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  2. You only need one person (at most) to run foreman. Whoever has the best chance of getting gems and minerals, let that person run connoisseur and villein and the other person run foreman and villein.
  3. Well, I think you already got your answer, but the simples one is: There is not a point in winning, even in the real world, the true satisfaction lies within the experience.
  4. The vessel you get from normal character creation is common quality, not legendary. A crafted vessel is a lot better, even a green one.
  5. I really like to be a champion, got a lot of HP, heals, jump a lot... And of course: BEYBLAAAAADE
  6. This. As a team becomes dominant in a campaign, it should be *harder* for them to become more dominant, not easier. Holding all the keeps & forts should result in the winning team spending most of their time running around just maintaining their holdings, while the loosing team with few or no holds to maintain can spend their time farming for loot & resources to build up and hopefully offer a challenge.
  7. Would accomplish the same thing, but I’m pretty sure they wanna test keep sieges still.
  8. When I look at my character, it already have a legendary vessels. Is there any point, currently, to craft Vessels in pre-alpha on a Min/Max perspective, except to try the profession?
  9. yes you are right. people need a small goall as well i didnt mention that cos i thought its obviouse with mmo, but i guess the golden middle is to have mixed them park and sandbox. cos im seek of wow type of games for reasons you ve mantioned and sandbox for having no goals at all, so mixter could be something like disign where you set your own goals but with wider possiblities, cos sandbox has also own goals its and illution that they dont have goals, for example ultimate goal can be richest player or best crafter or most dominant guild or best in arena, but those are goals without ultimate goal. in real world market money all are the same from first look but in fact all money have idea behind them, so when mmo give you goal to become rich for sake of being just rich and walk around a city like an idiot telling everyone - look at me im richest, its so childish, o nreal market all money have idea behind them. stongest army have idea behind them and they proyect idea not just people or houses or president. the image.
  10. Correct, crafting souls into a combat or harvest disc will always yield a blue disc. You can then take 5 of those to make an epic, and 5 of those for legendary. No skills are required, and experimentation is irrelevant. You can fail every assembly for every sub component and the final combne and still get exactly what you're looking for. Or you can use gold to buy 25/125/625 of the common discs from a vendor and merge those into blue/purple/orange respectively.
  11. You are mistaking posts. That one was called "What's the point of whining?"
  12. Right now there is a HUGE piece missing, which will be missing until after the wipes stop happening. EK persistence. Right now the rewards are cosmetic trinkets, and things we can use in the only place that currently matters, the campaign world. There is a whole "get stuff from campaigns for your EK" loop still missing, partly because nobody is going to put in the time making buildings that get wiped, and partly because ACE has given everyone a big enough kit and sample parcels and houses that there is no need to do that yet, and partly because the economy is on a never ending sea-saw while ACE tries to build systems and keeps dramatically shifting economic balance. Bottom line, its still a pre-alpha TEST and systems that support the kind of thing you seem to be looking for, have not been built or addressed, because trying to do so early would be like trying to build a house roof down, rather than ground up.
  13. Today
  14. I understand what you mean. The first MMO I ever played was Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). 16 years later, after I played and tried a lot of MMOs, SWG is still the best experience / fun I had in a MMO. For me, as I look back at all the experiences I had in the different MMOs, I found that what I enjoy the most is the journey, not the destination. For example, World of Warcraft, you rush the content to be ready to clear the last raid. The community and the culture around WOW is about clearing the last raid / boss. That's why there is a race, after every patches, to know who will be the first to clear the raid. I don't know what are the numbers, but when you look the streaming of the guild Method for the first mythic clear of each new raid, it's event every time. What I found with SWG and Crowfall, because there is no "ultimate objective" telling you that you have cleared the game, the importance is more about the journey that then end. Let's make a comparaison with real life. I enjoy reading the stories of success people, entrepreneur and business man/woman. One thing common with most of the success stories is that they all started by setting a basic goal. Let's say, gain $1 million. But what happen when you reach the goal, you set a second goal. Gain $2 million. And you repeat the process, again and again. For those who are been successful for a long time, when they talk about how they got where they are, they talk about the journey, the people they met and different anecdotes . Not the fact that they are successful today or that they have more money that they ever need. (cleared the end game) The objectives in Crowfall are more inline with how it's in real life than a lot of MMO. If you don't set small goals, in life or in game, you will get bored rapidly. You can go in life, by working 9 to 5, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat without never achieving small goals. TO RESUME : Park theme game (like WOW) : take you by the hand and bring you to the end goal Sand box (like Crowfall, Minecraft) : give you the tools to create you own end goal. It's 2 different mindset that don't appeal to the same gamers / crowd. The question is only to know what kind of game you enjoy.
