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  2. im not mad about this at all, let it come, if I am to die in this world, its gonna damn well be at the paws of a bunny
  3. I would like to see a Ranged Discipline skill that acts as a line aoe that executes. Maybe sharpshooter skill. Atm archers have difficulty finishing people in group fights cause they run behind people and u cant get los melee dont have as much as an issue here. Was thinking Snipe - Charged bow skill that does super low dmg like 20dmg + 80% weapon dmg in a line hit all targets and is affected by range modifer stat, however when hitting targets below say 30% it does 800% weapon dmg so archers have a way to finish people in large scale fights. We kinda need more execute abilities aswell for the minor finish him believe templars are the only ones with one atm. Templars i feel need access to a range attack too i think doesnt need to be a long range they lack mobility and can be hard to keep hitting somone so a small range lowish dmg skill that regain pips will be a blessing (3 hit chains for pips can be difficult to do at times with the dodges and there gap closer is realy dodgy alot of the time) Would also help using devotion better aswell. Another problem with templars is alot of the major disaplines skill cost to many pips to use aswell so there realy limited on what they can use, templar minor that reduces pip cost of skills may help with that and open more build options. Minor disc Acrobatic - Allows for abilities to be used while not on the ground, this one could be interesting.
  4. He's a cleric main believe it or not. XD
  5. So vessels are gimped until then.. great This true @thomasblair @vkromas Making vessels is already an absolute grindfest... please change this..Im already tired of grinding to get ready for pvp Rare Drops? RNG? what happened to player skill...
  6. You need an item drop that drops from the bosses of the wartribes however the necro item for extra components didnt seem to be in this current campaign. Guessing the specific boss it drops from isnt in yet.
  7. So Made a Blue vessel and none of the optional component slots were available.... is this a bug or a feature?.....
  8. have you played much cleric? its in the spec tree and it comes from spirit too
  9. Where did you get 700 from though?
  10. So srathor can summon the avatar of Pann and smash another nemesis?
  11. Today
  12. Bak lighting is about half as resource intensive then dynamic. If you have a good CPU clock speed in your gaming rig you wont notice it too much.
  13. ferrat


  14. PinkFluffyPanda


    What about after the armor changes, as far as I have understood they tend to remove the HP gain from armor and only rely on mitigation? So wont that hurt the Blackguard really badly? Thus making the Vandal a really good option since it would be the best at the hit'n'run game? If the Blackguard loses a lot of its survivability, why not choose the Vandal with the 30% bigger Dot? If the Blackguard cant go "head to head" due to the loss of HP pool, why choose it? Or am I missing something?
  15. Makes perfect sense to me, would give a bit more customization to your build to have the Ult option either way. I thought Arbiter was suprisingly fun when I tried it briefly on TEST but need that "Divine Alacrity" power fixed.
  16. Dumb question! 😑😊 Are you guys gonna add quests??
  17. The game lags sometimes and makes an enemy monsters health bar go back full.
  18. APE

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    I don't want to see Champ or others that are popular to be toned down, I'd rather have less popular options brought up. Be it bugs, damage, basic class design changes, etc. Some options seem to lean heavy on the pros or strengths and little on the weakness side. Don't want to see 1v1 balance or comparison, but some options lack enough X currently which limits effective choices and results in a stale meta and game. If Assassins and Duelist are just DPS+Stealth with little else to offer an individual or team, then they should excel at both of those. Currently neither seems worthwhile for the cons that come with them. Beyond looking cool I guess. If their job is to gank nubs trying to level, pretty sure any class can do that.
  19. You haven't tried enough builds, chief.
  20. don't know about that. If you are decently geared maybe. (Like maybe blues if you are wearing leather. I honestly think the cap should be 100% and rate you gain it should be about double. I think this would put it around the power curve of the other stats.
  21. Mountains of muscle! Titans of the Turf! It's the Champion! (Class Disc 2 of 11) Grappler Major Discipline (Champion) "That fancy sword might impress them sparkly folk down the road a ways, but I'll put two cows and a goat against yer horse there that mah cousin can take ya wieldin' nuthin but a sharp stick." - Jedediah Brand, Cousin of Brand the Bowel Emptier Grapple (Dodge Replacement, 2 charges, 20s recharge) Attempt to grab an enemy in front of you within 2 meters. If you succeed, that enemy becomes Grappled and may be carried while in this state. While grappling you may only use grappling abilities. Your grappled target may not dodge or use any ability that can not be flash cast, but they may make melee attacks against you. Targets with no melee tray in stead make unarmed attacks against you. Your target may not retaliate, but may use or be the target of any other ability or effect that breaks stun or knockdown to escape the grapple For as long as you hold the Grapple key, spend stamina and you and that enemy each take half of all outside damage and healing directed at either of you, and are both the target of any incoming buff or debuff applied while in this state. Windmill > Windmill Toss (Grapple Ability, Melee Tray) Channel this attack to swing your grappled target around in a wide windmill for up to 3 seconds, dealing minor crushing damage to the grapple target and moderate crushing damage to any enemies hit by this attack. At the end of the channel or when you release it, throw your grapple target 5 meters for each full second of channel completed. If your thrown target collides with another enemy one of these two enemies, chosen at random is knocked down. Take Hostage (Grapple Ability, Melee Tray) When you activate this ability, your grapple target takes 80% of all incoming damage and you take 80% of all incoming heals for 5 seconds rather than the usual 50% split, and all incoming damage is dealt to your resource bar during this period. Heavyweight Champion (Melee Tray, Passive) Your Grapple stamina cost is reduced by 25%, and its recharge is reduced by 5 seconds. If an enemy is in range you may flash cast your grapple to escape the effects of stun, knockdown, and root.
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