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    Player Driven Content, Sandbox Design, PvP, Game Mechanics, Social Dynamics, Industry Trends, Design Philosophy. Social Content/Mechanics, Siege Warfare, Territorial Conquest, Crusading, Hybrid Skill/Class Based game design.
  1. Servers for NA are locked, Test is over for today
  2. After playing the Knight consecutively I find the location of the skills on the GUI to be somewhat out of sequence. For instance, why have a utility skill on one, and a defensive/utility skill on two and the other more offensive skills on three, four, five? I think it's more natural to go to one than four and find it hard to locate four three, four or five while moving and targeting. Perhaps (as I know has been stated) the team should consider either relocating these skills or allow for key mapping, and GUI customization. I think it's awkward to put the more important offensive skills in those locations.
  3. When I right clicked an Item it did not show in my inventory
  4. The Confessor is the only ranged character at this point, which makes it much more useful for run and gun, which is all the Hungerdome is at this point, a fantasy version of COD. The confessor is much more mobile as well and does not have to stand and fight in one place, all the video I have seen points toward having two confessors to AOE and nickle and dime enemies as they close, the AOE spam and mobility of the confessor makes it too valuable, and thus too desirable. This could change with the introduction of other ranged classes, or support classes, however given the melee-centric starting classes the choices to engage such a mobile class as the confessor seems problematic at best, impossible at worst. I believe AC should have introduced a support or ranged class instead of another melee class in the form of the champion.
  5. Well our name says it all....the Knights of Glory and Beer.....a path to Glory everlasting....
  6. I remember, early on we had the advantage of knowing the terrain and the game mechanics....later the changes to the game through patching, and the influx for newer smaller guilds made the playing field crowded....I bailed after the CoTC Alliance broke, but I was there for the destruction of Hyperion the games biggest alliance of RP Carebears.
  7. https://youtu.be/0LCTPAy6_04 New KGB video intros, which ones do you like?
  8. It's those you bring in that are not a part of the exclusive leadership that will bring new issues, recruiting is where it starts. Not everyone will adjust and it's those bad apples one must be able to identify and deal with...
  9. Every Clan offers this, few ever can deliver. Social groupings invariably have issues or drama, it's how you cope or deal with confrontation as a whole which will in the end matter to your Clans survival.
  10. Some of the perks of not taking ourselves too seriously....fun is first and foremost.
  11. The Renaissance is coming
  12. How KGB does business in AA, dominating the server over lotd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OhPk6kwSjc
  13. Doing some FPS Tactical assessment....
  14. Well obviously upon her Death it allowed the Hunger to consume the lands, Her death may very well be the catalyst for the hunger. Life Death Rebirth is a cosmic cycle that is normal for any nature deity. Perhaps she created the hunger, or she is the hunger, you said there is a triumvirate of association between "three" gods, I think they are one and the same representing the cycles of life, and that the Hunger is one of those cycles. The Great Wyrm would know, Time is his area of knowledge, stop time it stops the hunger. The blood on her hands might represent the lives lost to the hunger and her being responsible for it...
  15. All information is correct, CC info, exp date, and 3 digit, zip is correct....tells me to try again, yet same results.