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  2. There were some good fights til balance managed to condense their forces into the final couple areas. A lot of people seemingly working well together. You want more PvP roll the side with the least people. Odds are better you’ll get action. Or look for the primo gathering spots. Bring enough of a crew they don’t roll alone.
  3. Chers Corbeaux ! J’espère que vos avez passé une excellente semaine. La newsletter est disponible !!! 😎 Je compte sur vous pour proposer des idées que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, etc. pour notre Newsletter! 🎺 Trial of Maeve Le Trial of Maeve a démarré cette semaine! Début: le 23 mai à 16h00. Se terminera le 12 juin à 22 h. Remarque: - Il s'agit d'une campagne de trois semaines - Pas d'effacement / réinitialisation - Les importations sont autorisées ------------------------------------------------------------- 📰 Nouveaux articles sur Crowfall Deux nouveaux articles de TenTonHammer et de MMORPG.com détaillent certaines des nouvelles fonctionnalités implémentées dans la dernière mise à jour de Crowfall: The God Trials. Pour en savoir plus sur #WarStories, God's Reach et autres mises à jour majeures de #CrowfallGame! Tous les détails ici. 🎬 "GO FAST" Une super vidéo de présentation de la 5.9 en français 😍Merci a @royo , membre et joueur toujours très actif de notre petit communauté.😀 N’hésitez pas a le remercier et l'encourager sur sa chaîne youtube! ------------------------------------------------------------- 💡 Nouvelle campagne? Un petit post pour discuter du démarrage d'une nouvelle campagne. Quelles sont les premières choses et actions a faire quand on démarre une nouvelle campagne? Comment bien démarrer? Commentez ici ❔ Sondage Facebook Donnez votre avis sur Facebook!!!! Félicitations a YUMX, Histoire de guerre de la semaine:
  4. Audio bug: When you use your ult as an assasin all audio gets dimmed and the ult noise doesnt go away unless you relog.
  5. Today
  6. I am sorry if I overly generalized too much about population. I was reacting to the tired old excuse of Zerg that has been a mainstay on the forums for the last 6 months. You are correct that at the moment the population is very low and Balance could have 30 people participating at sieges out of a total server population of 75+ with most Order and Chaos folks not sieging. This campaign is the lowest population I have seen in 6 months and Balance certainly could out numbers other factions during some sieges since the other Faction guilds aren't playing/testing. There isn't any easy fix to some guilds "trying hard" besides simply not running trials for a while until they have the next big phase of the game ready to test
  7. Can't imagine what it would be like if all these smaller studios combined forces and their great ideas. AOC's economic concepts are just that right now but seem a lot more interesting then having a stall in an EK or whatever we end up with in CF. https://ashesofcreation.com/news/2019-05-32-know-your-nodes-economic-node-type
  8. can just delete frostweaver already and instead implement an unarmed brawler monk class that has all 3 trees actually be viable
  9. i believe they are under the impression they will eventually kill the "zerg" and get all that loot
  10. You can give your best to make a map out of it but coordinates are impossible to implement with this 3d map mess.
  11. in the war camps (edited out the bit about at the temple, saw none. i suspect it is just easier to get to the stations in the war camps on GR than in campaign)
  12. Where specifically does one obtain Runemaking Techniques minor disc?
  13. Where exactly do we find the artifact stations to do this?
  14. ideally with factories you could stack identical gear with no dura loss so you could have 10 sets stacked.
  15. Personally I just hit random buttons and never die. (Then again the force is with me).
  16. Could a developer please explain to me why when we create a vessel it is now nameless? I can see the reasoning if this was purely a pvp game with no advanced classes and no crafting/harvesting restriction ... but it is not. Prior to this change I could look at character select and know which of my 6 vessels had which discipline equipped because they had names. Now with this change I will have to write down which class/ advanced class vessel has which discipline and hope I do not have two identical looking vessels/ classes which I actually do. Please explain the benefit to testers on doing this?????
  17. I can't access the Temple Brazier for sacrificing. Holding F doesn't open it
  18. I feel your pain, I have a purple vessel that is sitting in the lobby waiting for my white/green vessels to gather up enough wartribe scrolls to rank up the purple. I have no desire to grind out levels via monster kills on any vessel above blue.
  19. I agree I find a ton of the patch fantastic.. the visuals and such and I am still playing, but they need to switch their direction, Seriously leveling the gold vessel with all the changes is next to impossible, You have about 4k less health than you used to have, because of the armor change, you have no skills, and you need to kill an r5 at level 1 for the 50xp. I think you need to kill about 40 of them just to go from 1 to 2 on a gold vessel, when you are forced to bandage and wait between every kill its just stupid, gets old in about 10 minutes. All they need to do is make white stuff (including gold) worth something for purple level 25's, I have already suggested a fifth of an experience point. So a stack of white ore or 200 gold would be worth about 40 xp.. Now you could go deck yourself out in some nice purple or gold gear to make it a little easier, but have fun with that cause your gear will all break around level 15... from just straight being in combat mode all that time, even if you dont die
  20. Its also a 3 day holiday weekend in the US so low pop might also be that people are out and about away from their computers. That said, there are some issues with the current build. I have seen the new death mechanic alter game play for some of the folks I group with... specifically they fight naked because any death is a huge durability hit to equipped gear. While i am not 100% opposed to naked fisticuffs 😁... it does seem a little broken. I also have some folks not willing to log in due to the death mechanic, which is a shame because an awful lot of this current patch is amazing.
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