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  1. From the name, one could presume it will have Stealth. And assuming it is meant to play a similar role to the Scout from Shadowbane, you might also presume it will have Stealth. Based on some comments from the devs, ACE may view the anti-stealth role as separate from the Stealth role, which might suggest it won't be a Stealther. There is also the fact that it is classified as DPS rather than Specialist (which is actually odd if you ask me, but Specialist is a pretty vague term.) My crystal ball says it may have some stealthy features, but may need a Discipline to be a full-fledged Stealther. Or they'll deny him Stealth completely so that Anti-Stealther is a distinct role that does not overlap with Stealther.
  2. You can only launch your EK during testing windows. Check the schedule here.
  3. "Tax free parcels" is still a thing? Which parcels are tax free? Just the ones from the Kickstarter? Or are the Farmlands available in the store right now tax free? Or are there technically two kinds of Farmland?
  4. That doesn't seem to be true. If you leave your EK and then come back the tombstone isn't lootable any more.
  5. This testing feeback thread is in the wrong forum, has the wrong title, and I don't know why its talking about cats.
  6. According to the "Testers" title under your avatar, you have testing access.
  7. EK stuff 1) The "smart connectors" don't always work properly. It seems like certain assets connect with them better than others, but sometimes it seems random. When connecting a tower in such a way that multiple connectors are required, it sometimes only places one of them. Sometimes there is no connector at all. 2) EK Assets sometimes disappear from inventory. I picked up several cottages, and I saw them in inventory, but then they vanished from inventory. 3) Sometimes you can't place an asset even though it looks like you should be able to. If it is intentional, perhaps the invisible objects that are in the way could temporarily be shown so we know how to avoid them? 4) I currently use a Gravestone to trade items in the EK. If I disconnect from the EK the gravestone becomes unlootable. This can be a pain if I crash while transferring things. It would be nice if the chests worked in the EK (for trading, not for farming stuff.) 5) Some EK assets can't be stacked with each other, even though they appear to be exactly the same.
  8. From the description it sounds like you were out of combat mode and got "Dizzy Downed" to death. Do you know how Dizzy Down works?
  9. I don't think there is any reason to suppose that anti-stealth will make stealth completely useless.
  10. Shadowbane started to turn into Roguebane near the end. Not for Banes, but for most of the open world PvP.
  11. That is by design. From the Skills FAQ:
  12. Agreed. Damage should always break stealth.
  13. I'm very excited about this Assassin! Give me the option to take a Master of Greatswords rune on it and I'll fanboy Crowfall forever.