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  2. One note on the terrible durability loss, which looks like it may be a bug: you take a durability hit to your items at the time you release your crow. You take a *second* hit at the time you revive.
  3. Today
  4. @vkromas Higher quality materials should create *harder to assemble* potions that allow you to *experiment for additional effects* Alchemy does not need more freebies. Alchemy needs more uses for its assembly and experimentation stats. I'm going to stick with noncombat effects as our recent alchemy stream said alchemy will be limited to noncombat effects until combat balance is finalized. Off the top of my head: All harvesting potions should have experimentation lines for plentiful harvest chance, tool decay reduction, and weak spot chance. Everything a tool can do, a potion should also be able to do. Advanced dust potion with a base 5% dust chance in addition to the above experimentation lines, made from advanced materials. It is ridiculous that I have a bank full of real materials and need to go farm slag, cobble, and knotwood to make dust potions when I'm a master alchemist. Gem/Mineral potions should have an experiment line for their drop chances. Slaying potions: For additional damage reduction and damage application to various mob types (ex. boar meat, mushrooms, dust, and flask for "potion of Boar slaying" or Metal+relic+water+flask for "Potion of Urgu Slaying" Experiment lines for damage/resistance. Potion of Restoration: All-in one bandage and food. Restores health over time and food meter in one item, can extend food buff duration. Requires food+plants+water+flask. Experiment lines for health per tick (to make the HoT shorter than a bandage for the same 3k hp) food restoration, and food buff duration. Tinctures: Non-stacking effects from crafting minors, experiment for number of crafts (a consumable alternative to crafting minors like helper monkey) Move the crafting buffs from the current crafting disciplines over to potions, expecting people to take majors for stat buffs now that recipies are free is bad. Noxious Philter: Belt slot equipment - Releases poison cloud on death. Experiment for durability. Druids may not equip such an unnatural thing. Grants other classes access to a "death bomb" style effect similar to druids. Universal Solvent: Used in "Dissolve Item" and "Acidic Arrow" recipes. Dissolve item: Uses universal solvent and any item to convert that item to stackable xp dust of the appropriate rarity for sacrifice purposes. Allows stacking of large amounts of banked sacrifice xp without tearing up bank space. Is a more granular and marketable commodity. Acidic Arrows: Flask+arrow shafts+Universal Solvent, Allows creation of acid filled vial tipped arrows that deal siege damage. There is no acid quiver. Enables backline classes to participate in knocking down walls with weapons, or for players that can take bow discs a way to spec in to ranged siege damage.
  5. i saw a few order names on balance this time around along with some chaos ones soo yeah
  6. Not much people around from the previous campaign making it rather boring (on order) haven't really seen anyone.
  7. ashes was a cash grab that updates the cash shop more than the game. If something like that beats cf i would be disappointed in spending money here then there.
  8. Yep when HoA went to join balance to join WB it through the population of the factions out of whack which gave them basicly free run of the campaign then player who thought it was hopeless to try fighting the zerg joined that faction so they can "win" if you can call it that which then caused a bigger faction pop issue and those still in the other faction no longer see a real reason to play appart from some minor testing each patch before stopping again waiting for the poplation between faction to fix themselfs so the game becomes fun again. No reason to play a game that is no longer considered fun due to simply huge unbalance between faction population. Seems like all balance is vsing atm are new player coming in and picking a random faction not knowing the difference. tbh those 2 guilds deciding to play to crush at this stage of the game by mega zerging it up in the respect of the current population is actually doing the game harm at this stage and causing new players to drop it after the first campaign they play. So instead of the game growing its tend to stagnate and possibly even be reducing atm. But hey thats there choice to make.
  9. Personally, I don't really see the problem. I have my own EK in which I have all my crafting stations and I have dedicated vessels that craft there. I have other vessels whom I use to enter campaigns. I use my spirit bank to transfer that which I am unable to craft in a keep, in said campaign.
  10. Why? More games the better IMO. True, but apparently what some consider a "PVP game" differs. Crowfall currently doesn't fit that tag for me.
  11. A LoD and Death Alliance war story was recently recreated and featured in several gaming news outlets! http://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/crowfall-war-stories-blazzen http://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/crowfall-take-the-throne https://www.mmorpg.com/crowfall/interviews/crowfall-a-new-dawn-1000013662 https://massivelyop.com/2019/05/24/crowfalls-three-week-maeve-campaign-has-begun-as-artcraft-releases-new-war-stories-video/
  12. Naming the pages from wartribes 1 - 10 has newer players think they need pages 1 - 10 to craft the item.
  13. Yesterday
  14. As the title says I think each temple should have access to each of the crafting table types OR each faction should have a small un-siegable settlement in the adventure zone nearest the temple. Sorry in advance for the rant. To be honest I mostly want this because I get a little insulted(I guess the forum has a cencoring program that detects derivations of booty pain) about joining a faction and then going to bed only to wake up to a rival faction owning 90% of all settlements and the other rival faction owning the remaining 10%. Not having access to crafting within the campaign completely cripples a faction without a settlement. And of course there's always the people saying to just go to an EK but really no one wants to go through the inconvenience of logging out of a server, back in to a new server, back out and then back in to the campaign just to get some tools or armor. Hell, if anything it discourages people from wanting to keep going, your faction doesnt have a beachhead to plan and organize for a battle, they just have an empty building full of greedy vendors and useless items so why bother? If the temple had all the crafting stations at least you dont have as much inconvenience and youd have a better place to gather for a fight. Or, if there was an un-siegable settlement (that of course doesnt contribute points to winning) in the first adventure zone there would be an immediate staging hub for players to group up and ready for a battle. Honestly I feel like the settlement being there could provide an avenue for an otherwise losing faction to come back from the brink of defeat.
  15. Congrats to Yumx and Vanguard!
  16. Thanks miraluna. you were correct, the link was in the newsletter from last month.
  17. It was in the newsletter last month. I think in the "Referral Code" field your friend would put your account name, so it would be: T-Bone If that doesn't work, email support@crowfall.com for help.
  18. I have a friend wanting to come try crowfall, and when making his account its asking for MY referral code? Ive looked EVERYWHERE for it but can not find it. Anyone mind helping a brother elken out?
  19. A´╗┐ lot´╗┐ ´╗┐is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how´╗┐ to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us ´╗┐have many ideas for every race. So bring your opinion in ´╗┐here!´╗┐!!´╗┐
  20. A´╗┐ lot´╗┐ ´╗┐is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how´╗┐ to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us ´╗┐have many ideas for every race. So bring your opinion in ´╗┐here!´╗┐!!´╗┐
  21. could you keep all this poorly made socks to one custard thread, thanks
  22. A´╗┐ lot´╗┐ ´╗┐is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how´╗┐ to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us ´╗┐have many ideas for every race. So bring your opinion in ´╗┐here!´╗┐!!´╗┐
  23. A´╗┐ lot´╗┐ ´╗┐is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how´╗┐ to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us ´╗┐have many ideas for every race. So bring your opinion in ´╗┐here!´╗┐!!´╗┐
  24. A´╗┐ lot´╗┐ ´╗┐is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how´╗┐ to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us ´╗┐have many ideas for every race. So bring your opinion in ´╗┐here!´╗┐!!´╗┐
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