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  1. The newer purposed pip system is far more punishing and tedious. Having to train each node as a non-VIP user is way easier to swallow. Auto-queue for VIP would be a huge perk but not a must have, tho I can honestly say it's something that would entice me to purchase. It's not annonying not having it, but it's a nice QOL selling point for VIPs.
  2. What are the chances we get a UI API so that we can completely mod the UI? Is this even a possibility?
  3. Performance Massive skill delay. Lots of stuttering, latency spikes and fps dips.
  4. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."
  5. This is why we need salvaging. is Sir George the second coming of WilliamTell?
  6. It's not just the tackiness of the sparkles, there's also some performance issues. Might be the reason why I can 50+ fps on BB but I can barely manage to sustain 20 fps on TT.
  7. I think PCM should be removed or the base line should be 0, but that could just be personal bias. I mean if PCM was born out of a necessity to keep ability spam down, I feel like there are other avenues they can explore that would also be more fun. I don't think crafting or combat would suffer if it was removed; quite the opposite actually.
  8. That's the current attention; personally I think that's flawed and a total waste of POIs in general.
  9. POIs like forts, mines, quarries, etc are supposed to be "open" for the taking from my understanding. However I think it would be more interesting to have these "capturable" and owned by guilds that can then set different properties on them. They'd still have to defend them, but by "owning" them they could buy mercenary npc guards (that were supposedly going to be used for strongholds and temples) that will fill in on the off hours so some shmoe just can't walk in and take it. Something akin to POIs in guild wars 2.
  10. Slag advanced weapons/armor from slag might not be a thing come release. In fact, I kinda hope they aren't. If you can just get by with slag weapons it would completely undermine the need for white and above advanced.
  11. I'd rather they just get rid of the basic item sets / tier and replace it with advanced white. Lower the requirements to compensate. The whole basic tier sticks out like a sore thumb to me for some reason. The whole basic / advanced divide should go away IMO.
  12. Perhaps shallow was the wrong word to use. I don't want less intricate crafting, just a faster pace to acquire gear. I feel if RNG failure was reduced or removed this would also go towards speeding it up. Right now it takes what, 7-8 metal bars to craft a weapon? That's a few hours of harvesting (assuming you're cherry picking resource nodes) to craft a weapon that will break in 5-6 deaths. Even longer for one suit of armor and that depends on the resource. If you acquired resources faster (or more easier), obtained gear quicker and lost it quicker you'd still preserve the integrity of harvesters and crafters. The demand would be higher since the tenure of items would be shorter (either because of durability or they're being looted).
  13. You're going to ask me "why compare crowfall to a poorly made socksty tablet game", and the truth is both of these games have A LOT in common. They both revolve heavily around harvesting, crafting and pvp territorial control. Progression is heavily harvesting / crafting based. They have large sprawling progression "skill lines". The core of both games revolve around harvesting and crafting, however albion has a slight edge on crowfall when it comes to this. Obtaining gear in albion is significantly easier in comparison. It only took roughly 10 hours of lax game play to obtain t4. Someone that was more serious could most likely do it even faster. In albion, harvesting and crafting (significantly simpler than crowfall) is actually fun to do, you still have to specialize and itemize to get the full benefit from harvesting, but those that don't aren't banging their head against a wall. Albion has followed the "easy to gain, easy to lose" mindset that I hope crowfall will eventually jump on. Basically if gear is easy to acquire, you should be able to lose it as equally easy; which is the case when it comes to pvp. When you die in pvp, you can potentially lose everything. This keeps the harvest -> craft -> die -> repeat loop alive. Inter-dependency is alive and well in Albion, but it's way more realistic. Progression is also significantly faster, and it's something that felt jarring in comparison to the sluggish pace of crowfall's progression system. I forgot how much I actually enjoy seeing my account / character progress. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in albion, there are things I hope I never see. Like dev's participating in RMT. Things I'd like to see crowfall take away from albion: Faster progression skill line progression. Shallower harvesting, crafting curve. Faster access to gear and FULL LOOT / INVENTORY drop to compensate. Alternatives to harvesting for more combat enthusiastic players; not sure how they'd do this without trivializing crafters. Loot does drop in albion, but it's not often enough to de-emphasize crafters and harvesting.
  14. Good lord, none of that is happening. We're having a candid conversation about a class in a class forum about issues that have persisted for months. No one is asking for immedient changes, we simply discussing a recent talking point that was brought up and our opinions on it. I've played the knight in the recent patch and many of these issues are still present so it's not like they're completely unfounded. You're right tho, the knight doesn't take priority over other matters. It's still A-OK in my book to shine some light on it tho.
  15. You have no idea what you're talking about, but that's okay fella. Daddy izkimar is here to open your eyes and lead you to the promise land. So when you talk about "fixed point objective", a highly subjective term since basically any patch of land could essentially be a "fixed point", you're really trying to say is zone control area-denial. Both of which the templar excels at, among other things. The templar can cut out and dominate areas of the battlefield, protect his allies with divine light while also healing them (turning them into a "fixed objective" of sorts), heal his group with devotion, blind his enemies, knock them down, negate any and all mitigations with holy damage, burst someone down with execute, and has a large assortment of hard CC in the form of censure, #2 and righteous parry. Add discipline to make him even better. The knight's kit is just old. In fact, look at the myrmidon. He get's a lot of what the knight has and does it even better in some cases.