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  2. Did you make this? You should win War Stories hands down. Just awesome.
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  4. Go take a keep. Every team has soldiers out in force every night and the fights are pretty fierce. That's why they left them out of forts in the first place. You don't deserve to have things just because they exist, and if you can't be bothered to help keep your keep I shudder to think how you're going to react when forts move to vuln windows and are decided by fights. This is a reality you should start getting used to sooner rather than later.
  5. Thank you for implementing the system we came up with. This makes me happy.
  6. QA is actively looking into this; thanks all for the support and help. I don't really have much as far as updates go other than it's currently being investigated.
  7. Lots of interesting information here.
  8. Annoying unintended bug with ACEs bugfix patch. Just means we're back to CWs being all about night capping. C'est la vie.
  9. And by outfox you mean took advantage of the Order/Chaos agreement that was widely announced in Order command last night (which we knew was a risk) and thus insured we never trust Order again. But sure, play it up like it was some impressive maneuver...
  10. Yesterday
  11. Scarlett outfoxed the Big Bad Balance Zerg, and everyone else, taking a keep by her lonesome. Proving definitively that total combatant numbers mean nothing. Recognizing a weakness, exploiting that weakness, thereby making herself a force multiplier for Order Faction. One would be well advised to note it and take heed. Instead of believing the propaganda about Balance having this many, or that many. You brought her up twice but still missed the pertinent lesson😛
  12. interacting with keep gates is almost impossible, can't get the mouse-over text for entry without messing around for a long time to find it.
  13. Thank you PopeUrban for the non-fanboy reply. I don't intend to track down anyone, nor bang a drum. I was simply expressing a reasonable opinion...which apparently riled the usual suspects. In any event, I'm not personally going to play CF. I bought the guild package to insure my guys could get the name and other building related perks. Since we, as a clan, are currently gearing up for 6 games, I personally do not feel that buying $1000 packages for each of them just so I can upload an image is a good use of my money. I apologize. Later
  14. was fighting some aracoix and and my fps dropped to 15 fps with 2080ti and 9900k after dying on a fae druid i lost all my skills and lost my healing tray @vkromas and cant equip any of my of my weapons and mail as i wasnt leveled or something, relloging fixed it lost my essence gauge and lost all my discs
  15. I like it. Q: After we fly to a dragon statue and resurrect, will we have a compass marker to our cairn, or will we need to trust to our wits to find it? What if we die again before recovering our cairn?
  16. Transitioned between zones via rune gate is disabling all my equipped armor and weapons as well as disciplines. Had to manually replace each one for it to be usable again. Missing animations and sound effects for blight explosion on Arch Druid, also the blight circle is showing as being centered on my character instead of where I placed it. Jump height for the races I tried without access to double jump were low, feels like instead of fixing stoneborn jump height everything else got lowered.
  17. Yea... this kinda caulk-blocks the entire campaign, and point of the Trial reward system. Gonna definitely skew the results you get in testing. @vkromas
  18. This needs to be fixed ASAP. This is obnoxious...Tactically outplaying them is pointless if they can just not care and still be relevant point wise because of this.
  19. He changes them like a mask and discards them like trash. Each new vessel offers its tricks and poetry. He arms them with the weapons and bruised apples the gods leave him. Through his countless incarnations, his mind broken and weakened. There is no sanity here. He throws his new vessels into battle with complete disregard. They can lack experience, and armor, and weapons fit for war. Yet he does not care. This worshipper of Malakai relies on tricks and tenacity to inflict grief and calamity. Once while wearing a Guinecean knight who had just been born into the world, this vessel was weak and paltry, he took a team of 4 saboteurs from Fist of the Empire into the lands of Aerynth, in Balance. There they attacked harvesters and wanders, inflicting grief they enraged the followers of Balance. Unwilling to bear it anymore Balance organized two groups of their strongest soldiers to punish their wicked deeds. After several kills Balance became confident and prideful, and so the trap began to unfold. He changed vessels to a Guinecean Cleric who attained the maximum experience for war. Balance forces, filled with wrath and blinded by pride, chased him to an outpost where two guards had been purchased. Believing their previous victories would earn them victory again they ran in to be slaughtered. This elaborate trap had many phases, and with all great traps of war, the first step is to appear weak and to continue to hide that weakness until it is too late to escape. The team of balance believed their overwhelming numbers would ensure victory against opponents they had previously crushed. Upon running up they assumed the Guinecean they saw was the weak knight they had beaten to a pulp. Even under pressure from the arrows of two guards they foolhardily pressed forward frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Once you take the bait, only shame awaits. The Guinecean who had previously been the weakest link became the backbone and lifeline of this team of saboteurs from Fist of the Empire. Dumping heal after heal into the team, blocking blow after blow, the guards worked their magic. Soon the attackers found themselves routing under a barrage of arrows. Skulls littered the ground. A smile took form, as success had been achieved. Favor to Malakai.
