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Hey everyone!

I'm MetalGERE, one of the Rage Bros! 

We're a dual stream that does things a little differently! We use the same video and audio of us talking on stream (Except for music!) and broadcast different gameplay perspectives for you to watch! We use a split stream link that allows you to watch and comment on both streams at the same time!

Monday through Friday: 4 pm central (This will be updated as it changes over time).
Weekends: More weekend streams soonTM.

Here are the links if you're interested!

(Dual stream link)

We're looking to help grow the community along with our Guild (Rage Machine). It's important for us to get to know the players, new and old! Stop by and say hello!



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It's amazing and surprising how people who have been streaming the game for a month and a half almost every weekday don't get a shout out but some person who brings who gets fewer views gets one in the news letter. Questionable choice of streamer showcasing. 

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