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  1. Try using your RMB to teleport. It might work.
  2. Is it wrong that I want to throw fireballs at it? Looks dope.
  3. My vote is for this bad boi... such poise. such grace.... and zero shame.
  4. Probably the best solution.
  5. I don't think they should restrict it to tank classes only. This will stifle build diversity. Why shouldn't support classes or people wanting to build tanky not have access to these? Or IMO just like dots, certain defensive CDs shouldn't stack... Like.. we shouldn't be able to stack Santuary and AoF together. AoF by it's self isn't super strong.. but it stacking with others defensive CDs is. So either nerf a bunch of defensive CDs or make them so they can't stack IMO.
  6. Start all training at the same time... say... 12:15... all the skills are Tier # x 3 days. So all your skills will finish at around 12:15 on different days..... done.
  7. That's cause you are over complicating it... takes me about 5 minutes for 9 accounts with the current training system.
  8. And Wildstar (Same publisher as GW2) tried to cater to the OMFG ROFL PWNZOR hardcore crowd.... Which is doing better? hmm.... I wonder. edit: I should say... which is on it's last legs and probably about to get shut down.....
  9. We do... The Champion's LMB.
  10. The change to the Live and Test service just happened a few weeks ago. Everyone is still adjusting, even ACE. They could do a better job at communicating some things, I agree.
  11. All of the current Campaigns are running on the Test version of the client. There isn't a stable enough build for them to push it to the Live service.... However, it's getting close. Unfortunately you will have download the full game again. Just make sure that you install it in a different folder. You will want both the Test and the Live clients so in the future can play around in both.
  12. Nameplates and Fly Text Feedback: Nameplates, buffs on the name plates, and fly texts are far too intrusive and are blocking the view of fights and all the pretty models and graphics you guys have put in. The "larger" (10+ v 10+)fights look like crap IMO cause you can't really see the fight and all you see is fly text and overlapping name plates. I know you have talked about being able to turn this off as an option, but if it's an option it won't really be optional to have these off. In the above images you can see how much of a cluster custard this is. You can't see the fight, only UI elements. Something needs to be done to make this cleaner. 1v1's and small scale it's not so bad, but getting in to 10v10s it looks pretty awful. Suggestions: Remove names, nameplates, buffs from over enemy (or anyone outside of your friendly fire immunity) head and provide the name and HP indicator above or below the reticle. Some sort of HP indicator on friendlies might be worth providing for healers that are not under the reticle. Would help with knowing where to put AoE heals. Faction and/or Guild shields should remain as some form of indicator of enemy and friendly targets. This will help with on screen clutter so we can see what is going on. For CC status effect fly text give use a billboard type symbol, or some form of FX above the target's head rather than huge letters across the screen. Seeing KNOCKED DOWN, SUPPRESSED, or STUNNED in huge letters across the screen blocking most of the fight is annoying. Damage fly text needs to not be so large and block a large portion of the screen. AoE abilities block quite a large section of your screen and can make it pretty hard to track a target. Less is more IMO.
  13. Yeah... Looks like Ranger rapidfire was doing some serious damage, like.. 10x more damage than it should and was hitting like 2 or 3 times more than it should. @SoberSoul Do you remember what you were using here? I don't see any other attacks heading towards you, but the numbers are way too high and way too frequent to be that Ranger #1, even with Nature's avatar from a druid. Maybe it is some weird interaction with that Glass Cannon disc?
  14. Suggestion: Move the "Faction X Captured Fort From Faction Y" message to the top of the screen under the tug of war slider. It currently pops up over the reticle and blocks your vision. Feedback: The game loop is sooooo close.... So close. Keep it up ACE. Had a ton of fun today.
  15. Same here, and some of my guildmates who didn't have the increased cap were also getting timed out.