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  3. Bravo! This awe inspiring speech sent a tidal wave of emotion straight to my soul!
  4. Nice! I love the strutting back and forth.
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  6. In the history of memorable, rallying speeches, one may call to mind such classics as William Wallace's in "Braveheart" or the St. Crispin's Day bit from "Henry V", and who can forget Patton's speech to the troops? This speech by Bzra can't come close to either of those. 😃 I'm not even sure it lives up to the title "The Greatest Speech in Crowfall History." But it is amusing and it's our War Story of the Week.
  7. Small scale PvP has been destroyed in the current iteration. There is almost no one in the world outside of the siege times and the last 10 minutes of fort timers (both of which are 15+ groups). If there are people farming it is nearly impossible to find them with high rank nodes everywhere. Additionally the sieges zones being so close together makes it nearly impossible to fight with a smaller force. There is also a huge snowball effect. We roamed around for nearly 4 hours taking towers and forts last night and ran into 3 enemy players. There is no incentive to defend forts at night when the points are inconsequential compared to the established lead. The futility has now lead to even smaller numbers on the losing sides. Chaos had 15 players during the primetime siege last night. Combine that with the seasons progressing (and that there is no point to farming more than a single set of gear with the current embargo system) and there is literally no reason to log in (which, admittedly, was the point of the siege schedule in the first place). The game is just boring now.
  8. You actually don't need Foreman to harvest gems or minerals. If you've got strong enough harvesters swinging 50+ tools, drink the appropriate gem and minerals potion and eat the right food, that disc are not absolutely necessary, My partner and I have harvested both minerals and gems with only one of us with Connoisseur.
  9. From the ToS: What ACE have indicated to the users:
  10. jtod has given a different statement than the tos.
  11. Add more keeps and spread them out, embrace the run and scale. The six keep campaign was probably our most interesting and fun campaign. (At the same scheduled time, staggering them would negate the point.) But yes overall reduce the ease of force projection and things will get more interesting.
  12. Guild criteria: Region: NA, (Balance) Atmosphere: Looking for a guild that can help teach me. I am still new and learning, but this game looks like one i want to commit to. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual Size: Any Play-Style: I can play whatever is needed Commitment: Weekday evenings/Weekends Experience: Mainly GW2, but Iv'e tried a lot of different MMOs General PC Gaming for 15 years Would be my first time joining a guild Voice-Chat services: Any
  13. Кто-нибудь может рассказать об активно играющих русскоязычных сообществах? По форумам складывается впечатление, что таковых практических нет .
  14. We know what Ace thinks, its clearly spelled out in the ToS. I was under the impression every other post in this thread was opinion.
  15. Let me try to recap all the factors to take in consideration for crafting. Maybe it could help you understand a little bit more. If I'm off the track or if there is any errors bellow, please let me know and I will correct it. The account skill trees: You can leveled 2 trees at the time : Combat, exploration (harvesting) and crafting. The bonus gains thru the account skill trees are for all the characters. Skills in those trees are a must for gathering and crafting. But, because you can only train 2 at the time, you need to sacrifice a portion of combat vs crafting vs gathering. That's why some people will get 2 accounts to maximize the use of the points. Considering the fact that the points gained for the skill trees are time based (meaning you gain points even when you are offline), you can level 2 accounts at the same time. First account leveling the skills tree of Combat and Gathering Second account leveling crafting and something else The vessels / race : The vessels is something you can equip on a character base on the race. It represent the "body" of you soul. When you level up and gain point for your base stats (intelligence, strength etc.), it's link to the vessels. So, if you change the vessels on a existing character, you need to level up the new vessels from 1 to the max level. Some vessels have better stats for crafting, based on the race bonus. So for crafting, you could chose a race that fit better with what job you want to do has a crafter. For gathering : bases stats impact the gathering : strength for mining , dexterity for skinning etc. So depending on how you spend your points on the vessels, it could impact your gathering skills. I'm not sure if this impact the crafting. Discipline: Discipline add skills, stats and passives to your character. Depending of the rarity of the discipline crafted/bought, it gives you certains bonus. Disciplines are equipped on your character. When you want to change a disciplines, you cannot keep the old one. You need to destroy it to equip the new one. Some disciplines are specialized for crafter, gatherer or for combat. Because you can't swap disciplines like you switch gear (equipped discipline need to be destroyed before changing it), crafters will get disciplines that give them bonus to crafting. So this is limiting you in mixing crafting, gathering and combat discipline. Gear : Gear can give you bonus to crafting, by increasing success chances, experimentation success etc. Dedicated crafters will focus on getting gear giving them the most bonus to crafting. Considering how time consuming it will be to get really good gear, getting combat gear and crafting gear of really good quality will be time consuming. This situation will be true for the ones with 2 accounts. Min/Max: Dedicated crafters for guilds will focus on maxing all the possibles stats for their profession, based on the previous points. The impact of this is this will minimize the possibles stats for combats and gathering Dedicated crafters in guilds will have group of dedicated gatherers to get high end mats. At the end, it all depends how and what you want to play. You want to be a jack of all trade , combat / crafting / gathering : you will be able to enjoy the game, but you won't excel in one specific category. If you don't care about min/max or being a dedicated crafter/gatherer for a guild, it's perfect. It's important to remember that the game will be highly focus on grouping and guilds, based on the dependency of the triangle Crafter / Gatherer / Combat. If your main goal is crafting high end stuff, here what I suggest : Choose 1 profession: Blacksmith, jewel crafting, leatherworking etc. Focus you accounts skills around that profession. Based on the profession : choose a race that give you a bonus to it. That means you will be limited on the classes your can play. Find a guild where you will have gatherer and combat to help you. Support from other players is probably the main factor of succes for crafter. On the other side, you will have to provide crafting gear to those players. It's a loop of collaboration. I hope this can help you and other players in understanding what is impacting crafting in the game.