  15. This conversation feels like that moment when a lion has to explain to the gazelle why its being eaten.
  16. вот а я чем по твоему занимаюсь? ищу или собираю сообщество. но ты видишь что они творят? они отделяют русских от всего мира типа сами там играйте. и поэтому русское сообщество может варится только среди таких же русских сообществ которых как ты сказал и так нету. если бы мы все играли на евро серве тогда бы мы могли просто по языковому признаку собраться, правда я не знаю можно ли выбирать свободно фракцию, но русские например могли бы просто все уйти в хаос и если ты русский то присоединяйся, или как то так. нас ведь и так мало а если нас по фракциям разбросают? тем более как поступить если ты например сообщество и что ты будешь играть в разных фракциях? например мне не дали выбрать фракция на этой альфе а просто дали баланс.
  17. thank you guys for your adecuate responce, even im being exsentric but after all people get bored of games, im old gamer and i got bored of many games but my dream is a game where you never tired, so i tried to think of the reason, so maybe its an ultimate goal what make player feel like game is empty and he or she exhausted the game. always good to mimic real life and real life have sort of high level of existance like yin and yang. i hope we ll see something cool and viable here. every new mmo have a new hope.
  18. Straight from the FAQs If I'm not mistaken, "victory conditions" aren't yet ingame. The campaigns always end only after X time, no matter what happened in that world, no matter how many points a faction got or how many items the players sacrified. Victory conditions aren't applied yet... And neither are victory rewards. After all, this is still a Pre-Alpha. Jumping to less game related talk, you don't have to want to win. You can, obviously, but it's not mandatory. What should be mandatory is to do something that you personally find amusing. It can be winning, it can be crafting, it can be having nice fights no matter if you win or lose, it can be to socialize, building a great EK, to be the most famous ranger/chef,... You get to choose your ultimate objective.
  19. Personally, I had the same feeling when I tested the game last year. I was looking for the end goal, the ultimate objective. I quitted testing after a few weeks. But then I realize that the game is more like Minecraft than World of Warcraft. There is no end game in Minecraft. It's a "survival/crafting game". That changed my mindset and how I play the game. I must say I really enjoy now the differents gaming aspects.
  20. I *believe* crafted runes always roll blue, regardless of what quality materials are used. It's a shame they didn't use the already existing crafting system to determine final quality for these (could even have souls themselves in multiple qualities). Then again, what we have in-game currently is a placeholder until Thralls are properly implemented, so hopefully the whole thing will get re-worked when they're finished.
  21. The R7 ancients are dropping 4 souls and a bunch of essences. My question is: do the souls only refine to blue, or by using purple blood in the sigil required, can they refine to epic?
  22. The Quarrying disc doesn't affect mineral drop chance. It only increases the damage you do to the node and the rate at which you gain harvesting pips. To get a full pip per hit, you need either a "main" major harvesting rune (miner, quarrying, etc.) or The Reaper minor. In addition to the items Arkade listed above, you can also consider taking a Connoisseur rune to your set-up, which adds an additional mineral harvest chance (+5%).
  23. Another question: can one person in a two person mother load group run both foreman and villein, or does each person have to have the quarrying disc to make mineral harvesting work?
  24. this how male looks when they try to ware cosmetics, we r not females you know. dont give me gay look give me power of idea which can dominate over the world and my rules which everyone will obey, build a temple of all-god with a roof shape i want to pick. not triangle, i said, i said sphare. this is the reason of fight between all religions - symble shape dominance even tho there is one god.
  25. I am going to try to take this on a serious note even though it looks to be off the rails already. I believe the best option for "winning" would be cosmetics or EK parcels. For faction gameplay, I would have players have certain milestones to complete to get crowns or another cosmetic specific currency or just whatever the cosmetic reward was for that CW. I would do the same for Dregs except give a full cosmetic / EK item that was NOT available in any other way. This would make winning dregs, which should be harder to do have a much more valuable and unique reward.
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