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Status: No Guild


Region: NA (East)
Play-Style: Active PvP, but also usually end up focusing on crafting and logistics. As the game is pre-alpha I can't really say what type of combat role is most appealing.
Casual/Hardcore?: Low playtime, max would be long sessions on the weekend and a few hours a weeknight, but realistically would do a small fraction of that unless something particularly important is going on. When I play I'm very hardcore and play to win.
When I’m going to start playing: Have test access, would play if there was something for me to do.
Experience: BC-era WoW, played a ton, did the gladiator thing for season 1, fancy raid guild, etc. More recently have been playing Eve for the last five years, all with the same corp. Recently has been low-class wormhole PvP. I have too many accounts and have done too many dumb things, like design a comp and fly it in the alliance tournament while 7 months old.

What I want in a guild
I'm trying to avoid a group that is just a disorganized mass of people. Good organization pleases me a great deal. 
Atmosphere: One of my main requirements is that the group be classy, and not any of the negative internet stereotypes of people posting racist memes all the time. On this front ideal would be something like the group I play with in Eve: If you look at this and go "eew sjws" we are not a match.
Size: Big enough to make a major impact and win campaigns. Small enough that it stays organized and doesn't have internal drama. 
Campaign Preference: The most hardcore thing they have that isn't perma-death. I died on a test campaign and didn't lose all my gear. This upset me.
Services: I'm used to Eve levels of out of game services, with large numbers of external tools to keep things organized, theory-crafted, and running smoothly. Crowfall is obviously new and different, but I'd want an ideal guild to value setting this sort of stuff up and developing it in-house when required. I've also found an active text chat out of game to be great, so a healthy irc, slack, or discord would be great.

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Status: No Guild


  • Region: EU / Poland
  • Atmosphere: I`m looking for organised entity. But i dont want to be another number in guild. I want to be part of the "team" have relaxing and funny times, but also i expect to get proper focus and expect people to know their roles and stuff when something bad happens. I dont mind being in large guild if it works like that. I`m not looking for youngsters type of guild. I dont evaluate people by age but most teenagers are dont fit me. ( i know i know i was one too :) ) So if possible 20-25+ is what im looking for.
  • Leadership: Here is the thing. I need leader/guild that actually talk with its members and consider their opinion. I dont need democracy or something but simply if there is something wrong that bothers most of the guild i expect leaders to come and talk with us in dialogue instead of giving us middle finger and going for personal agenda. Everyone should have a good and fun time!
  • Size: mid-large one? I simply expect to have fun and possibility to chat about game and learning about it atm.
  • Play-Style: Hard to decide. I`m more interested in some kind of mix of supporting/scouting/ambushing/small scale pvp thingy. Cant choose what exactly i`ll do. I dont mind being part of some big 100+ siege battle from time to time but i prefer small scale warfare ( guerilla style ) with controling POI`s, defending/attacking caravans, some mercanary stuff. Didnt choose chars yet but i like design and concept of duelist, druid, ranger ... maybe others.
  • Commitment: I`m if i can name it like that, a casual hardcore. As i have own bussiness, home, family then also i have duties as father, boss etc. I love playing games but real life always comes first. Usually i play arround 1,5-2,5h per day @ evenings and maybe a bit more at @weekends but i no longer have ~20years and cant spent endless hours in front of the monitor playing wow/eve or something else.
  • Miscellaneous: I`m playing cpu games for a long time. I like MMO`s so i`ve played some of them. WoW ( vanilla - wotlk ), EVE (beta-launch-2007), AoC, Tera, Warhammer Online, GW2 ... and few others. I was a guild leader. I was a semipro. I was a grunt and grey member. I was an officer. I know the drill and have big experience with games, leading and be in a guild etc. I`m type of player that mostly learns things from own experience and mistakes ( best way imo ) so usually i dont need to be "protected" and you dont need to keep my hand. Also im a fast learner so if i dont know something you can expect that in next mission/raid/fight i`ll be prepared/know what to do if i wasnt first time.


Sorry for my poor english. I dont use it too much and definatly its easier for me to read and write, but with some practice i`ll easly understand more and speak more. I wasnt in english guild/clan/corp/whatever for a looooong time ( 8+ years ) so simply if i dont use english on daily basis i get rusty.

I have access to playtests ( well had it since begining ), but till now i didnt had time to focus on proper testing. Now i want to explore new stuff and mechanics and im looking for nice people to speak off, play some together and do first steps.

