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  2. You made it sound like people should go through you at first. If you're telling me I need to talk to @Chroma or @blazzen bc you can't make that call then why didn't you just start by saying that.
  3. no one likes a coward... we rolled 13 chaos with 4 guys on the 3rd day. and i cant count the number of 3vme's ive won jussayin
  4. You want to do a casual group fight and not make it a big propaganda piece that proves once and for all which faction is better I'll see about putting together a PUG of buddies who want a fun fight. You want a big propaganda piece, it needs to be your A-Team vs. our A-Team and I have never claimed to be the best fighter on order, or the best shotcaller. Just that our faction is better than yours. I've brought your offer to the attention of those who could lead such a thing and we'll see what they say. However you said "any size any time". I said 1v1 on Friday, and you're like "Well no, not THAT size or THAT time." I'm not the one calling anyone out here. So why are YOU guys backpedaling?
  5. I run with the same mentality doc, i roam and jump whoever i can, sometimes i pick fights that i cant win or i misplay a situation but its all about improving. Plus its just custard fun.
  6. To be clear, there is no bug or exploit with this. The invuln goes away when you do something to make it go away. That being the case, why is this still a conversation?
  7. Morning crew with Balf and Eth and me were having fun ganking order people the other day till we jumped down into the gorge and saw that everybody in zone had grouped up there. It went bad pretty quick, but whatevs got a couple before we got deleted. The way I see it, just about every fight is an opportunity to learn something. So as long as my group has a healer, even if the fight is 3 vs 10, we'll see what we can do. Like, if it is 2 of us and 10 people, and no healer between us, there is really no point.
  8. it's horrible, you will never pick to build this stat up over any other stat.
  9. Im glad you don't run like 90% of everyone else. we will fight every time even outnumbered. if any of y'all are bored and want to step up to a 1v1 i shall comply HMU
  10. Explain why removing invuln when movement would make your load times shorter. I'll explain how with an ssd I can literally invincibly inch my way all the way to a runegate using just wasd. Your hardware issues are a poor excuse for enabling me the option to do that. If literally everything removed it, that invuln could be a lot longer and you wouldn't be loading in with practically no timer left
  11. See I play crowfall for fun, I like to win, but sometimes lose. I have plenty of deaths to show I have room for improvement. GD is a tight guild, we'll fight what ever the numbers, win or lose, we figure out how to get better. Thromb or mechanical what ever you go by now, you knew we called neck beards before you left and joined them.
  12. O it's an excellent way to play the game but its a tangent of the game and is entirely supported by the main aspect of the game: winning. Ganking feels like joining the coast guard and then telling your friends you served.
  13. Props to you and your crew for staying active though. Its nice to not be the only one roaming. Some of my most entertaining fights are with your guild.
  14. Hence why I used alt accounts on enemy factions to spy with "/who". Don't feel like wasting my time roaming around empty zones, so I would pop in to see if there was somebody to fight. So no, Ginko (per his earlier post), me personally I am not ashamed at using cross-faction spying. For a game designed around PvP it is sometimes damn hard to get PvP. I'm hoping siege windows for forts changes this.
  15. As the Head of Elven relations I can confirm that we do not seek out 2:1 odds. It's not something we chase and when it happens it's not like we are going to tell the people who logged in to go ahead and sit this out to be "Fair". The rancorous chihuahua needs his glorious 1v1.
  16. Random world ganking is my favorite thing to do 😁
  17. yea i do my best to hold it down but its pretty quiet when there's 40 people online.... i sometimes roam every zone and find nothing..
  18. The neckbearding is legit though, I log in in the morning for a 6 hour session, and I scout my main keep and I have to deal with people already deleted all of the iron nodes, and I log onto my other accounts set up in order and chaos areas and I find empty keeps with no guards and R10 hunger shards everywhere. I wish winning CF was more about mechanical skill and tactics right now, but simply putting in PvE work regardless of numbers has a pretty outsized effect on points.
  19. As someone who roams constantly if im on and its not seige time i can attest to this. Your lucky to find 5 people. Order/chaos keeps are ghost towns aside from shadehunter47, VK69 and another templar whos name i cant remember.
  20. Even when you were in Sb there still the majority of fights on siege or spawn timers. Unless you mean to say random world ganking to which i counter, there's just as much of that in CF as there was in SB.
  21. Yes, you can find an example of 2:1 happening. I don't think anyone claimed that never happens. It does not support the claims made in this thread, though.
  22. I must keep missing you then lol, ill try and hit you up this weekend when ive got some extra time
  23. Because sometimes it's just one guy farming poorly made socks outside your keep and the beacons are lit but nobody else wants to go deal with it. Also, 8am EST to 3pm EST is fcking quiet right now.
  24. Just for the sake of argument but if Order sent out the call to all of its banners would you still remain out numbered?
  25. Is there such a thing as a good lucian?
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