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  3. I'm really glad a post has been made about this. It's truly in a ridiculous state. Before, we at least got gold while skinning to make up for the time to kill the animals and the durability loss. Now we get 1 measly dust? It's like a big slap across the face for all skinners, leatherworkers, and wearers. Combined with the difference in cost for a leather set versus a metal set? It gets even worse. Add on the fact that good skinning areas are harder to find, add on ancients guarding some viable farm areas? Night & day cycles, night's decrease in material yield but yet are much harder to kill, on top of corpses despawning between these cycles? It's utter insanity and needs to be addressed as a priority, especially considering the changes to armor and how more people are WANTING to play leatherwearers now but don't because of how much easier it is to make metal sets. On top of that, you can gear metal wearers while farming for minerals & dust. If reading all of this doesn't make you facepalm? I don't know what will.
  4. Both Slayer & Dirge are viable. I've been playing Duelist mainly for months and while it does have a slight ramp up time? They have good survivability, medium damage, and stuns on every 5 pip use. Slayer excels against every melee class and is weak against ranged. Good luck catching a good Slayer as melee, and if you do? It's probably to get a dynamite on you. If you run from the Dynamite? They get a restealth, which is a re-expose and heal if using Agent. The wind up to do damage is there with Dirge, but with Slayer it is far less so and that is due to Go For Broke! Especially in group fights or against a single target or two that are in survival tray for a free knockdown. Go For Broke! allows you to easily amass enough Slayer stacks where you can 2/3 times get a full Inconceivable! buff. Honestly, the wind up on Dirge's damage isn't terrible and is a good cost-reward considering every Impale stuns, bleeds, and functons as an execute at >50% life. Not to mention Dirge is now able to use plate armor, which I have been hoping for for awhile. Yes, Go For Broke! if attacked will knock you down, but with Escape Artist, it's a non-issue for the stacks, movement speed buff, and increased resolve. Duelist is in my opinion in a decent spot where it's not too strong and not too weak, it's quite balanced and hella' fun to play. The main issues are these: 1. Dirge's Impale is broken, and you either have to waste 5 pips or use the ability upwards of 5 times for it to register. 2. Dirge's & Slayer's Inconceivable! is broken like #1. 3. The way the targeting works in the game, Slayer's camera positioning is extremely awkward. You always have to aim up. 4. A lot of Slayer's finishing burst damage is from their ultimate Dynamite, Pepperbox shot was hit pretty hard in terms of damage but is still decent. I think other classes need to be brought down to Duelist's damage or Pepperbox buffed slightly to match. Slayer may not have the bonker damage that it used to, or others do currently, but it's not far off and it comes out equal to if not on top solely due to its insane mobility, and combined with slows and the right disciplines? It helps shine. I'd also really like Rapid Fire to be reworked, in its current state it's entirely useless, as well as Duelist's Vanguard? specialization that attempts to utilize stealth and lifesteal together. I also think a cooldown reduction to Redirect Pain for the Dirge class would much better round it out, considering it has a talent that adds a self heal to it.
  5. Timothy

    Dirge Impale issues.