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  • Region: Eastern US
  • Atmosphere: I can fit in with any atmosphere
  • Casual/Hardcore?:A mix of both
  • Size: Any size just a consistent group
  • Play-Style: Tank/dps
  • Commitment: I'll play on the beta week ends and when the game fully releases
  • Miscellaneous: N/A


  • I've played most of the mmos you could think of, WoW to wildstar
  • Played pally tank in WoW and want to continue that with the Templar in crowfall


Voice-Chat services:

  • Anything Discord, Teamspeak, you name it i have it
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  • Guild Status: Recruited by Sugoi
  • Region: Eastern US
  • Personality: Easy going, gets stuff done
  • Time? I play evenings, 7-12pm most nights
  • Play-style: PvP or PvE
  • Commitment: I am dedicated to a guild who works as a team and has smart, organized leaders and officers.


  • I have years of experience in an officer position as Raid Leader in WoW, from Burning Crusade through the current expansion. I have also spent quite a lot of time as a World vs. World commander in Guild Wars 2 in the toughest WvWvW battlegroups.  

What I'm looking for:

I am looking for a leadership position in a guild in Crowfall, and am very interested in running a trade-hub sort of eternal kingdom.  I wish to make it a place that receives high traffic from the player-base.  If there is a guild out there in need of such a person, let me know.

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CURRENTLY: Trialling with a Guild for membership.
Guild criteria:  Active Testing.
Region: UK (EU) for optimum ping, but capable of playing on US based servers.
Atmosphere: Looking for a guild with a relaxed atmosphere but with focus and purpose.  A good sense of fun and camaraderie and not whining and back stabbing!    Players that want to make the Guild a success and not in it purely for themselves.
Leadership: Crucial  for the Leaders and Officers to communicate often with members and whilst being prepared to  listens to valid concerns, be able to take fair and reasonable action if necessary.   Leading by example I believe encourages Guild members to strive to make the Guild better, happier and just more Fun; as well as attracting more players if needed to grow the Guild size.   
Size: Numbers will probably matter in CF, but I'm not overly concerned over the eventually size of the Guild.  As per Leadership above, it takes special people to lead and nurture a Guild.  I do like an active Guild where members want to band together  regardless of who members are and doesn't become cliques of groups with groups leaving other members ignored and left adrift.  So yeah, doing stuff together for Fun is a must.
Play-Style: Helping Guild members and developing the Guild.  My first online game was UO, on dial-up modem :) where I played a smith named Oya (sadly I couldn't use the name in CF so going by the name Oyaban).   I just have the one account at the moment, but considering purchasing at least another account to use for a pure crafter.   I have pvp'd in many MMORPGs as well as Quake etc styled games.    At the moment I'm just testing as best as I can solo, gathering mats when I can and engaging in fights vs. would be gankers.   Guild and Guild members come first for me, offering my crafting services for free as well as providing mats if available; passing on knowledge as well as helping new members time permitting.
Commitment: At the moment I spend a lot of time, when the campaigns are down, getting familiar with the various classes, disciplines etc as well  as crafting basic gear to use for EK sparring or when the campaigns come online.   Generally I'm on throughout the day, maybe a few hours in the evening as I need to cook/wash up etc as well as sleep :) I do try and make Guild events as often as I can, but Life and timings just don't always go hand in hand, but if I agree to attend I will unless the Internet goes down or I've died :)
Miscellaneous:  Married, with two children who thankfully are grown up enough to being able to do their own things.  My dog, a female King Charles Cavalier however is a different matter!  She goes mental when I'm chatting using voice, during the daytime, so I generally don't chat a lot and may go afk for dog duties.  During the evenings, after dinner chores I'm able to chat a Lot more!  Gaming experience of MMORPGS as well as PC single player stuff covers decades, starting with UO, then in no particular order EQ, DAoC, AC2, EQ2, LotRO, ESO, GW1&2, BDO, Elite Dangerous, SotA (testing as still in development) and loads of others so I've either played it or beta tested it.  Pretty much an easy going, relaxed person; into SciFi, thrillers and action stuff (books and films).   Music wise, anything but Rap and Jazz :)
Voice-Chat services: If it can run on Windows then I can use it; push to talk unless you want to hear my dog wondering who the heck I'm talking to! 

Please PM if you have any further questions; thank you for reading!
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Krang here looking for options.  Old skool MMO player looking for a good home.  Have played with many of the larger guilds throughout the years, but looking for something different this time around.  Hate zergs, love mid sized organized groups that prefer a challenge.  

  • Region:  NA-E
  • Atmosphere: Need a group with a clear set of goals and structure.  Mature please (leave memes at the door).
  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Depends on the week
  • Size: Mid sized
  • Play-Style: PvP focused with a side of crafting.  I don't shy away from full loot.  Bring it on.
  • Commitment: Depends on the week.
  • Miscellaneous:  Married with a single child.  Work my ass off, and then veg out on games when I can.  Like long walks on the beach, and scalping people.


