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  1. It does load, it just takes a little bit.
  2. This thread is pure gold. I will actually have to read all of it when I have some time this weekend. The lols shall be bountiful.
  3. Welcome to every game... Someone is always behind someone else... You need to stop acting like that is new.
  4. Seriously... Put the questions on the screen....
  5. and here I thought that this thread couldn't have gotten worse... lol Thanks VN for showing me it could.
  6. Oh look, another pointless thing VN blew up...
  7. My brother hit 2200s a few times and even says that WoW pvp doesn't mean poorly made socks. It's trash and unbalanced. Speaking of trash, who are you running with in CF?
  8. Just like a great target caller can make any group. A bad group can do pretty decent with a good caller as long as said group can get on target. Groups are only as strong as their weak link.
  9. Can we get Conc pots too? XD
  10. This especially.. Op has 27 posts currently. He is telling others to help give feed back, when he hardly does it himself. That alone makes this thread harder to take serious. Well, that and pre alpha...
  11. Pre alpha and complaining about balance and classes... GG
  12. Yeah... people need safe spaces in games too!
  13. Devs communicating after the game is released is just as big of a deal.
  14. Now, can we have toon slots back and get rid of vessels?