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  1. I disagree. The hilt and blade were not one piece. Look at the Katana. Guns back in the day were metal barrels attached to wooden stocks. Taking them apart was not easy but it could be done.
  2. Deleted a Confessor to make a new Knight, gave the Knight the Same name and when you log in you are the confessor. I did this a few times and even after making 3 new characters and restarting client, if you give the new char the same name as a previous one it will always be the first one you gave the name to. Was getting hit by little explosions when no one was around. It seemed to be from Druid balls that got left behind but couldn't not confirm. AT times I would see nothing on the ground and I would get hit and other times I would see the druid balls. This was also happening to the NPCs, as I could path them into the area where the explosions were happening and they would get hit by them as they walked through. Would it be possible to give knight a shield and rangers arrows to start? I would make it easier to test out powers from the get as at times you get attacked as soon as you log into game. Still had a few crated items disappear on me when hitting take. Beneficial Harvest dobbers only seems to be coming from Metal nodes.
  3. I am sorry if this has been asked before. I did a quick search and did not see anything. It would be nice to be able to disassemble weapons and such after it is completely assembled. As an example, I make a One Handed Rapier. The final requirement is Weapon Hilt and Weapon Blade: Thin to build the final weapon. At the time of making this all I had was Tin ore. The next day I get a shipment of Silver ore and I make a new Weapon Blade: Thin with it. It would be nice to be able to disassemble the Rapier back down to the Hilt and blade and reattach the new blade making a new weapon. There could even be a possibility of destroying the weapon while disassembling it and of course the normal chance to fail while making the new one.
  4. Count me in!
  5. Part of my confusion was I had two different CE versions. I was unsure which one had the Alpha 2 access as you are unable to look up the different CE types to see what they come with. I can confirm I was able to gift the CE version to my friend and he was able to get into the game after accepting it and having the rights from the CE applied to his account. Pann, one thing I think is missing from the FAQ is how to ungift a package. If this is not possible then put in the FAQ that once it is gifted there is not turning back? I purchased a Contributor package for a friend a year ago and he is yet to accept it. Can I undo this and give it to someone else? LOL, it was a birthday gift and a damn good one too if you ask me!
  6. The dust dobber does not appear on the screen when hitting resource nodes. I can pick it up but I can not see it. When looting NPCs it appears on the corps. (This only appeared to be happening on my work PC, when on home they showed up as normal.) Crafted items will sometimes not appear in your inventory after hitting Take. Beneficial resource only seems to happen with Ore nodes. Boar pathed into Tree and got stuck while I was fighting it. Edit 1 - Chat in the chat box is locked so I keep having to scroll down to see any new text. After logging out of game to character selection screen, I was unable to skill tree window. I did go into it before I logged in with no problems. Edit 2 - Was able to group with a friend last night and test more of the combat and grouping. We both had issues with the timers on power freezing and not counting down. Using the power again once it was available did seem to fix it for us. I tried to log out when I get jumped one time to save my resources but died right before I was able to get out of game. When I got back in my weapon, shield, and inventory were gone and all my gold level gathering runes were red. My Hammer and axe broke immediately on use. I did not get a chance to use the axe or knife. I do not know if the players that killed me were able to loot me or not. When I got back in the game I was at full health and right where I died. When grouped I logged out and back in again to see if it would fix my countdown timers. When I got back in I was no longer grouped but my friend said I still showed up as grouped on his screen. We were both red to each other. We had to log out and restart the client to fix.
  7. Thanks for the info. It was more of an account question which is why I wasn't sure where to ask. Can it be moved to the other section? I e-mailed them for clarification either way.
  8. How do I gift the Physical Collectors Edition to a friend so that they can use the Alpha 2 access from it?
  9. Oh ya, I was mining a copper node and a boulder spawned on my head.... I had totally forgotten about that. I had to move to the other side of the boulder to get to the copper node. Once I was done with the copper node I got my hammer out to do the boulder and it just disappeared. Edit - Oh and at times the dobbers from metal nodes would be lost under the stone nodes around them.
  10. I currently have 2 characters stuck at this point and unable to make any more items. Tried everything mentioned above and the following. Changing the items name to something else does not correct it. Dragging the item from the crafting window and dropping it into inventory, instead of hitting take, does not correct it. One thing I have not tried is dying to see if that will work. If I get another char with some non-valuable items in inventory I will try this and update. Edit - I now have 4 characters with this bug and can confirm that it does not fix on death.
  11. Crafting items and not getting them in inventory when you hit take or try and drag and drop them into inventory. I seemed to be a but random as it happened but just now I had it happen 4 times in a row. Once with a barrel for the pistol and then with 3 potions. Now everytime I hit the take button the screen pops back to the combine screen with no slots to drop anything in. If you hit combine again it will go through the motions but as soon as you get back to the take button screen it does the same thing and you are stuck in a loop. Edit - I just tried to make a great axe head and lost all 4 of the ore. Maybe it has something to do with using mixed bars to make it? I will have to test it out more later after I can gather more ore.
  12. I had issues with inventory slots becoming unusable. The slot would loose the outline and you could not put anything in it. I had crafted items disappear after creating them. I would hit the take button and it would just go away. Not sure if this had anything to do with the missing inventory slots or not. It is really hard to test out crafting when there is no way to know who or what is around you while crafting. I was killed twice while crafting. Would be nice if there was a safe place to go to craft, or if you had a minimap that showed if anyone was around you while in the crafting window. I have been waiting for this part of the game and I must say I am getting excited!!
