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  1. That question was specifically aimed at Pang, because he suggested that Balance will always be allied with someone. I doubt he is correct, and the question is meant to illustrate that it is unlikely that balance is always allied with someone.
  2. Which side do you think Balance will be allied with when the server launches?
  3. Because they specify that they are allies "in terms of targeting and friendly fire," and because they talk about Balance winning and losing territory. Also, Balance is only allied with the losing side if there is a losing side. Where would they live when things were in balance?
  4. The article only says they are "allies" in terms of targeting and friendly fire. I think it is unlikely they will switch where the spawn.
  5. Except they talk about Balance winning and losing territory.
  6. If you are trying to make a persuasive argument, I'm not sure that helps.
  7. Hard to kill someone in your own faction.
  8. That is one type of FF. Another type is when you can hurt your guild members who are outside your party. FF can be applied in different ways. It doesn't stop being FF just because some people are immune to it. In a 10 v 10 on a FFA server you will encounter FF because group size is 5. That is Friendly Fire. It may not be as much friendly fire as you like, but it is Friendly Fire.
  9. You say "they basically flat out told us we will never get FF," and that is false. We already see FF on all but the faction rulesets. It actually requires players to adapt, because if you just spam powers on a FFA server you will kill your own side. You say we've been told there won't ever be full loot, and that is false. The inventory-only loot we see now is for pre-alpha. We don't know what the final loot rules will be, but we do know they will vary between rulesets. You say the game "aims like tab-target" and that is blatantly false. It sounds like you haven't even tried it. You talk about the switch from race-locked Archetypes to Races and Classes as though it were only cosmetic, and that is false. Different combinations of Race and Class will have different abilities and options. It is not merely cosmetic.
  10. Alternative facts, I suppose.
  11. Crowfall Beta hasn't started yet. Come check it out later and I think you'll find many of your assumptions are wrong.
  12. Tinnis' video of Ghost Army spam with no UI:
  13. It's basically an average Legendary because we did single pip experiments to be conservative. With more risk it could have been a lot better, or a lot worse.