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  1. Quality work! More plz.
  2. They shut down after you are gone for a few minutes anyways. They can't stay up 24/7 yet as it will potentially balloon operational costs.
  3. So just don't leave your EK Either way, there is a way to trade in EK's with the systems in place... no matter how ghetto it may be, it works
  4. Step 1: Spawn in as a druid. Step 2: Make weapon. Step 3: Cast sacrifice until you die. Step 4: pick new vessel. Step 5: use tombstone as trade chest, it will last for days.
  5. Building: Ran in to a few oddities when connecting towers to wall pieces. "building placement error" Towers not building connectors in a few orientations. Weird interactions with gate and tower.
  6. Star wipe or bust.
  7. Name plates: Name plates were very hit or miss, most of the time not showing up. That said, I would be interested to see what the game plays like with less name plates IF there were more ways to distinguish friend from foe. Soul Power: After using my Soul Power ability I would only drop about 25% of my SP.
  8. Sounds pretty cool, but this made me cringe a little: Why are you designing for a "stun-lock" style of game play?... we have too much CC as it is, and with asset loss, who wants to be stun-locked to death?
  9. dem mad mspaint skills.
  10. Yes please...... I would LOVE to move the mouse over target window to somewhere that is NOT the top left hand side of the screen... Also, hoping to see a fix for the text wrapping that is occurring on the current equipment tool tips. I am unable to tell what the stats are for most equipment. That said, can't wait to see the new stuff that is coming. I am really digging the new window UI, though the text could use some love.
  11. You custard love me Don't deny your feelings
  12. My guess (and hope) is that it will fix the issue of downloading the client every time you launch the patcher.
  13. In the first fight we had same amount of legios on both sides. We also had the same amount of confessors. We had one ranger, and we had 2 less Templars, and 2 less druids as they did. I don't think it was a comp thing. The druids could have buffed the templars or fessors and they should have easily out DPSed us and they had more burst healing than we did. It was a good 7 Sugoi v 10 Winterblades for the first fight for sure. With the increased TTK felt like there was more back and forth. Interested to see what it's like when people are not losing their stats after death.
  14. if u run the video at half speed u can see that no hp is removed from the templar why the fly text says 67,920. some odd display bug for sure.
  15. Got a few 7k LMB as well, so something is odd.