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  1. I second this. Sometimes I get it working, but it takes a lot of tries to unlock the message box.
  2. Cities, strongholds will be safeR areas but not safe zones. Seems a small thing, but it makes a big difference.
  3. So you propose a change to a game system (that we know already will get changed/removed) to 'fix' a bug with AMD GPU cards? This is not the solution and would be a waste of resources. Fixing the AMD crash bug is the solution.
  4. I don't agree. I know where you're coming from, your arrows right? But, put a few stacks in the SP, and one in your inventory. Yes, you have a chance you'll loose these, but this is the risk the game wants you to take. Or run out of arrows mid combat if you want to play it safe. Remember, this change would not only affect arrows, but also touch gear, weapons and other items. They should get rid of the SP rather sooner than later imho. It is removing a lot of fun from the game since it is implemented. The arrow mechanic just needs to change as well, changing how the SP works is not the solution.
  5. Yeah, we've seen this happen many times. It's sad. I hate (spawn)campers with a passion, that is why we have a rule we don't allow any members to kill anyone near a temple unless they get attacked themselves. People on our KoS list are free game though. But no new player is on that list anyway. If any tester sees any of our members spawn camp anyone at the temple, contact me and I take care of it. Exception is Bloodbath, since you really can't avoid it there. Regarding the guards, yes, that would be great to have. They should not be invulnerable though, just hard to kill.
  6. Testing or not, it does not matter. People get used to it, expect it to be in the game after release. Stop using 'testing' as an excuse for everything. You clearly have not played a game with safe zones. I've seen people playing the safe zone border game all day long and hiding behind the line, not being able to get killed. Back in and out. Back in and out. All day long. Come back in a few days, hours even and tell me if you like it when you are not able to kill someone because he is hiding in the field.
  7. Without even having seen it I already hate the invulnerable pulse field that has been added to map Bloodbath. What happened to the no safe zones promise in Crowfall?! Sorry, but this is a no go. It doesn't matter where the field is located. Even if it is around temples to protect the innocent. I've seen enough people going out and back in safe zones in Tera for the rest of my life. To say it crudely, this poorly made socks has to go. Caldera has a self-imposed rule to not attack people around temples and not camp players there. I wish that other people would do the same. But having a safe zone in Crowfall? Hell no. I rather get killed at a temple for an entire evening than to see this stuff.
  8. You really need to use a uniform way to show us stats. In articles and certainly in-game. Lots of tooltips and stat windows are a mess. I've seen stats in "%", "0.00", "0.00%." For example in today's article: "Positive Power Cost Multiplier is bad, (e. +.54%), meaning all of your powers will cost 54% more resource to use. A power that costs 100 base mana, now costs you 154 mana." What is +.54%? This doesn't make any sense. I read this as less than 1%! You should use 54% or 0.54. Not a combination of this. I recommend using 54% since this is easiest to understand for most people while 0.54 is more math-y.
  9. Sometimes mining picks fail to hit anything. After readjusting my aim, the pick needs to be summoned again. This happens regularly, but now I remembered to record it. Video below:
  10. And they definitely need to be shown less often. These swirls around me every x seconds are driving me nuts. I can look at my buff window in the top-right to see if I have the buff on me, I do not like being distracted with unnecessary eyecandy every few seconds. Please make it every 30+ seconds or so or give me an option to turn them off completely.
  11. Songs remain on characters while the caster already left the group/disconnected.
  12. Several issues recorded in this one video: Trees and popping in constantly, don;t have that issue anywhere else besides on Corruption East Camera hitching badly. This is the worst I experienced ever. FPS drops down to 25 at one point, while being rather stable most of the times. Looking at buildings makes the game drop 20+ frames though. I feel all the above issues are somewhat related. The camera hitching being the most annoying thing in the game right now.
  13. Lighting looks weird in the keep. Roof in this room seems to radiate light instead of creating a dark corner.
  14. Watch the video to see my disciplines stones getting destroyed on death or respawn: I'm in my personal EK I have some discipline stones equipped, doesn't matter which ones At 00:22 I'm dead, but my spirit can't move I exit to the lobby, cancel it and I'm able to move At 00:52 I fail to respawn and spawn my 2nd spirit 01:13 I properly respawn at the 2nd try My runestones are destroyed