time. Honestly, I've never read the tooltip for them, so it may be a trigger lmao... you're going to make me go in the game and look for it With the Cross Slash nerf to Ranger, I will probably load Dagger Spin more. I was testing it out a bunch last night.
  13. Coolwaters isn't a noob, BUT HE GOT OWNED LIKE ONE! jk
  14. Holy moly, hey TK. I'm 99% sure I knew you back in the day! If you guys are still around, I see posts were a long time ago lol
  15. Hey, I went to Starsider after Radiant closed as well. Valcyn -> Flurry -> Radiant -> Starsider. My name was Ragovy and I was a Medic. What was yours?