- The love doctor

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: N/A West (Canada)
  • Atmosphere: Good group of people who are fun and have a clear set of goals and are organized (Organization is big for me)
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Depends on the time of the year, i play a heck ton more in the colder months
  • Size: Mid to Large
  • Play-Style: PVE is my strong suite, but i do like PVP as of late. Not much of a crafter but i'm willing to learn. Going to roll a tank but i know how to DPS.
  • Commitment: Free most evenings and normally all weekend long
  • Miscellaneous: Newer to the MMO community but i've been gaming out since i was first given a PC since i was 10. (25 y/o now) 

I'm overall just looking for a solid group of people who can have fun while also competing. Prefer to roll a tank but will swap to a DPS if preferred. I'm pretty loyal as long as there isn't much drama. Also i may need some help off the start but i'm a pretty quick learner :)


  • SWTOR: i played this for more hours then i can count sadly. Raid lead for multiple teams and was in the best PVE guild for the last two expansions
  • ESO: Casually played in my spare time but enjoy it still to this day


Voice-Chat services:

  • I probably have most of them, if i don't, ill download it.
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 Hello CF community i have been following this games development for some time now and i have finally join the alpha tests.

 On that note i am looking for a guild im new but am a quick learner 

  ING: blacksun145

 Class: i haven't figured out what class to main yet but i am open to maining any thing needed but am more comfortable with  tank class 

 Time Zone: I play in EDT  time zone

 Exp: my mmo experience  is heavily from wow and some swtor  while dipping my hand into other mmos such as eve, dragons nest , rift   

 Focus: i main a prot pally in wow[heroic raider]  i usually play tank classes but am willing to learn any thing 

 Voice: im mostly on discord  username {crazyemo}

what im looking for in a guild: is a med-large established guild with  chill environment  with good people who want to win and have fun while doing it  and dont mind helping out while i learn the ropes 

what i can bring to a guild: good bants and  dedication to the guild  and all my tank experiences and mmo experince in general 

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Guild criteria:

  • Region:  MST

  • Atmosphere: Mature

  • Casual/Hardcore?:  Medium

  • Size: Medium to Large

  • Play-Style:  Crafter / Gatherer. I like to PVP too, but hasn't been a focus lately. Crowfall may change that.

  • Commitment: Probaly 25-30 hours a week

  • Miscellaneous: Easy going, older player. I like to try out many aspect of the game, but would meet any guild needs first.


  • LineageII 1-2 years

  • LOTRO on and off 10 years

  • BDO 1.5 years. Still playing.


Voice-Chat services:

  • Whatever is needed, currently use discord mostly.

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Username: Khote

Region: PST

Atmosphere: Looking for a guild that enjoys smaller scale/organized and outnumbered fights. Want to be very PvP and fight minded with lots of shenanigans too! Essentially I just want to kick ass in a smaller group environment.

Playstyle: Roaming/small scale classes with lots of mobility. Love to PvP and PvP only

Commitment: High!!!!!

Size: Small to Medium

Casual/Hardcore: Would like a good mix!


Gw2 Three years- highly competitive WvW scene

BDO 1 year

Archeage 1 year

Voice Chat: Anything that is needed

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Greetings fellow Crowfall-Players,

i decided to buy the game today. I love to be part of a team / guild and so i like to be recruited.

About me:

Usename: Rasakka

Region: EU / Germany

Age: 25

Race//Class: Minotaur or Centaur // Dont know atm

Experience: Playing MMORPS half of my life in small and big guilds, as a leader, normal member or officer.

Orientation: I want to be a fighter, maybe as a guard in a tradeguild , a mercenary group or just a soldier in a guild.

Looking for: An organized german or eu guild, small - large size, who sstand together in good and hard times.


I´m looking forward to talk with you. :)

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: EU - CET / also open to US East since I am playing from late on, so if there is a guild starting around 5 pm on the east cost, it would be possible. :)
  • Atmosphere: 25+, a simple, not to serious, friendly and organized community.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-Hardcore
  • Size: small to medium.  
  • Play-Style: Used to play mostly melee characters in other mmorpgs, but not decided yet what it will be here. Probably more crafter than gatherer (also undecided). I always want to get the maximum out of my character. Don't like to switch characters and I am mostly very dedicated to one. I really enjoy challenges and competitions.
  • Commitment: I am working in a hotel which means that I have switching shifts. In most cases I will know about mid month how I work the next month. Usually from 12.30 to 22.00 o'clock. Next to that I am playing 4-5 hours on work days and up to 14 hours on non-work days.
  • Miscellaneous:  29 years old. Born and raised in Switzerland with german parents. I am speaking english, german and French fluently. So I am open for guilds of those 3 languages priorizing the order I mentionend (EN,DE,FR).
  • Experience: WOW (400 days), GW2 (150 days), SWTOR (50 days), GW (30 days), Overwatch, LOL, HOTS, Hearthstone. I am skipping the whole AoE and EE stuff I played as a kid and also the whole PS4 stuff I am still playing.
  • Voice-Chat services: whatever is needed.

