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  2. About the same amount of ore required for plate
  3. Fully agree. The falling damage isn’t even the annoying part. Bouncing around inside the tree room or fort without being able to do anything has gotten old. I’d rather it fling people to the sides and put a fire dot on them. Still breaks up groups like it’s supposed to.
  4. Thank you for your time and work with this, and congratulations on the birth of your child!
  5. Please reduce the crafting requirements and multiple professions required to craft Confessor books. Leatherworker required to make stitched leather for pages Blacksmith required for Metal Bars, Metal clasp (bars for chapters is silly, make this just a single clasp) Runecrafter required for book chapters Woodworking required for final combine Why does a book require metal bars? Why are pages made out of leather, and not wood/paper? Compare this to any blacksmith-crafted weapons, they made need Wood Planks or Hilts/Grips made from one other profession. This isn't even factoring in RUNIC weapons, which add Jewelcrafting to the list, making books require 5 total professions just to craft. Blacksmith weapons go up to 3 professions required.
  6. Sure, things change through testing and dev, not doubt, but core foundational pillars of the game should not be expected to change.
  7. Today
  8. This is really an easy fix, just reduce the amount of leather needed per leather armor set. 300 hundred pieces for a full set is ridiculous. 40-50 is more reasonable.
  9. Add more random loot to creatures, reduce the amont of leather needed to make a set or increase the amount dropped, because leather is used in many craft able items besides leather armor.
  10. I agree. I hope the new death mechanics of having to fly away from your corpse encourages people to hang out long enough to lose their heads more often. If it did, that would be a huge plus.
  11. This is the 4th revision I believe to the passive system, disciplines, races/classes and its relation to vessels, and quite frankly is the best one so far. The changes slated to happen are locked majors, with having to spend talent points into the individual powers within the majors. It has always been a goal, that you can screw up your vessel, and have to make a new one. And that you must make a choice between crafting and combat vessels. Many of us happen to like, and backed because of that approach. It is not going to fundamentally change at this point. EDIT: (Bold) The crafting system and economy is supposed to run by discrete individuals, and groups of individuals, trading the skills and abilities they have focused on, with other individuals, and groups of individuals, that have different skills and abilities, just like any other real economy does. It's really rather simple. The AVERAGE player should be discouraged from the crafting system if it doesn't interest them. It's supposed to be driven by the achiever players who are bent on achieving crafting and economic dominance in the game. You have 6 slots currently. You can be capable at one crafting skill in a reasonable amount of time, become an "expert" in a few months, and maximise through gear and vessel upgrades in that time. You can use a single vessel to do two crafting skills moderately well if you pick the right race and slot two disciplines. That leaves you 5 slots for building a variety of combat vessels. If you happen to really NEED to devote all your time to crafting, and being good at it, then buy a second account. But at that point you are far past being the average player. Even with a multitude of accounts, one human simply won't have the time to do everything. What is not supposed to happen, is for individual players to be able to do everything for themselves. That again, is a different game.
  12. We need a more reliable way to behead people TBH, but I like this idea. Give a noob a pile of heads of actual players killed. "Here's your armor, weapons, and the skulls of a bunch of people we killed."
  13. Heh, that gave me an idea, shove the XP into the player decapitation mechanic. Take a head, and earn the XP that they have earned since the last time the head was taken. Slows fight clubbing because after one death, your head is gone. You could fight club/give your stored XP once through collusion. But to me that's really not all that bad.
  14. It wasn't intended in the sense of calling the dev's "douches" merely in the affectation of the more general sense that the system is likely to elicit some expletives from new players now and in the distant future, and no decent design plan makes it to release without adjustments, theorycrafted systems often require adjustment to real world conditions, its easy to sit there and theorycraft a design in isolation that seems to work well in theory, but much like no battleplan survives 1st contact with the enemy, few if any game design documents escape unscathed from actual gameplay testing, nor is a system detailed in kickstarter sacrosanct and unassailable to improvement, perhaps in reply you'd like to address the issues outlined with regards to the crafting system and economy in the long run, and how you think this system could lead to something otherwise it seems your only counter argument is that's what was intended, this does not absolve it from the possibility of improvement before obvious problems develop, i doubt the majority of backers most of which wont touch the game or the forums for that matter till after release care much for the original design of intended systems but rather more the overall engagement, entertainment and longevity of the game post-release, indeed the whole point of testing is to identify and address issues.
  15. TBH I rather like the journal idea, but not as a belt slot item. This should be a lootable item that accrues xp while held in the inventory. Or, like, just remove the rarity requirements from sacrifice.
  16. Thank you for the official answer Gordon.
  17. It has literally one function, which is to break up tight groups of enemies. Removing the knockup is a bad way to handle this function. Just give targets hit with it a fall damage immunity buff for 10 seconds, or literally replace the tornados because they have no other reason for being.
  18. We don't have any reasonable way to restore the points (the data may be logged but it would take a significant effort to determine what points weren't counted and it still might not be fully accurate). We feel that resources are better spent trying to get the new 5.90 version out as soon as possible. Given that all three factions were relatively close in score when the fix went in, and given this is still pre-alpha, we made the call to allow the campaign to continue to completion rather than reset it completely (which was our other choice). We felt like this approach was the "lesser of the evils". It's not a lot of comfort right this minute, but every bug that we find now is another one we are much less likely face after the game launches, and for that we are grateful to all the backers who participate the tests. We couldn't make this game to the quality level we all want without you!
  19. Wow a beard flex. You continue to surprise me Tyrannicall.
  20. I can grow a beard on a 4 day weekend so i dont know that feeling.
  21. I have poor genetics and I’m still waiting for puberty.
  22. You are describing exactly what has always been the intended design. The Kick starter packs even came with a +3 character slots bonus for early participants. If you don't like it, that's too bad, because it's what has been sold to us all for years. Looks like you want a different game than what was promised and is being built. Oh and you might want to tone down the use of disparaging language calling the devs "douches" on your very first post if you want anyone to pay attention to your opinions.
  23. I would love to embrace the neckbeard but sadly i must be clean shaven for work 😥
  24. Menja


    Krähen und Raben in einer Blaskapelle? Na hoffentlich müssen sie nicht mehr allzu lange ihre Klagelieder anstimmen ... 😁 Danke dir für dein regelmäßiges (und unterhaltsames) Feedback!
  25. Let the neckbeard floweth Balance, for in fall it hath a glorious shine.
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