I do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel

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I think remove hold F is a requirement, just so you can socialize.  Maybe leave it the same otherwise, just you can type or whatever while you're mining.  Increase the maximum damage to 25 so great picks can wreck nodes.  If necessary increase either the base +skill on toolstones or the +skill from skill nodes so that a solid blue-quality pick can bring you down to like 8 swings per rank 7 node.  Really let us blow them away.

Then, imo, go all-in on gathering disciplines.  Let's get pick/hammer/axe weapon disciplines that add harvesting abilities that let you stay in combat and in motion if you want, toggling on a free-motion harvest but putting you into combat.  Let's get major disciplines that change destruction levels to 80/60/40/20 instead of 75/50/25, or a major that gives you a bar action that lets you upgrade a small node to a higher rank.  Let's get a major that gives us a soul power ability that gains soul when you harvest & is an AOE insta-miner, doobers flying everywhere.  Let's see some really crazy poorly made socks.

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