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  2. It works except for the archers who get the initial nerf in damage for having the arrows with such a little quantity of half decent arrows.
  3. Can i get into this order command discord please? Apparently the "Faction leader" role does not qualify me for such high security meetings
  4. I kinda agree with those who say the timer on forts isn't the answer. I personally don't know the benefit of owning a fort atm other than points. I have not entered a fort in some while NOT because they were controlled by another but because there was no reason to. I run around outside of forts all the time harvesting to my hearts content and it doesn't matter if my faction controls the fort or not. I am rarely ever accosted and when I am full, I simply teleport out. No reason to enter the forts. That's part of the answer in my humble opinion. Make it beneficial to control a fort other than points. Make reason for the for to exist other than points and bank space..
  5. I'd be very interested to know about some supposed agreement. Not a single word about such a supposed thing has been shared in the factional Discord that I can find; not that any specific individual or guild is bound to what any other guild or individual has agreed upon. So I'm curious what's given you the impression that there was some manner of non-aggression.
  6. Today
  7. I believe the plan is to have recipes on disc only like in current testing. Eventually, we'll have to spend talent points on the major rune itself to unlock recipes instead of being granted them for free. The UI for this is already somewhat visible in 5.9, though the unlocking part isn't in yet. In the future, I'd like to see recipes in both places; disc and skill training. This way a beginner Blacksmith can take the rune to jump start his career, then ween himself of it as his training matures and caps are reached. This would function similar to exploration harvesting runes. A fresh character will take a mining rune for a harvesting boost, but given enough time and training, that rune isn't always necessary for the same stats and effects.
  8. Difficult to get up temple stairways without jumping (Guineacean). Combat music sometimes continues to play long after disengage. Npc corpses can still be interacted with as if still alive. In this case, aoe heal effects, spirit whips, and physics collision 'nudges'. Not seeing any of the hit-pause interactions from harvesting or combat powers. Runegate beacons sometimes display in the wrong location or even wander about. (I saw it, I'm not crazy) Duelist tunnel frequently deposits you in odd places, like under building or inside/under terrain. Goliath spiders occasionally have a red spray effect when idling outside of combat. "Crafting Complete" screen frequently draws outside the window.
  9. You could have avoided that by not starting your thread with a false claim about current faction numbers. It wasn't necessary to make the point that there is no system to balance the factions and there probably should be.
  10. Nah that’s been around a while. Think that’s a Dave Greco piece.
  11. Literally AFK capping outpost this very second lol
  12. Appreciate yall working on it at least.
  13. This has been the case for some time now. I would love to know if the plan is to return the recipes to the skill tree or to keep them as discipline only. As it currently stands it feels clunky and odd.
  14. You need to master 3 crafting profession's passive training to unlock the goggle drop. Holocrons available in the real money store.
  15. I think this post got blown out of proportion and off topic from the OP. Everyone seems to want to argue the numbers instead of the questions that were asked.
  16. VaMei

    Guild Banks

    I've always followed the principal that if it's not obviously to big, then you can already see a possibility of it being too small before you even start. Go unsigned DIint, or plan to have the limit get in your way.
  17. Did you make this? You should win War Stories hands down. Just awesome.
  18. Go take a keep. Every team has soldiers out in force every night and the fights are pretty fierce. That's why they left them out of forts in the first place. You don't deserve to have things just because they exist, and if you can't be bothered to help keep your keep I shudder to think how you're going to react when forts move to vuln windows and are decided by fights. This is a reality you should start getting used to sooner rather than later.
  19. Thank you for implementing the system we came up with. This makes me happy.
  20. QA is actively looking into this; thanks all for the support and help. I don't really have much as far as updates go other than it's currently being investigated.
  21. Lots of interesting information here.
  22. Annoying unintended bug with ACEs bugfix patch. Just means we're back to CWs being all about night capping. C'est la vie.
  23. And by outfox you mean took advantage of the Order/Chaos agreement that was widely announced in Order command last night (which we knew was a risk) and thus insured we never trust Order again. But sure, play it up like it was some impressive maneuver...
  24. Yesterday
  25. Scarlett outfoxed the Big Bad Balance Zerg, and everyone else, taking a keep by her lonesome. Proving definitively that total combatant numbers mean nothing. Recognizing a weakness, exploiting that weakness, thereby making herself a force multiplier for Order Faction. One would be well advised to note it and take heed. Instead of believing the propaganda about Balance having this many, or that many. You brought her up twice but still missed the pertinent lesson😛
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