  16. Just don’t go extreme with the nerf please. But ya my lmb attack with a cruddy war tribe bow and blue quiver hits way too hard.
  17. Agreed. The distance between the keeps and gates to other keeps is too close. side A has only enough people to attack a single keep and side B has enough to have a small force at each keep defending. Side B know the other side can only attack the one keep. B just needs a small portion of the other 2 defending groups to reinforce. They don’t even need to be near the gate at the ready. A tree room battle, even when attackers overwhelm, takes longer than it takes those reinforcements to arrive Side A is a smaller force that owns one keep, side B has two. Side B only needs a small force to prevent side A from eliminating the bane trees until the rest of side B can melt their bane trees. They can then very quickly arrive to reinforce. Even if side A manages to wipe the original small force of B, the run from the other keeps is so short that A has a very small chance to melt their bane trees before B can get there. If side B has more forces than side A the advantage heavily favors B. The room for error on As side is very small where as B can fumble their way to victory. For B the strategy is brain dead easy. On the flip side, I appreciate how close the gates are to each other in general. I feel like far less time has been spent running this campaign. Which is the second worst part of crowfall, right behind skinning.
  18. I am fine with people running multiple accounts. I know I don't make the rules. My only issue is if they are running 2 in combat with one controller.
  19. I mean it matters what aces thinks not u.
  20. You actually can keep your head on a swivel harvest most don't cause its tedious. Buy you can just strafe around the node swinging your tool. Little bit harder with skinning but the rest it's easy.
  21. Order not really a thing anymore its a shame really when all 3 sides had a somewhat balanced player base it was really fun. Now not so much its rare to find a good fight. Shame some guilds decided to go hard on the pre alpha instead of keeping things fun game wise.
  22. Farewell rekrutiert Wer sind wir und was sind unsere Ziele ? Farewell ist eine aktive PvP orientierte Gilde die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat durch Können und qualitativ hochwertige Ausrüstung auf den Schlachtfeldern Crowfalls zu glänzen. Das erreichen wir durch eine Truppe von Veteranen und neuen lernfähigen Spielern. Unser Ziel ist es eine relativ große Gilde im Midcoreberreich zu werden, dennoch geben wir unser bestes und wollen mit Können und nur mit den besten Waffen und Rüstungen unter die Top-Listenplätze kommen. Um diese Ziele zu gewährleisten haben wir 3 Gildenleiter die ich euch gerne vorstellen würde. Kegelj - Meistercrafter ( auch Ivan der Schreckliche genannt ) Pest - PvP-Drill-Sergeant Darksilver - Organisation Unsere Crafter und PvP-Spezialisten sind auch stark im Theorycrafting involviert. Warum Farewell ? Was wir anbieten: Crafterausbildung Hilfe und Anleitung beim PvP sowie der Klassen PvP Training ( Skrims ) Ein System der Freiwilligkeit und der Zusammenarbeit Eine lustige Gemeinschaft Eine flache Hierarchie Die Chance beim Theorycrafting dabei zu sein Spannendes PvP Für wen ist Farewell geeignet ? Du musst ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren erreicht haben Du spielst PvP-orientiert bist es dir aber nicht zu schade um zu Farmen Du willst ein Teil eines Teams sein Du bist lernfähig und kannst mit konstruktiver Kritik umgehen Du siehst Niederlagen als Chance besser zu werden Du willst das Beste aus dir und deiner Ausrüstung rauskitzeln Du hast Discord sowie die Fähigkeit über ein Headset zu kommunizieren Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben melde dich auf unserem Discord: https://discord.gg/JYHhKx Solltest du weitere Fragen haben schreibe einfach unter diesen Post oder melde dich direkt: Vitnir#1150 ( Discord ) Werde JETZT ein Teil von Farewell !!!
  23. Having an active and supportive guild will always be more efficient than having multiple accounts. I have 4 accounts. That allows me to train multiple crafting and harvesting trees in addition to combat. It also allows me 4 times as much storage, imports and exports. All well and good. However, it also requires 4 times as much time to level and gear the characters on those accounts. If I want to be good at all of those crafting professions, I need vessels, armor and jewelry for all of them. And since I am actively doing 4 different crafting professions, I need 4 times as much stuff, which uses up all that extra storage, import and export space. Having multiple accounts enables players to be more self sufficient, but the player who is part of an active and supportive guild will easily surpass that solo player. I can't fight with all 4 accounts at the same time. When I'm out harvesting, I'm almost always on one account because it's too hard to manage 2 accounts in dangerous areas. I don't need a hidden mule because the character I'm harvesting on has stealth usually, and I can put stuff in the bank whenever I want. That will probably change, but it just means I need to be more careful, and recall more often to bank stuff. Having more accounts doesn't make any individual character more powerful. It gives players more options, but not more power.
  24. All he’s going is skipping the middleman (bank buddy). I see nothing wrong with it. And i hope I see someone logging a toon in the wild to trade with. Easy kill. Especially if it’s at the same location. Patience pays off.
  25. These are two completely different scenarios. A stealthed alt is out in the field; temple is not.
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