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For the past Year, we in Caldera had a great time exploring this developing game and playing together with all of you in the European Crowfall community.

We saw cold-blooded ambushes, desperate chases and nerve-wracking skirmishes, but we are longing for the great battles that we expect in the game’s future.

So we had an idea...


Welcome to The Caldera Colosseum


Imagine what we can do together! Imagine 30 Players fighting at the same time in the same place. Together we can make that happen, and more!
So, this is the plan.

Everyone who is interested in picking up the gauntlet, to join us on this nerve wrecking event:

  • Show up on the EU Server on the 24th of June, at 21:00 CEST

  • Connect to the Discord server here (https://discord.gg/ywMNHKB)

  • Bring your own equipment

We will assign guilds and groups into teams as evenly as possible, and fill them up with unaffiliated players and Caldera members. Then we fight. 

Not for glory, not for a prize, but for the pleasure of experiencing a glimpse of what this game is going to be.


One evening of fun, fights, victories and losses is nice.

But why stop there? If this works out, and you guys like it, we will continue doing these between campaigns!


So what do you say?

Will you answer the call?

Event info

Team forming:
First we will all meet on the Colosseum voice channel, on discord. Here we will introduce and explain the event.
Then we form teams.
You will be asked to choose one role: Tank, Melee dps, Ranged dps or Healer.

We will have set up individual voice channels for these 4 roles, and you are asked to jump into the channel that fits what you will play in the event.
Hereafter a moderator will come into the voice channels and tell each person which team they are joining - so you know which faction you will have to choose.

First phase:
Each team will have some time to organize their groups. Then fighting starts, we start out with zerg-style combat, every teammember in their team voicechannel, with an army commander giving commands.
We will do several fights in this phase.

Second phase:
In the second part of the event, things get a little more social and interesting.
We will make 5-man groups out of the teams, and assign group leaders to each group. These group leaders will lead their groups in combat, and you are a lot more free to talk during combat, since each group will be in their own voice channel.
We will do fights in this phase till the event is over.

We will have a fresh bloodbath faction server for the event, so DO NOT PICK A FACTION before the event starts! Thank you!

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Q: What are the rules?

A:  Do not fight the other team before the actual battle starts.
Do not loot killed enemies. It's hard to enforce this rule, so make sure you don't have anything worth looting in your inventory.
Do not re-enter combat after you die. Stay in Crow form or at the temples and wait till the battle is done.


Q: Can I use my advanced Equipment?

A: Yes, you may use any equipment you have. Keep in mind you might die multiple times, so make sure to not use anything you don't want to lose.


Q: What server will we play on exactly?

A: We will take what we get. The plan is to use EU Bloodbath if we get it, but we might have to work with Corruption.


Q: How will the teams be determined?

A: That depends on the server to some extent. In an ideal world we would have a fresh server, so we can freely assign people to factions.

Realistically most will already be locked into factions, so we will look at who is where, then balance out with guilds and groups that are not locked into a faction, and then fill up with solo players who are not locked.

Q: When is the event again?

A: Look here: http://bit.ly/2rKDU6I

Q: Will the event be livestreamed?

A: Yes! We will have a livestream running from the Caldera guild (https://www.twitch.tv/calderaeu), everyone else is welcome to livestream too.

More questions? Join us on Discord!


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11 minutes ago, Yumx said:

So what do you say?

I say you should have called it 'The Big Half-Xmas Battle'. I mean 24.6., come on. (addit slogan: we have half-elves, we have half-giants and now it's time to have half-xmas, too - enlist now in the festival of war!)

Anyway, nice idea. Good luck, have fun. Might visit to capture you all ... on video. ;)

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To all those in the EU Community!


  • If you've been on the receiving end of Zarakis fireballs... Grab this moment!  Get your ticket and join the mayhem!  Don't miss this chance for payback!
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So who are we looking for?

  • Young
  • Old
  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Experience
  • Beginner
  • Crafter
  • Harvester
  • Fighter

It doesn't matter. 

All that matters is that you wan't to experience what Crowfall might be like when large fights break out.  So what's to come? 

  • We really don't know, but lets get a glimse together.....
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2 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

If possible upload the fight on youtube. Twitch sucks...

You can try to multistream it on both, no idea how to do it but i know it is possible.

We can upload VoDs from twitch to youtube, so we'll do that, thanks!

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See this as a chance to play and learn from some of the best pvp'ers currently in the game!

Everyone is welcome - Join the discord and say hi!

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