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  1. In that case, enjoy your break. Hopefully the devs read this thread, take your advice, and you return to something you see more positively. They have my benefit of the doubt, but won't get any more money from me. I'm highly critical and believe they could do things differently, but who am I. The end result is their risk to take, not mine. If this is the best their can produce, so be it. Advising them to re-think or do it better won't amount to much imo. They have access to our feedback and do what they wish. Again, it's their game and risk. I'm on the ride to their destination but might end up taking a turn towards something more to my liking.
  2. You do not have enough posts to matter. Sorry
  3. No, I don't see the point. You stated they should "get their ducks in a row." Are you suggesting that they are wandering around without a clue as to what is going on? Not sure why they need your advice. From everything they've made relatively easy for the public to understand to what they've shown more on the business end (early video conferences not specific to CF itself), they appear to be using what they know to create a quality product/business with all the bumps that come with that. No clue if they have a Business Case specifically, but to believe they haven't thought things out is silly. My assumption is they evaluate everything they do and the potential impact on the product, team, development, and company. Not something I expect them to present to us beyond what they have. Maybe you believe they are throwing things at the wall (and us) to see what sticks, but I don't get that impression. If you need help understanding features or the game as a whole, I'm sure someone around here could explain as there isn't a lot unknown besides specific details that aren't highly important at this point in development. If you can't evaluate even the basic concept of the "game," not sure what to tell you. There is nothing highly complex about it. Looking at the number of backers and funds raised, evaluating the offering hasn't been a major issue. It appears you do not care for particular features or maybe the game concept as a whole, but anything being incompatible or mediocre is subjective on your part. Without context and details, your generalizations do nothing. My interpretation of what you are getting at is, "I don't like or have faith in XYZ working out, do it better ACE." From that they should "reconsider, rebuild, re-evaluate, make steering corrections, fix" whatever you've concluded isn't up to your standards, yet provide little context in this thread at least. The end result might not be good enough for me, I'm fine with that. Beyond catering to me specifically or magically making things "better," I don't see what they could do to change that possibility. Until things start reaching a finalized state, I'll attempt to provide feedback if I feel it contributes, but overall am waiting to see what comes together. tl;dr Curious why you backed something you see as flawed. Then again, why you believe it could be the best game ever developed. When does it tip one way or the other? edit: just out of curiosity, could you point me to games presented with a Business Case and not a Manifesto? Especially those similar to CF in design, funding model.
  4. Honestly don't know how they planned to get the Core done by then, be it finalized or close. Although they could of meant, bare bones, sort of works state. Who knows. Didn't seem realistic and unsurprisingly, it wasn't. Not close to being outside the norm for a MMO at this point.
  5. Estimated =/= Guarantee While I do believe this did provide false expectations, it is what it is. Was very clear from the 1st playtest that they had a long way to go. They were providing refunds at that point as well so no one was locked into backing something they thought wasn't going to delivered as "promised."
  6. What was the promised release date of the finished game?
  7. What's a very good number?
  8. While typically Rogue like characters have a backstab, DAoC as a whole has varying angles of attack and made melee more entertaining than just run up and swing like many other games. Even with the performance issues of such a dated game, still worked okay for the most part. Front/back/side opens up a lot of creative paths for abilities and builds. Could lead to some more interesting combos or chains instead of spam 1 1 1 regardless of orientation. If it negatively impacts performance or development time, would rather it come later though.
  9. What information are you looking for without providing anything? Report the issue in the test/feedback forum and or give suggestions on ways to make CC more enjoyable. Blanket generalizations without any substance do nothing. Retaliate and all abilities should work 100% of the time when expected to. There shouldn't be significant lag or performance issues. We should have all Archetypes, training, gear, disciplines, and the entire game finalized. This will come. If you can't handle the experience of a test build, wait a while. Again, you give little info to what AT you were playing, the enemy, and don't even appear to know what happened exactly. You were unable to dodge or use whatever escape options besides retaliate? Unable to attack back with any of your own CC? Not saying that CC isn't an issue, but to hop on here and say it all needs to be reworked should come with a little more to support the claim.
  10. So you want them to start over in some areas while being further along in others? While I wouldn't mind them doing this or that, they don't NEED to really do anything differently at the moment. Development is chugging along and we'll see plenty of changes along the way. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are getting at, but I'm not sure how they can "fix" EKs, combat, VIP, training, etc when they aren't finished nor are all systems online to even get a full picture. If you want a highly detailed breakdown of everything, likely not going to happen and no real point on their end as the game is funded and then some. They just need to work.
  11. Vessels add another layer to the player driven economy, player interdependence, potential risk v reward, and flexibility with "character" building. As presented, I don't really like the lore/backstory with how the mechanics work and seems a bit messy even for a fantasy setting, but I get it for the most part. Don't see it as a RPG or roleplayers dream setup, but oh well. People will get over it or not. While players will be able to swap Vessels similar to a MOBA or insert game type, I see it more like having an Alt as you suggest. Instead of logging in/out and actively grinding a new character, we'll be gated by time and in that time, likely a decent chunk of our previous training will be wasted. To me this rewards those that plan and stick to a training path compared to those swapping ATs/Universals all the time. In this way, I believe those wanting a single or few personas like traditional MMOs will do just fine. There is no requirement to be or try it all. Overall, the Vessel system provides options with pros/cons not unlike other systems. It isn't perfect and hopefully isn't near finished, but it has potential. I'd also be fine with one character (AT) per account or multiple character slots, but keeping the Vessel system as a means to provide a vehicle/stats to a character. As is, it still provides a lot of other interplay with other systems and players. Would be interesting to see one AT campaigns where we had to choose at the start and could only use that AT for the duration. Again, Vessels provide options not only for players but for creative Devs as well. Scrapping it and going with the tired and true (and boring) system of previous years/games isn't necessary.
  12. If you can't provide actual feedback, don't bother. Beyond standing still and not doing anything, not sure how you were CC'd to death without a tiny bit of info. This is not a "game" it is a "test" and plenty will be tweaked along the way. There will be abilities to break/reduce CC, training to reduce CC, hopefully optimization to remove lag and other performance issues, and of course teamwork instead of 1v1 pointless balance concerns.
  13. Why can't you be anything you can imagine? Simple answer is that isn't the game they are making nor ever implied they were. A Knight is a Knight. Not Conan the Loincloth Barbarian. Although Champion would be a closer fit for that role. Every Archetype can wear all armor types which have various looks, but overall, they have a theme. Disciplines will open up more Weapon options as well. They've added both genders for humanoids and look to be going with more cosmetic options to appease those that zoom in and stare at their character's faces all day, but overall, this takes dev time and impacts performance As I stated above (bottom of post), there is plenty of customization in regards to build, at least on paper. Visually this might be a different story, but I fall into the game play > looks crowd. Maybe you could give examples of what you'd rather see as this is the Suggestion forum, not THIS SUCKS! forum. Reference other games/systems? I'm a fan of thinking outside the box as well, but sometimes options just to have them is a waste for everyone. Honestly don't know what you want beyond not what they've done so far.