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  1. just a small thing but the launcher window is too big. Can barely click the buttons on the button even when drag the window up.
  2. Well I mean they already plan on having the amount of classes they've announced to have. They'll be doing both things, fixing, polishing current classes as well as working on the ones not yet released. Not sure if you're seriously asking them to stop making/working the yet unrelased new classes?... or put new dev on hold until older stuff is launch ready? What? That's now how it works from my experience. All that stuff happens at the same time behind the scenes and schedule and completion pending it get put out for us to test.
  3. Pretty sure whenever soft launch is it'll be when ACE feels the base or core module is good to go. Not when they reach an exact date and say "oh well lets just launch with what we got" We already know and are prepared for what the game will be at soft launch having things not included like CW ruleset bands, and other major content packages, etc so not having all classes to start would be beyond ridiculous.
  4. Maybe its just my dirty old mind but... That icon for Hand of Gods looks a bit.. risqué? But yeah otherwise sounds like a great class and base kit, can't wait to try it out and see what it can do.
  5. It being a PvP game with player looting will go far on its own to combat boting, than things that may or may not already be in the plans for the game.
  6. Well I mean you did call it a waste, filler and inferred their "hype is a mess". So you did a little bit more then just say you didn't like it like others as well in this thread. Posters ignoring the big picture and not understanding how even small updates and features fit into the bigger system is what usually elicits such responses.
  7. Welcome to following a Pre-launch MMO. Not every update is going to be big, not every update is going to be relevant to your favorite interests, not every update is going to be related to the current big or next addition to the game.
  8. You're getting a negative response because you keep ignoring the fact that "EK Fluff" directly relates to the CWs, because we will be building, repairing, then destroying these assets in the CWs despite being told that numerous times now.
  9. Yep this. I guarantee you that if you take out the word EK from the title and replace it with Keep/Castle, those same people would be salivating over all the PvP possibility's that can occur with these new pieces in the CWs. But yeah because they see the word EK its like the game is being canceled for all the crying being done.
  10. You mean in the signature area? Go to account settings, then click on signature tab on the left.
  11. This isn't just "EK fluff" is the thing that you and others don't seem to get. We will be building keeps and using these lego pieces in the CWs as well. Either building them ourselves or repairing preexisting ones depending on the CW ruleset. So yeah its pretty fair to say that when people cry "EK FLUFF LOLZ" that they might not be understanding the process completely.
  12. Yeah like said EK buildings will be the same building we use in the CWs. These are likely an already planed on scheduled update, not something out of the blue to spice things up. We are still in the "more test than play" part of the playtest until stated otherwise. So yeah now isn't the time for little side things to make it "fun".
  13. Well if they do a wipe then theres not much players are going to be able to import for the first CW at least. Only what they can quickly gather or craft on their EK or the other servers if left up.
  14. Pretty sure anyone can start playing at Soft launch, not just current testers and backers... Soft launch just means like others said above that not all the content is in the game yet.
  15. Games been in Dev for about 2 years Soft launch is rumored to be end of this year early next. Like said above if this was a non indie KS Dev we wouldn't even be seeing the gameplay yet, let alone testing it with no NDA like we are now. Critique is fine and welcomed that's why we are here, but at least do it honestly and factually.