  20. Hello @bpack1000, welcome to our world. It's a pleasure receive you here, in our community of crows Please if you have any douts, questions, don't hesitate, just ask us. Enjoy, and have lot of fun between us. Regards Fauno
  21. @thomasblair does this item actually drop? If its got some secret drop that's fine but if it doesn't and people are looking for something that doesn't exist thats just some next level Sheev tactics.
  22. Note: Global cooldown systems are usually in place in MMOs as much for server performance and "lag fairness" reasons as much as they are for actual combat balance. Using an ability .4 seconds earlier might not seem like a big deal for just one player, but when you scale that up to a hundred players, keep in mind every time you cast a skill the server is sending that cast to 99 people that are also receiving constant status updates from 99 other people. Everything that you do that increases the frequency of network events in a game designed around mass battle has an exponential effect on server performance, and considering ACE wants to further refine and exceed the current zone caps for truly massive battles my guess is the only options you'll see are a handful of flashcast abilities with long effective timers.
  23. April 18, 2019 Pistols were invisible on my Duelist When I loaded into the temple, I spawned below ground and fell to my death When I respawned I was still in a dead state and had to relog to fix Flying as a crow was fun, but a little hard to control When I land on a surface, I would slide a little The Duelist pip UI did not show up and the Resource bar did not fill when generating pips Duelist tunnel did not work inside the temple, but did outside of it. I think this has something to do with burrowing on stone some dev was talking about Go For Broke does not put you back into the stealth tray Snipe doesn't have any SFX Snipe has the same icon as Pepperbox Shot Pepperbox did work for me, so no idea what that other guy was saying When I died, my armor went invisible too, so I had to re-equip it for it to show Barrier UI was neat, still wish there was a way to get exact numbers from barrier (unless there is a way, and I just didn't look hard enough) After dying, my disciplines bugged out and I wasn't getting any powers from them. Removing a discipline nor equipping a discipline unbugged the rest of the disciplines. Seems like I'll need to re-equip all my disciplines whenever I die. Go stuck on Preparing Terrain when I tried to enter Axis Mundi and had to kill the client The borders on the Spirit Bank are off, causing items to appear outside the Bank. Lost all my gear when unlocking from the Live campaign. I thought that was fixed on Test so we wouldn't lose gear when unlocking. Duelist Rapid Fire only plays SFX for the first 4 shots, the rest are silent. I like the new Pistol Shot SFX
  24. Listen, I agree with you in principle but that ship has sailed. Its not work they want to do. They don't want to deal with building a system to allow people to do it, or pay someone to do it manually. They don't want an archeage like system where just any image can get in to the game and even those of us that have paid hundreds of dollars are subject to having our emblems sent back to us to revise because they don't match CF's aesthetics. You can try to bang a drum about it but its just not happening because it would take more work than zero to set up and run nd they're willing to devote zero work to it. Your option is currently to track down a licensed reseller and get one of the packages that contain that ability, or use the heraldry options you have available to unique effect. That's just the way it is and I wouldn't expect it to change, unfortunately.
  25. Spirit gives more critical healing chance, more critical healing damage, support power scales very very well with every spell, spirit also gives you more stam so you can ret/block more and reduces food cost. You should 100% want support power over healing modifier on a cleric. You can get healing mod from your armor type, discs, food and I'm sure something else but clerics won't be riding the 40% cap as easily as they were before if they go spirit.
  26. Due to bugged points, its even closer. Blairmath at its best.
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