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Status: Guilded


I live in NA-West, but am open to NA-East as well.


I think a guy above said it best: relaxed but with focus and drive.  A focus on progressing the guild as a whole vs the individuals is key.  Good social atmosphere and camaraderie really makes a guild for me (I have 20+ year friends from previous guilds/games).  Maturity a must, not looking for constant drama, memes, or random racist flaming.


Strong communication, mature, active, engaged leadership.  A good leader/team can really make or break a guild.  The ability to effectively communicate, especially during disputes, make decisions and take decisive action.  Even more than with the guild members, the focus should be for the betterment of the guild, not the individual.


This is a really tough question to answer without really having played a whole lot.  Definitely not looking for a zerg.  From past experience too big just ends up being very cliquey (I actually really liked the guild/nation system in Shadowbane).  I typically prefer a smaller tight knit guild and group of people, but size isn’t as important as community.  I’ve been in guilds where there are 50+ people online and nobody responds to a question or “Hello!”. Not looking to replicate that environment.  It would be safe to say that I would like to get to know at minimum 75+% of the guild.


Somewhere in the middle of casual and hardcore… I am pretty serious about games, but my time is more limited.   If I had the time I did when I was a teenager, I am sure I would be hardcore through and through.  

For Crowfall I am pretty sure I am going Crafter focused.  It has been a while since I’ve MMO’d, but in the past I always found gathering/crafting very therapeutic.  In the past I have enjoyed the social aspect of crafting and building a name for myself as a respected crafter.


On most weekday afternoon/evenigns for at least a couple of hours, sometimes the whole evening.  Weekends go in and out depending on other life activities.


34 Years Old, been PC Gaming since the beginning (commodore64 baby)… but in keeping relevant info…started the MMO career in Ultima Online, WoW (Consistently from Beta-BC, then in and out until Pandas), Shadowbane, WoW, SWTOR, FFXIV.  Recently my game/drug of choice has been DOTA 2 (4816 hours played, yikes!)

Voice-Chat services:

Prefer discord...but able to use the usuals: Mumble, Vent, Skype(if I have too), Roger Wilco(haha, just kidding)


If you want to know anything in specific PM away!



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Hello all.  

I'm a 44 year old man that has been playing mmorpg since shadowbane.  I live in eastern time zone and am a casual player.  I work mostly days so my plat time is evenings.  Looking forward to joining a guild and playing this game.  Hook me up please.

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Looking for a guild to call home!  I am looking for members with a sense of humor and a guild that doesnt accept drama as part of the norm.  I am VERY new to Crowfall but looking forward to something new!

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Guild criteria:

  • Region: PST, Western Canada
  • Atmosphere: A goal oriented community with structured hierarchy based on merit and dedication, that also understands that RL is ultimately a priority. Strong Leaders willing to maintain an ordered, productive, drama free environment.
  • Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-Hardcore -> Hardcore
  • Size: Any. As long as it is properly organized and maintained, preference to medium or large  
  • Play-Style: Happy to take any roll the guild needs, preference to Tanking and Support Rolls (Would like my main to be a Stoneborn Cleric Weaponsmith).                     Economy specialist. Building a competitive economic force requires a structure to support and protect it. Willing and eager to take a leadership position in regards to resource management, collection, allocation, ect. I want to make the most renown weaponsmith in Crowfall.
  • Commitment: I take 15 credit semesters in university and manage an apartment building. When I am not in-class, completing assignments, working the building, playing D&D four times a month, or sleeping, I plan on playing this game. I will be VIPing my main and up to two alt accounts (one gatherer focus, the other exploration focused) once the soft launch and guaranteed skill retention is in place. I also have a Fiance who may play with us and who I do have to dedicate some time too outside of the game. She will not be playing until release.
  • Miscellaneous:  26 years old. Born and raised in Canada. I speak English, a smattering of French and will be taking university level German for two semesters starting in September. I will be looking for a English primary guild. Education: 2 courses to completion of a Bachelor of Computing Science and 3 semesters from completing a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in HIstory focusing in Ancient & Medieval Warfare & Politics and a Minor in Creative Writing.
  • Experience: Eve 7+ years on and off (character has the same user name if you want to look her up), GW2, Age of Conan, Ragnarrok, LOTRO, Secret World, Realm of the Mad God, ARK, Dayz, and more. Just bought into this game yesterday and will be playing during the entire testing period starting tomorrow.
  • Voice-Chat services: Preference to well organized Teamspeak3 server with proper permissions and structure but will use whatever is needed.


I look forward to winning some campaigns with you, feel free to PM me any questions.

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