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  1. We have no idea yet how mana starved they will be.
  2. @protonix
  3. I think I know who you are.
  4. Neat.
  5. I know there will be more added to VIP but this isn't enticing me to buy VIP. It's annoying me into buying VIP.
  6. No I fully understand. Perhaps I was mistaken in assuming my point would be understood with out going into great detail. If you don't have VIP you WILL miss training time that VIP accounts would not. Having to log in or be in game 5 times over the course of 3 days to train one level 1 node is not passive skill training. VIP that skill takes 3 days to train. Non VIP is 3 days plus all the time in between starting the 2nd through 5th pips.
  7. How is this not P2W? Those that pay will train faster than those that don't. It's not a convenience, it's a paid for, in game advantage that directly affects pvp.
  8. i was not expecting a pvp video. For sure thought it was going to be some sort of harvesting or crafting face off.
  9. I'm not reading 10 more pages of replies but I believe it is this simple. WE log into these forums on Tuesday and Thursday to see in what way the game has improved. Sometimes we get something awesome, most times we get something minor, (which is fine, not all news drops can be the disc system or splitting race/class) and often we get something flavor related (art concepts, behind the scenes etc). This time we got something that simply makes the game less fun. For the first time in a while I feel like enjoying the game the way I like is directly tied to $. Just make the game subscription based. Give each account 3-5 class trains with the option to buy more. Keep universal skills trains at one still. Choice still matters, it's just your universal skills are account defining now.
  10. ITT http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Pigeon_chess
  11. I'm pretty sure all the test is at this point is flipping the switch and seeing if the lights turn on.
  12. Wat?
  13. it adds a good bit of support for your group. also lets you damn near heal someone for 2K with pixie, rehab, rescue
  14. Yeah I couldn't say what they were doing. It's not a fight I should have won if the duelist committed. They were together though in the previous larger fights. They are in the same guild.
  15. He was at the start, then he left his buddy to die. That was part of a long 3 v 6 we fought vs Sugoi. I think we were all trying to run back to our groups when we ran into each other.