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  1. When is Doggett not joking? Have you seen other streams?
  2. I'm pretty sure those are a joke.
  3. if that queue system were to be implemented, what would prevent people from seeing it as a "punishment" that they need to pay for VIP to use it?
  4. I think it is much more likely that you are just out of the loop and don't realize you'd need a new installer to play.
  5. Why not give them the second purpose of also being worth knocking down for their resource type?
  6. I totally agree that sneaking into forts is a good thing, but sneaky claiming of forts is odd.
  7. There is Friendly Fire in Crowfall already on the FFA servers. Only your 5-man group has FF immunity. Any "zerg" over 5 people needs to be careful about friendly fire. Whether it will stay this way is unknown, but there is no reason to suppose they can't run Dregs campaigns with at least this level of Friendly Fire if people want them.
  8. How about a bank chest inside each fort/keep that can only be used by the side that owns it. Then make sure there are resources nearby so the best way to farm is to own the nearby fort to "caravan" your stuff to it? The resources don't need to be in the forts, the forts just need to be more convenient than running back to the beach-head to bank.
  9. Why you harvesting with no weapons and a basic diaper?
  10. Don't give me that. I didn't claim to refute anyone's argument, and I didn't misrepresent anyone's argument.
  11. https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/
  12. It occurs to me that 12:30 AM on Thursday for me in Eastern Time is still Wednesday for you in Central Time...
  13. Actually, it seems to show the test not ending until tomorrow. "Fri, August 4, 5:00pm – Thu, August 10, 12:30am"
  14. A bit unclear what you are trying to say here.
  15. So then why is making people pay for VIP benefits (if they want them) a punishment? If you pay you get benefits. Is that not positive reinforcement for paying?