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  1. I believe a heavily played ranger goes through about 5,000-10,000 arrows a weekend.
  2. LOL this was that day? That was a good day....
  3. Chaos wins because balance was not achieved.
  4. Hnnnnnggggggg........ Should be a good time.
  5. Yeah, I think they just need to make mass functional again and give it some potential... I don't think it is doing anything ATM.
  6. This is kind of a cool idea. Though I think just having it be innate to some races is sorta... meh... If it was on a disc or ability where it "Increases your mass" or something that made pull effects do the opposite of what they are supposed to would be bad ass.
  7. Computer specs: Intel i7 6700k GTX 1080 Gigabyte stock OC model 16gb ram 250gb Samsung SSD (forget the model)
  8. I will bring special cookies.
  9. Had a BLAST guys Do another one
  10. Facerip is the hero we need, and we deserve.
  11. Absolutely there is a choice. If you take Bard you in no way need to have the minors equipped to be functional, or even a good bard. If you want to go full bard and be the best bard you can be when doing your bardly things, then you might want to consider taking those minors.
  12. With the new changes lucky to get a 600 HP wisp (equivalent to a 6k Wisp during the time this video was taken)
  13. Got a ping from Ye Olde banned @Tinnis to tell @thomasblair and @mhalash that:
  14. The respawn in BB has always been an issue with the nearby respawns. Even in Corruption it seems rather close. The only server that it seems somewhat acceptable is Scorn IMO.