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  2. Well, yeah, ignoring lore. I agree that is the classical mythology Centaur, but again, I just can't leave the balance sense out of this, it would just not work, they are too fast! Yeah, we will have to disagree with the elves need love part. Humans could discover gunpowder, but I like it to be a guinecean thing so much... let the little fellas have something exclusive! heresy I didn't saw that, but I agree that the concept would be pleasant. I still think about the blood line and it doesn't fit them very much, the classic wood elf is generally not very organized with families and politics, witch are the Knights thing, Oath to superiors, hierarchy and etc. It just makes sense to me that they are more fragile, they are woodpeople. Now that you mentioned, it would make great sense to them being hunters, but seeing them so big and clumsy makes me wonder if they just throw axes in animals. But I agree with you, it would be totally acceptable for half giants to be rangers, as minotaurs are, since their theme is after the hunter god. Well, Yeah. Bow requires muscle in real life. However, this is a fantastical universe where you shoot arrow like a custard machine gun, therefore applying realistic logic here is not always a good idea, since video games also have been lying about minotaurs. In games, using a bow requires a lot of dex, not a lot of str. God forbid!
  3. Mino knight is one I'm not really sure on. I like the idea on paper, and it's really one of the only classes that might fit. Ignoring any lore of course. Centaur rangers are a bit of a hot topic among some. They're a mythology staple, and I don't see why they shouldn't be included. It wouldn't be much different to wood elves with their trailmaster and blink. Fae rangers is more capitalising on their ability, a slippery flyer, to me, is a fitting choice for a ranger. As for Human and Half-Elf duelists, I think half elves need love, and duelist should be opened up a bit more. My thought behind it is perhaps some less than savoury humans or half elves were able to procure duelist arms, gunpowder, etc and recreate it through extensive study. Eventually it would spread from there. Something like that. Myrm Rats could totally happen. Deep down you know you want it. I think we already discussed elken druids earlier, or in another thread. I like the concept, but it is indeed not lore friendly currently. I disagree. When I think wood elves, I'm sure they'd have some sort of guardians or protectors for ground warfare, and close quarters. Also they don't have plate wearers currently. So knight is a good pick. I don't think you should discount half giant rangers. They're basically nomadic hunters and brawlers. Why they wouldn't learn how to use a bow is odd. Also minotaurs can be rangers, and they've got big sausage fingers. Besides, using a bow requires muscle. Less dex, more str. Video games have been lying to you. With that all said, I'd honestly like to see all classes open to all races. Balance be damned.
  4. Today
  5. General feedback... The Skill points system is nice and robust, but takes WAY too long to progress in. It limits players to one thing, and it feels like a second job. Please allow for more ways to increase passive skill points. Not everyone wants to be apart of a giant guild. Crafting is nice and robust, but the reward for it is basically poorly made socks compared to world drops to the average player, and it makes crafting seem obsolete. Its also way to investing to craft, you get very little reward for the TREMENDOUS requirements needed. Gathering system is wonky and needs some rethinking. You basically skip over all the lower ranks and go to rank 7-10. The rare drop items for each gathering profession needs to not be behind a passive skill wall. Combat is clunky and not very tuned. Certain mobs are unkillable like the cleric kings. Not being able to cc them is really dumb. Loot system in general is lacking. Embargo system is nice, but it means you an really only bring one character over with items. Not very fun to playtest with. If the game continues to be this tedious I wont play it for very long, I already have a job IRL. I like the art style, but thats about it for now. For now I log on once or twice to progess a passive tree, which is not very entertaining. Hope to see good progress.
  6. You have really cool ideas, but some stuff here would not be very lore wise, for instance: Knights have a noble blood meaning in their ´´backgrounds``, you could not get it from a Minotaur, since all of them are former slaves from the High-Elfs, it would be really awkward to see a Mino Knight, but then again, it is really weird to thing about a Stoneborn Kight as well, since they carry literally no blood, nor houses or families. Also, I think the reason for the Fae or centaur to not be rangers... just Balance, they would be REALLY broken otherwise. Guineceans are literally Duelists in their nature, it would be weird for a human to be a duelist. It makes more sense than a Knighted Dwarf, anyway. I am not gonna comment on the Myrmdon Guineceans. The Elken also could never be druids, since Elken are transformed humans and those also cant be druids. At least that was what I got from the Lore. About the Knighs noble blood again, Wood Elfs? Yeah... Half Giants with all that muscle using little knives and bows? Well, that was my thoughts on your list, what do you think? We are NOT boring, you are the one that is just too energetic!