    I'm not sure that many classes having their two biggest skills in a broken state. To the point where at times, both require either attempting to use it upwards of 5 times for it to activate, or the more efficient wasting the pips on something else, and then trying again. Both Inconceivable! and Impale are the most important skills a Dirge has, and it essentially makes the class pointless. Coupled with issues that all players have with auto-attack registering, targeting, etc? It puts the Duelist in a terrible spot, even when their damage, mits, etc are in such a good and fun place. The fact the class can at any time screw you in PvP because your main skills don't want to work? Well, to put it bluntly it just flat out sucks hamster balls.
  6. Here my feed back Bug with Templars (Might be paladin specific) - Divine Light throws you around the place when you use it, It seems like it spawns an inviable object where your standing which then proceed to throw you out of it like ore nodes do when they spawn and your standing on there spawn location. Drop rate feedback Minor runes are way to rare atm - the small bosses should have 100% drop rare for 1 minor disc and group bosses should be 2-3 Disciplines - Elites should be around 1% drop rate and 0.25% on non elites. Atm it seems like 0.1% drop rate for minors on the solo mobs Crafting books - I feel this may need to be tuned back a little on the drop rate especially on the group boss he should only drop 2 max not 4. - Solo boss should be a 50% chance for a book Tooldrop rate - feel this seem to be in an ok spot with the durability on them however i havant been able to craft with any since jewelery crafting doesnt seem to have any. Ancient Spiders - the most frustrating thing with these are spending 20 minutes killing one solo only to have it kill itself with the cocoon and not drop loot maybe im doing something slightly off but its crippling when it does happen since you leave urself exposed for 20 minutes while you kill it. - R5 ancient spiders in campaign worlds dont seem to drop any disciplines at all dont know why they even exist there just a time waste trap for people who dont know better (Should make R5 drops 2 disaplines if you wanna reduce reward for lower rank) However they being said there not much difference betweem R5 ancient spiders and R9 ones. Armor Durability With how armor is currently i find myself farming with store bought intermediate cloth armor and a crafted weapon (Only reason i buy the armor is to reduce durability strain on my weapon armor currently not worth it due to how long it takes to aquire mats to how long it lasts) Im rather spec heavily in gathering so i would hate to see how long it take for a blue set with low skills -Time to craft to time it breaks is way out of whack. Spend 3 hrs mining to make a blue plate set only to have it nearly broken 6 hrs later of PvEing (was only 2 deaths which i ran back to grave to reduce dura loss) - I feel the best solution to this is not increase the durability but however reduce the resource cost to craft them by doing so this keep crafters in constant need with equipment replacements but its not super time consuming to gather the mats. i feel it should be a third of the resource it currently is to craft them at there current durbaility return - Weapons atleast my 2h sword seems to be in a good place durability wise Leveling speeds - Roaming tribes scroll drop rate seem to be way to low compared to the Xp you get for them - Sacrifice items need to all be purple quality or above or atleast work at any level/quality of vessel - Aracoix and Satyr scroll page icon are too similiar if we can get one set a slightly different colour like the ungu are red it be nice to easily organise and count them too
  7. April/19/2019 Zombie attack sounds persist through game mute. Ranger attacks hit through keep walls.
  8. I think you can hit B and store items there in spirit bag I believe they are 100% safe there
  9. So general feedback regarding starting off I noticed that there is no way to get back to starter zone so if you don't get the leather and stuff u need before you go to temple your screwed also why put a merchant who sells items for gold when you can't even farm gold in the starting area that I could see its just kinda confusing or maybe I missed something also I really feel like there needs to be more mobs spawned that are rank 2-3 between the starting area and the temple this seems to be a strange level gap where the forests in the temple are they go right to rank 4 and are in packs of 3 (which I got my ass handed to me several times trying to take them on).
  10. This all applies to Dregs as well. Do we know the Dregs will be highly different than the current system? Wouldn't be surprised if it is similar but guilds just have to do the work of building and they can be destroyed or damaged to award points to attackers. Or maybe they'll just copy/paste SB and call it a day and a handful of people will rejoice?
  11. Any word on how the discrepancy happened?
  12. i actually think this should change per campaign. Short campaigns have faster durability depletion compared to the longer ones. But I do feel that armor does break a bit too fast even for a short campaign like this. Give me at least 3 days and that if I'm being reckless and dying a lot.
  13. Staff

    Can i play plz

    keep it down, my gf wants to farm mats and im feelin real lazy rn
  14. So are we just gonna naked farm mobs now cause armor doesnt last long atm made a blue set last night and was almost broken in less than a day. swords last a good amount of time it seems should get 7days or so out of it before breaking that sword but armor just melts on mobs in comparison. Armor had 750 give or take on each piece. I feel the aim should be a set of gear should last for a week or so either that or costs need to be halfed resource wise.
  15. brentd

    Can i play plz

    Ya I am having an issue connecting back in keeps endless loading and I am in the starter area
  16. Nueby

    Can i play plz

    No kidding! I wanna play too..
  17. Your K/D can't take the hit. ACE is doing you a favor.
  18. Connecting to zone in Order temple. why tho
  19. Thracia has rebooted several times costing many guards bought. Now Order Temple is down. This has happened many times since campaign start. Can we get new hamsters in the wheel that runs the order server?
  20. Possible bug or Design? I was ganked inside my factions fort that was not taken over. My local bank was also looted?
  21. That does sound like it would be interesting. I have faith that they will iterate to improve the mechanics. Just sucks waiting.
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