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  2. Maybe people you will be remembered for zerging the trials. Maybe the deeds of pre-alpha will barely be remembered and building skills is more important than building wins against a faction half your size. Thanks for the dust and bread Thromdeir. Hope the book was equal exchange.
  3. Doesn't everyone hate elves? On the original topic, I think PopeUrban nailed it - any action should remove immunity, period.
  4. I feel like it would behoove them to release some sort of "This is what we have planned for Release" and "This is what is planned after release". I'm honestly thinking they should postpone soft launch until Summer of next year to give them more polish time though.
  5. Your victories mean absolutely nothing if you cant win the war. Germany won many a battle over the course of history but were still on the losing side. Whenever these big guilds show up that is what this pre-alpha time period will be. It will be history and you will not be rememered as the faction that won a few battles, you will only be known as the faction that lost.
  6. Come dregs you're all prey to The Grave Dominion!!!
  7. Today
  8. The last thing i heard about that was that upkeep was meant to change over from parcels to buildings. So the parcels and strongholds wouldn't cost upkeep, but the buildings (including centerpieces ... or not?) would cost upkeep -- and if not paid, they would decay through several stages, down to being in a visually and technically ruined and unusable stage ... until they have been repaired (kind of like the vendors work right now). With the possibility to reduce the upkeep costs by placing resource parcels ("tax-free" parcels) adjacent to the stronghold parcels that house those buildings. down to zero, depending on the numbers (like 160 1x1 "tax-free" resource parcels to reduce the upkeep for buildings on a citadel parcel to zero). But yeah. No news about that. I ask(ed) about that at least once a year. No news i would know about yet.
  9. So it's never fair to point out a disparity in numbers because sometimes we win outnumbered, and because "when the big guilds come" we're going to be allies. Our victories outnumbered don't mean numbers mean nothing, they just just mean we're good and can keep pushing even with the deck a bit stacked against us. And I don't think there is any reason to presume we'd ally with you before the big guilds whenever that day comes. I have serious doubts your faction will even still exist come that point.
  10. Good call on Relics! I definitely didn't mean to leave those out. The idea of getting a large statue of Arkon, or Kane and showing it off in your EK would be amazing as a reward. I just hope they include the buffs that they were supposed to let you chose from.
  11. Relics This system was supposed to be the crucial feedback loop of "why do i care about my EK" and we've heard multiple ideas/revisions including: A limited number of account based buff slots, you pick the buffs from avaliable relics in an EK you have access to. A special sacrifice mechanic to get long duration buffs. Literal AoE buffs from the statue. More I can't recall. Combat Pets I personally hate the very concept but it was technically a kickstarter stretch goal that we technically met. EK Tax system and resource parcels mechanics City/Town Parcels are supposed to require upkeep, which is somehow lessened or eliminated by placing appropriate type/rank of resource parcels next to it.
  12. I feel like if anything Performance/Caravans/Mounts will be the most necessary to me personally, as well as Frostweaver and a little more character customizations. I like the Idea of Dregs, but an entire mode of play is not as big of a concern for me as having one SOLID game mode.
  13. I know, I know! But that's not necessarily a feature; however I will say I'm insanely excited to throw around some Ice magic!! I l freaking love the concept of Frostweaver.
  14. You need to have crafting vessels and PVP vessels. Don't put necromancer's out of work.
  15. Looks fantastic. Think we'll get a white christmas this year to match all those beautiful winter concepts?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Not sure where you get your information from but I have been keep diving your faction this entire campaign....With a wood elf....
  18. See I respect yall for that, I will say out of all order I consistently see yall when im out roaming around. You are by far the most active throughout the day for order, plus yall are always fun to fight
  19. New lighting changes will really brighten up your Crowfall experience! FULL STORY
  20. I’m disappointed in you. How could you forget the glorious Frostweaver?!
  21. there stil the bug u log in invun and it doesnt go away when you enter combat or use combat abiltiies
  22. I cant wait to see the performance gains in 5.9. Similar to your situation, I couldn't get on the 5.9 test, so I will wait patently for it to go live. ACE has thrown a lot of manpower into this issue of late, so I am reasonably sure some intended parts of the game suffered and wont make launch. I personally don't care if all but one of your bullet points are after launch. If performance isn't drastically improved nothing else will matter.
  23. I remember when crowfall was sold for years as a game without leveling/pve grinding or gear determining pvp, yet here we are.
  24. I was going to say this. Faster animation in a random direction in a pre-set range away from tornado when hit.
  25. I think what I would have to say to that, is you perceived correctly that there are limitations, but incorrectly that it is deemed to be a problem with the design. Rather, it is a major goal of it. Many of us here consider that many modern MMO games are too homogenized in design, and it's hard to differentiate players and styles. If everyone can be a specialized crafter without some restrictions, nobody is a specialized crafter. In order to drive home that point, this design forces you to make periodic choices that exclude others. You can, pick a new passive training line, level a new vessel, but at some point you will notice that to move forward in a new profession/race/class, you have to start over to some degree. One of the big advantages you may not have seen yet to the leveling and vessel system, is that you can "twink" yourself. If you are playing a end game Cleric, you can use that endgame cleric to harvest/craft/farm everything you need to try your next build exploration, prior to jumping into a new vessel. There is no gear limitations by level, nor grouping limitations by level with your friends. Got a great purple suit of plate, migrate it to your brand new level 1 Guinean knight after messing around with the Nethari templar. In fact, getting twinked and rapid experimentation is probably going to be the more common early player experience, rather than the current slog due to all the resets.
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