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  1. Yep pretty much, in the live game there will be real reasons to kill on sight and block players coming back from spawning ie not letting enemy groups get reinforced in the goal of taking objectives. But in testing yeah.. no real point to spawn camping. All it does do is chase away potential customers. Can say fine the game is suppose to be hardcore but in any PvP game wolves need sheep. Come launch the game isn't going to last very long if all there are is wolves and one or two CWs running, they'll quit too and then blame the Dev.
  2. Yeah seems building placement is a bit wonky right now. Can place walls and small cottage no problem but when try to place a larger building like a throne lodge, zone out or most of the controls do not work. When I first loaded up my EK the interface worked fine but just got the can't place due to slope message, then later got the bug I just mentioned as well.
  3. Yeah longer 1v1 fights are fine IMO, but do agree all the self healing seems to be a bit much atm, the main focus and balance should be on group play. If 1v1s are short than it likely means you'll die even faster in large battles.
  4. Well it (or any other comments) wasn't meant to be a jab, sorry if it came off that way.
  5. It was a joke hence the tongue sticking out emoji. A joke knowing full well what I just wrote. Don't have to be super serious all the time geez.
  6. oh fun we've entered the semantics and arguing definitions portion of the discussion... Seriously though point stands utility, flexibility doesn't equate to power regardless of how you mean it or want it to mean.
  7. Using your logic then combat trained characters with other combat trained alts are EVEN more powerful then you with your crafter alt and combat alt. But again having flexibility to play other characters isn't power in the sense you are meaning it.
  8. Nope, that's still just utility and flexibility. That combat alt is still the same relatively speaking power wise as any other combat trained character.
  9. The being self sufficient comes because anytime this topic comes up training extra general lines or such isn't the point that is argued, or rather its not the main point and it gets drowned out by unnecessary noise of other things that are brought up. Its always 'well I'm going to have 12, 20, 100 accounts so I can access all the skill lines'. So no I never argued training a few extra general lines makes one self sufficient, in this thread at least. Simply that again every time this topic comes up a point that is argued is having a bunch of alts to train gives far more then just a few extra skill lines, its access to all of them. So if a few extra skill lines to train is whats wanted then fine argue for that and with ACE now opening the classes up for even more customization I can probably agree that would be of benefit now as I've been against it in the past. But again this whole " well I can just run my own army of alts and bots or w/e so therefor fix everything" side of the argument doesn't really help the case, is all I'm saying.
  10. Well you said "I can then make things you can't" "You can't do that if you only have one account". You insinuated that one can't craft certain things or have buffs or backup while harvesting unless you multi account as well as multi box. You can access other training by again having friends and guildmates that have trained in those things that you haven't. So like I said I think you are simply placing a bit too much power on utility and wanting and being self sufficient.
  11. Well glad to see you changed your mind and now agree that having alt accounts doesn't allow you to do things others can't like you said in the post I replied to. And I already said you gain some utility and self sufficiency that wasn't the point. Point was your claim to be able to do things (what you listed at least) others can't and that is not true at all.
  12. I can help guildmate gatherers and crafters collect resources needed to make the same exact gear. I can call my guild, friends, allies and go out in groups doing the same things. I can join a guild that has players of varying specs and builds that provide the same buffs and heals. Sorry but having some utility and wanting to be self sufficient isn't some great power you think it is.
  13. Yeah like I and others have said any time this comes up is it'll likely be FAR more efficient and effective to have players with those dedicated roles whos that's their main role and are online when you need them. Having to put out the call to see who has what skill lines etc then have to see if they on then have them re-log other account if they even can maybe they in the middle of a big battle. So yeah just seems like a huge hassle for a minimal benefit. Just recruit players for those roles and be done with it.
  14. Interesting. I liked it well enough while playing Witcher 3 as a side to the actual game, maybe I'll jump in this beta to see if will like it by itself.
  15. ArcheAge. Safezones around graveyard spawns. Was incredibly lame because that's basically all there was to the games open world PvP just killing. No real purpose or objective beyond PvP for the sake of PvP. At first sure players would fight in the open but once people started dying all they did was fight around the graveyards because as said there was no actual PvP content or objectives. Like I just said in last post spawn camping is 1000x more lame then a safe zone, so a necessary evil no doubt but indeed necessary IMO.