  7. Half elf doesn't fit the lore already, I mean, what does it matter if they exist? Wouldn't be logical then that humans are a variation of elfs or the opposite? If there was only the classic ´´Elf`` and ´´Wood Elf`` I would like it way more, I mean, there aren't sub races of Minotaurs or Guineceans, it would be just to extra, same thing with the Kronos Damn Elfs
  8. Everytime I log in, my characters are always naked, with the standard clothing when you dont have armor equipped, is this normal?
  9. Balathan was using Epic bow with insane penetration,Archer with comon bow against comon armor hits for 500-1.7k dmg,and if u count that archer needs to draw every basic attack for 2,5 sec archer is not op,rapid fire could be tonned down a bit.Any other range class (Stormcaller/Inquisitor) can just press LMB and hold to dish out same amount of dmg in that same time window. Every class in epic gear is op compared to comon/green gear.
  10. @ACE_FancyHats @vkromas Is multiboxxing allowed in CF?
  11. For me it more like the radio is stuck on one station, A/C doesn't work, my seat is stuck too close to the wheel, and I'm missing a few gears when trying to shift. Sure it gets me from A to B, but it isn't my idea of a great experience most the time. Can't see myself playing this come launch unless they deliver all the missing pieces and they actually function properly. Those looking for a bare minimum experience might settle, but I'd rather not try to fool myself.
  12. En el post principal tienes el enlace de discord para unirte y hablar directamente con nosotros, por otra parte en la pagina principal en community tienes la opcion de guild que si entras y buscas Red Reapers podras hacer apply para el clan. Un saludo.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I never said you had to play the game like me, I was responding to someone that said " Some players are treating this like a launched game " implying that that was somehow the wrong way to test. I get that the devs are aiming for somewhat of a sandbox experience, but you can't discount someone else's feedback on PVP mechanics just because you don't like PVP. If that's your opinion of the state of the game I suggest you actually take it out for a spin, it's definitely roadworthy even if it does drift to the side a bit.
  15. I have experienced this as well. I also cant go through more than 2 loading screen with out having to ALT+F4
  16. Surcease that nongermane affectation of pococurantism, and enunciate with brevity.
  17. Am I the only one who verbally went vrooooom vroooooom when reading this?
  18. That’s some truth. Rip the scattered na guilds that were going to matter.
  19. Unless the car is missing a tire, one headlight, breaks don't work, and there's a huge crack in the windshield. Then you sit in the parking lot pretending to drive while making vroom vroom noises waiting for someone to fix the dang thing.
  20. This to me is one of the bigger concerns for CF's future.
  21. Many classes end up easily surpassing the number of passives that they would like to equip, leaving most players with little in the way of options for Minor runes. As a result, many optimized PvP characters end up shoehorned into using Elven Eyes. I always like more choice here so I'm proposing an alternative minor for PvP focused characters: Elven Ears (Elken Ears?) Statistics: Far-hearing +20(m)
  22. I would like to see sacrificing to the gods to play a bigger role(since crows are sent to dying world to harvest them for the gods). Perhaps if a tiny % of resources sacrificed automatically went to your EK, effectively bypassing embargo system for export of raw materials.
  23. As a tester you can give feedback on a family SUV and how you think that would work for it's target audience, even though you'd really rather buy a high-performance sports car. Giving feedback on how to make the family SUV more like a sports car isn't really what the testing phase is about
  24. As a duly appointed agent of his high holiness the king of balance and executor of the will of the monarchy, the commander of the motherland's chosen exiles personally guarantees that faction campaigns will not be free farming zones, nor will the monarchy brook the resurgence of a facile serfdom. For though the motherland's subjects are owed this land, should the need arise they will be tested, and if found wanting, re-educated in the face.
  25. I'm not admonishing you for going off topic. You quoted me where I said it's not about trinkets and countered that "for many it is." I provided some reasoning for how its really not about trinkets. This talk about trinkets seems like an attempt to dismiss the topic being discussed, which is siege mechanics to encourage pvp and reduce the importance of night capping to campaign scoring.
  26. I know that. I replied to your statement about trinkets, which was a reply to a post about trinkets and nightcapping. If you want to admonish me about going slightly off topic in page 6 of a thread, that's fine. But it seems kind of wonky to me since you would be doing the same thing by your logic.
  27. i would be surprised if factions and dregs were up at the same time once it comes out. It will prob be w and hoa and dregs and everyone else dodge to factions since w and hoa are on dregs.
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