  13. I thought Friendly fire was only going to be enabled in a few of the Campaigns like the Dregs. God's Reach was not going to have friendly fire unless I am mistaken.
  14. There seemed to be a bunch missing or changed in the latest release. A bunch even seem to be repeated on their list so I am sure it is ever changing. Crafting: Armor Smithing Basics Blacksmithing Basic Blacksmithing Research Crafting Basics Enchanting Basics Jewelcrafting Basics Leatherworking Basics Merchant Basic Refining Conversion Refining Recipes Runemaking Basics Salvage Basics Salvage Competency Salvage Familiarity Stonemasonry Basics Tailoring Basic Weapon Smithing Basics Woodworking Basic Armor Research: Recipes Artistry: Craft Back Artistry: Quality Crafts Artistry: Crafting Skills / Basic Recipes Artistry: Crafting Speed Blacksmithing: Thralls Blacksmithing Production: Blacksmithing Blacksmithing Production: Blacksmithing Thrall Blacksmithing Production: Enhanced Durability Blacksmithing Production: Repair items Blacksmithing Mastery: Blacksmithing Business: Better Thralls Business: Better Vendor Thralls Business: Reduced Rent Crafting Basics Mastery: Simple Craft Design: Craft Back Design: Crafting Speed Design: Crafting skills / Basic Recipes Design: Quality Crafts Engineering: Craft Back Engineering: Crafting Skills/ Basic Recipes Engineering: Crafting Speed Engineering: Quality Crafts Improved Artistry: Crafting Skills Improved Business: Vendor Thralls Improved Design: Crafting Skills Improved Engineering: Crafting Skills Refining Research: Recipes Weapon Research: Recipes Magic: Necromancy Basic Arcane Weapon Basic: Cooldown Arcane Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Arcane Weapon Basic: Minimum Weapon Damage Arcane Weapon Basic: Power Cooldown Melee Armor: Shield Proficiency Defense Armor Class Defense Blind Defense Knockdown Defense Root Defense Stun Armor Basics: Armor Class Armor Basics Mastery: Armor Class Leather Basics: Protections in Underwear Leather Basics Mastery: Armor Class Leather Elemental Basics: Armor Electric Leather Elemental Basics: Armor Ice Leather Elemental Basics: Elemental Leather Physical Basics: Armor Crushing Leather Physical Basics: Armor Piercing Leather Physical Basics: Armor Slashing Leather Protection Basics: Physical Mail Basics Mastery: Armor Class Mail Physical Basics: Armor Crushing Mail Physical Basics: Armor Slashing Mail Protection Basics: Armor Slashing Mail Protection Basics: Elemental Mail Protection Basics: Physical Mail Protection Basics: Underwear Plate Basic Mastery: Armor Class Plate Basic: Protection in Underwear Plate Elemental Basics: Armor Electric Plate Elemental Basics: Armor Fire Plate Elemental Basics: Armor Ice Plate Physical Basic: Armor Crushing Plate Physical Basic: Armor Fire Plate Physical Basic: Armor Piercing Plate Physical Basic: Armor Slashing Plate Physical Basic: Physical Plate Protection Basic: Elemental Resilience: Increased Mass Melee Weapon: Bow Proficiency Combat Principles Combat Tactics Dagger Proficiency Dirty Fighting Dual Wield One Handed Axe Proficiency One Handed Mace Proficiency One Handed Sword Proficiency One Handed Weapon Proficiency Poleaxe Proficiency Spear Proficiency Staff Proficiency Throwing Axe Proficiency Two Handed Axe Proficiency Two Handed Mace Proficiency Two Handed Sword Proficiency Two Handed Weapon Proficiency Unarmed Proficiency Aggression Weapon Damage Offense: Blind Offense: Control Offense: Knockdown Offense: Root Offense: Slam Strategy: Max Stamina Strategy: Max Health Strategy: Max Resource Strategy: Pools Tactics: Attack Power Tactics: Critical Hit Chance Tactics: Critical Hit Damage Tactics: Weapon Damage One Handed Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance One Handed Weapon Basic: Minimum Weapon Damage (I am guessing) One Handed Weapon Basic: Power Cooldown Melee weapon Basic: Attack Power Melee weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Melee weapon Basic: Weapon Decay Melee weapon Basic: Weapon Effi9ciency Two Handed Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Two Handed Weapon Basic: Power Cooldown Two Handed Weapon Basic: Minimum Damage Weapon Basic: Attack Power Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Damage Weapon Basic: Maximum Weapon Damage Weapon Basic Mastery: Weapon Damage Melee Ranged: Crossbow Proficiency Pistol Proficiency Throwing Dagger Proficiency Throwing Hammer Proficiency Archery Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Archery Weapon Basic: Minimum Weapon Damage Archery Weapon Basic: Power Cooldown Ranged Weapon Basic: Attack Power Ranged Weapon Basic: Critical Hit Chance Ranged Weaponry Basics: Weapon Decay Ranged Weapon Basic: Weapon Efficiency
  15. Well, I am crashing a lot tonight. Not sure why, this is the first time it has happened. What logs do I send to support again?