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  1. You are forgetting crafting stations and factories. Remember, the current crafting process is mainly meant as the experimentation phase. Isn't this the basic armor, weapons and the rest that currently is already in the game? It certainly gets your started. Or do I misunderstand what you meant?
  2. The speed is fine as it is I think. I don't see the need to make it faster. The skill training is meant as a replacement for shallow leveling curve and it does that just fine imo. Can't be deep enough. If I want a shallow crafting and gathering system I will play WoW. There are people who enjoy this kind of gameplay solely, so please do not make suggestions that take gameplay away from those players pretty please. If you do not like it, do something else in the game. It is an mmorpg after all. This is a game that is mainly focusing on groups and guilds. If you need armor and weapons, make friends with crafters or simply join a guild. This is not a game that is meant to be played solo.
  3. Now we tested the import- and export mechanics (it works) can we just wipe the Spirit Bank and inventory? People walking around with advanced gear and/or weapons gives a pretty uneven and unfair battlefield at the moment. With no way to gather premium resources there is no way we can craft new advanced armor and -weapons.
  4. Getting stuck in combat and/or cannot move often. Pressing r-click solves it most of the times.
  5. No thank you. The EU Beta server was a stretch goal even. It's one promise I'm going to make ACE keep. I fought long and hard for EU servers and I'm not going to be okay with a US-only test server at this point. We Europeans deserve our own server, with good latency and without disadvantages regarding that. So far ACE has done just that and I don't expect them to do otherwise and change their ways. If you want to play on a US server and feel disadvantaged, go ahead. That is everyone's own choice. But I and our guild will be playing in Europe.
  6. Sure, let's play on a European server all together. You guys won't mind the extra latency right?
  7. Sounds like some of you don't seem to understand that the current classes are not representative of how they are going to be like after the class/race changes. Comparisons between the new Cleric and the older ATs are a waste of time.
  8. Already sent ours in.
  9. This is not possible or really really hard to do in a game like Crowfall where you have to aim to hit.
  10. To make it less confusing next time, maybe don't post them in the 5.1.1 Feedback thread or make sure the post has a header with Preview Patch 2.5 or something? Now it looks like the notes are part of the 5.1.1 patch which isn't the case.
  11. Nice to see these new shiny blocks. I do not see a reason why we won't be able to see these in the campaigns as well?
  12. This is too complicated to explain here, but I can sent you to the FAQ that covers this topic: Read number 8 and 9.
  13. Yes, a pledge package is still required to play the game. Again, yes you need to purchase the game (or a pledge package which includes the game). Yes, you can own as many buildings as you want.
  14. Where have you been? Old news.
  15. You need to train both. The tooltip says: "One or more" so it is still correct. I agree it is confusing, but nothing is wrong here.