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31 minutes ago, Vectious said:

I always try and look outside my box of preference. 

Its not about what i like doing or dislike doing, its how others will see the game and what they are willing to do. 

You cant look at it like "well i like it so theres no issue".

I have done gathering in tons of games, i actually really enjoyed it in Conan Exiles, in Crowfall i cant stand it. Theres to much repetitive work involved to enjoy it. And this isint even going in to the issue that i can only beat on slate effectively. Let alone wood/leather/ore. 


And yes, i do get tired of fighting. Theres a point of diminishing returns on any one thing, if you do it enough. That is human nature. And thats the issue, if the game wont let me change up my game play until months go by, i will stop playing. Its as simple as that. So people bypass this restriction with alt accounts. Thats what new players will be up against. 

Other games, in my 'off' time of events or grouping up with guildies and friends i would spend -hours- gathering resources to fuel other aspects of the game.  While it may not of been a constant enjoyment it at least broke up the gameplay so im not always doing the exact same thing. Again, this is the core issue, i dont want to do everything, i just dont want to do a single thing. 


The passives do help, however, they are basically a jumper around the core development behind the entire skill system. It sorta bypasses the root of the issue instead of addressing it. BUT i will say, i am glad they addressed the issue even a little, it shows they at least identify it as a problem.

I see.

I agree the gathering mechanic is really boring right now but since i plan to be a skinner just for the hunt and not the gathering i kinda can avoid that. It is way more entertaining to fight Mobs than search for rocks.

I also think bored crafters/gatherers will have a easier time than bored fighters since getting in a party and getting some PvP is easy enough. Even though we may have a little disvantage.

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