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  1. I am assuming that it will act similarly to how the building pieces are working right now. Each test we may have to consume them, but will be given back to us for the next test. If they start actually consuming the VIP that means we have hit soft launch.... just no.... too early.
  2. They want trading to exist, they just haven't spent the time to make the UI and systems behind it. They have more pressing matters... Like upgrading to Unity 5.5
  3. You gunna take that @narsille? /popcorn
  4. Really excited to see what you can get from the community George!
  5. Exactly. We don't have promotion classes in yet and you will need to use a "dirge" vessel, in example, to be able to unlock the training from those skills. If you equip the other promotion class for the Duelist, any training in Dirge will not affect stats/class of that vessel. We only have the root vessels available so any training in promotion classes will not affect any of our skills. Though I do believe that the training in the root vessel types will affect the promotion classes when we have those available.
  6. I don't know... I just know that some of that stuff can be changed with "Shift-Launch" thingy that you couldn't in the game, i just don't use it.
  7. A long time. It's a Unity thing I think. Give it a shot and let me know. Pretty sure that the UI doesn't update with the changed binds so it may be confusing to some.
  8. The last we heard is that all Beta-2 backers (Contributor Level) should be in by the end of this month. So pretty soon!
  9. I think it's pretty funny some of the stuff that comes out. When Tully (or Pann? forget who did it) trolled one of the community members by changing the word carebear to his name.... that was glorious.
  10. Hold shift when u hit launch on your patcher. U can customize a lot of keys. Though don't think it up dates the UI with the new binds.
  11. You can aim up or down with both these classes. The animation currently does not show the projectile (they are not really projectiles anymore) moving towards the reticle unless a target is with in range and the server recognizes your shot as a hit. It is just an animation issue when you have not hit a target with ray cast abilities (Ranger LMB, Fessor LMB, Fessor #4, There may be a few more Ranger abilities that use ray cast now not sure.).
  12. This is actually stuff from a few different weekends, but not from last weekend. Way to custard it up Riku! Someone might get all hurrrr durrr on your ass.
  13. Some of these estimates are optimistic I wouldn't hold him to these. We will probably see an actual game loop in the next few months and they are aiming for a "soft launch" this summer. As for retail release who knows.
  14. You are even wearing the same clothes! Twinzies for real.
  15. Autorun, where art thou?