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  1. With the release of the first run of a larger map, as expected there are some rather large down times in between fights as the factions hunt for each other. This is to be expected with the map size and not an issue, my thought is why open up an EU server and add in a BB server (which is amazingly broken at the moment)? This would take the already fairly small test group and split it even more. With the larger map wouldn't it make more sense to push everyone to one until the player base is large enough that it actually hits the player cap and starts really testing the server performance? And why oh why release a BB server that is so broken its funny to log in just to find the random ways you can auto die. My personal favorite so far is just running around the map and popping Eternal Rage and insta dying and falling through the world and ending on a "Black screen of you're screwed".
  2. Tyranny US East is having some CD issues it seems. All of my skills are getting approx. 45-50% increase CD timers. I cast an ability that has a 10s CD watch the timer and when the timer is at 0 and it flashes that its ready I spam the button and count and hit about 4s every time. 24s CD timers now add 13-14, 45s CD timers are adding 23-24. This is consistent and with any skill regardless of heal, buff, or debuff ability. Dying and Relogging has done nothing to fix it. Multiple people have noticed it as well. Not sure if its just a sign that the servers need a restart for performance or if there is a bigger issue with it.
  3. I hope you mean the reasoning for the massive hits being the multiple deductions makes sense and not the multiple deductions being a thing makes sense. If it is intended they may as well make it a true 100% loot and you lose all of your gear on death with no option to recover it. Since apparently after 2 deaths now you are fully farming all of the basic gear again to replace the broken stuff. I love loot based games that actually add a risk to dying but this current system is making the game a farming sim instead of a pvp game. Right now you either spend all day farming and re farming basic gear instead of looking for pvp and actually testing things out such as fort mechanics, range bugs, druids and rangers being able to teleport onto for walls (making them pointless to even have) and many other things. Why is durability even a thing at this stage of testing. would you prefer us to test how fun it is to cut down trees and break rocks all day or actually test the maps and mechanics of forts, building, and other things?
  4. while I don't have a screen shot of the floating temple I had the exact same issue as Tinnis did. The Temple was floating and all the Vessels where 1/2 in and 1/2 out making it so I couldn't access them. I had to re log to fix the issue and be able to select my vessel.
  5. Dryad Disc Form Life and Form Life II not refunding rage resource. I have tested with Legio and Champ. The Disc has a pure passive of Druid Orb Refund +90 however in combat, out of combat, full health or half health I have cast an entire rage bar worth of the orbs (1 and 2) and walked over them receiving 0 rage refund. This was being done on 5.2.2 EKs with multiple classes and multiple situations ranging from critical health to full health, in combat stance and out of combat stance. Anyone else notice this issue?
  6. scroll up you will see the first set of screen shots that show how it was goofed and where they updated it.
  7. So you posted on Twitter that Test servers would be going down at 6 pm CDT, yet your playtest schedule on the website has it going through the weekend, Which of the two things that was posted by the same company is correct?
  8. I am currently playing a Confessor waiting until cleric and assassin are out to decide on a final class and in my endeavors today I have noticed a fun thing when fighting myrmidons. They conduct their chain pull at max range and it pulls me half way, yes a known issue that was brought up in the 7/25 livestream. (which btw if its anything like my rmb dodge mechanic if I do it down a terrain feature rock/hill etc it fails to go the full distance and only about half way. the half way part is not the issue but what is the issue I was seeing is that even though the myrm was out of melee range he would chainpull/net me half distance then instantly would use whirlwind which EVEN though was visually well outside of melee range the whirlwind would cause full damage to me. my latency is about 20-40 at any time on BBE 5.1 and my fps holds between 50-60 so I doubt it was an issue with frame drop or latency. anyone else having an issue with this or am I losing my mind? ive seen this 2-3 times in 3 different encounters so not sure if its me or I'm losing my mind
  9. I don't see the issue with the giveaway and any of the winners. The same thing happens in every twitch giveaway that has ever been done. People spam the keyword someone gets the prize and 9 times out of 10 it is someone that already has the prize and is just doubling up. With twitch there is no way to know or be able to limit the rewards to only those that don't have any access at all. Gamekeys, vip time, in game rewards will usually end up going to those who already have access to that material when done over twitch due to the fact that 90% of the people watching the streams are people that already play that same content as the stream.
  10. Guinecean most likely for me as I love the idea of being able to stealth leading up to and getting out of a fight.
  11. Guild criteria: Guild Status: applying with UDL Region: NA (EST) Atmosphere: I'm looking for a fun and active guild that knows how to set goals and work towards achieving those goals. Size: Provided it is a well organized guild with strong leadership size is not a deal breaker but would prefer a med/large guild. (lets face it somethings can only be done with more people) Play-Style: Until more content and character sheets are developed/implemented I can't say what I will definitely be playing but currently I will be either running Assassin or Cleric. That being said which ever I choose will have stealth to use for scouting, initiating combat or getting out of bad situations. Commitment: I am a retired service member so I get paid to sit around and play games. Aside from a random vacation I am able to play several hours a day just about any day of the week. Experience: Diablo, D2, D3. WoW (rogue, priest, warrior RBGs 2k+ rating on rogue/warrior and raid healer with priest). Archeage, Ark, Conan Exiles. Voice-Chat services: Can use any that are needed to have well organized events.