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  1. Before any stealth mechanics are called to be nerfed can we wait long enough to get the anti stealth mechanics from 5.3 in? Nobody should be asking for nerfs to something obviously isn't finished.
  2. It is if you can cover every spectrum of crafting as a single person.
  3. I play go.
  4. $250 bucks is my limit for a game with a gerbil in a dandy hat armed with a musket.
  5. If the only thing that lets the class survive is 2 extra meters on a dodge then there is a much larger design flaw with the combat system and class that should be addressed. It's a little early to have an opinion about class balance when classes aren't even fully in the game. I'm not used to being the one saying give the devs time to address the issues once classes are out and polishing is key... Is there even a direct way to talk to the devs about class balancing? It seems like a lot of solid community advice is just lost in the flood of hogwash and tears from people screaming look at me. Also, custard Starfish. Just felt like it needed to be said.
  6. Squishier classes tend to be strong in other areas so as long as they have advantages why is them being weak at something an issue? Right now it seems fessors have strong cc, lots of mobility, good ranged dmg and solid durability; what aren't they good at? Melee?
  7. Balancing movement isn't the same as homogenizing builds...
  8. When I first saw it i thought it was meaning the server is up for people with pre alpha 5...then I realized there is no pre alpha 5.
  9. The name pre-alpha 5 is a misleading name for a live stream and q/a. Need to add what it is somewhere in the title...
  10. What guild drama?
  11. He was a gladiator in Warcraft 2, you better respect him!
  12. Thank you?
  13. @Pann @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant Any idea when you guys will be hosting another sale for accounts (like u did with the last crow -a- thon)? Have some cheap bastards on the fence and waiting so I told them I would post for them.
  14. If you don't think it won't give a crafting advantage then I'd like to sell you a healing elixir that will cure cancer, aids and replace missing chromosomes. I'm not a crafting fanatic, it doesn't impact me directly but it will chase away those poor bastards that want to and when I'm doing taking away your assets I will need another victim.