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  3. After the server (EU) restart , the mobs and NPC's does never spawned . Seems the Campaign maps are empty .
  4. Hello! To have your name changed, email support@crowfall.com .
  5. Greetings all, I finally decided to back Crowfall, and play test it first hand. Kinda Old School player, started with Ultima Online in 97, and been playing since many others, from Shadowbane to WoW, Jumpgate to EVE, Darkfall to Albion but my all time Favorites are Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Crowfall has been on the on the watch list since it first got announced, along with Camelot Unchained and Dual Universe. (By the way is there no way to change the username or put some capitalization seems like older accounts are all low caps, not a biggie but would be nice if possible) Cheers!
  6. What's next, the Houdini overboard box escape? 😉
  7. I'd imagine we'll have a full wipe including skills at beta. Then a final wipe right before release.
  8. Still in |Alpha| almost 5 years after taking my $ and saying "we'll release in 2016". Anyway, I hope it's getting close to a real "release" and there's no more wipes than needed. Z
  9. Yesterday
  10. Guild criteria: Region: NA, EST Balance Atmosphere: Looking for a guild Casual/Hardcore?: Want to be as active as possible Size: Small or Medium Play-Style: Currently Melee and Support. Working on more. Commitment: TIf there is action I will be there. Experience: Been playing MMO's since 1999 and other games forever. I usually tank or support. But this might be different being so PvPcentric. I love crafting. Voice-Chat services: Anything. Discord Preferred
  11. Very good to know. My daughter has a few chaos embes and was looking to trade them for the foreman disc, but I told her she might want to wait or try to get it on her own. Being noobs I was worried she might get taken advantage of.
  12. Thank you Miraluna, I have to agree that in that respect the Instance is a good decision. And I would add, that the instance is actually very well made and much better, in this case (as compared to others). It is true that UO suffered from not enough space for all to satisfy their Social hub dreams. SWG did not exactly had this problem, but maybe it never reached its critical point either. In either case, thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to this feature really because, game with warfare have been too many and numerous, but games with social interaction possibilities no, SWG was really the last one...since then all we get is Solo based gameplay in a Massively Multiplayer fashion, PvE Dominated Interaction without any emphasis or support to the Social aspects of the Game, Social interaction within the Game world, it is an after thought in most games, or others make it so hard to access that it destroys the purpose of it. I have kept Crowfall on my radar because I liked that original announcement Video where the vision was expressed, and I hope the overall vision for something different is still prevailing. I'll look in to Stonemasonry skill and see how accessible and feasible this content is as well as enjoyable.
  13. Quests are going to be added to the game to help facilitate new players learning the ropes. However raids and dynamic pve events probably won't. Everything you listed can be found in the sandbox pvp elements of the game.
  14. You can craft all the land parcels and buildings in-game in CF, using harvested resources and the Stonemasonry skill. It's not necessary to purchase unless you want that convenience. The housing in UO and SWG was amazing, the biggest downside being the worlds eventually ran out of space and new players would not be able to find a spot. Crowfall's system is a compromise in that it is instanced so that everyone can build if they want to, but it's not just a house - it's a whole world that can be shared with friends, guild or merchant community using the permissions system: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq/fealty/3IbfChnulaCMuUGmq8aGiw
  15. You can use the "Search" function for members: Click in the "Search..." field Choose "More options" from the drop down menu Select "Members" Type in username (assuming you know the name they picked!)
  16. Infernal is looking for harvesters and combatants to gather resources and expend those resources. Anyone who is interested can join our Discord server through the link on our website: www.infernalgamers.com. Crafters are also appreciated. We are looking for new, returning, and long time players alike. If a dedicated necromancer is looking for work, we can help you scratch your crafting itch. We are in need of mineral and gem farmers. We also are looking for front-liners and healers. Everything else is appreciated and enthusiastically accepted, as well.
  17. Daoc did something along these lines as small incremental abilities/stats were given along with a title when and as you achieved realm/pvp rank.
  18. Really appreciate it. Saving this post and the one you linked. My daughter and I are out and about collecting and leveling and just trying to grasp everything. So far fun and the crafting is phenomenal, but a steep learning curve, but interesting.
  19. As soon as I started playing I couldn't help but to see the potential greatness the Crowfall game has for its future. To the thought though; Make an timed event in the campaign(s) for a one week period. Each event has its own theme. Quest line's to follow ( 3 linier questlines of 9-15 quest each all merging to final quest) with a mix of PvP, PvE, harvesting, and crafting elements with event currency, gear, items, and peaceable critters* for rewards. Final quest to be guild oriented team work. Final rewards to be currency, (gold, event currency or Crowns pending on overall difficulty), or a Boss Critter**. 3 tier Questline difficulty, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Beat it 3 times for more final quest rewards and possible bonus Boss Critter**. Guild ranking bored (not faction). Top 3 guilds get bonus points for they're faction, Trophy for guild hall, possibly unique parcels/spawner's that last 1 week post event. 10 day brake between events Event currency locked to campaign, also will be the primary reward in event quests. * the term critter refers to a normal event troop, beast, or monster. Placing them only at post that your faction owns to increase the guard count, difficulty, and point value for taking said outpost. ** As per normal event troop, beast, or monster, but this is an elite or King/Queen version. Also possible to get a Demi-God version to drop, next to never happens. ( 0.00001% chance, So 1 in a 100, 000 chance! ) I know this will not happen soon, but would help with emersion, fleshing out existing lore, making each campaign more unique. Any suggestions to help flesh the basics out would be great. Thoughts from ACE staff would be amazing, if not, its OK, I know your busy.
  20. This vid is one of my faves, its oozing style.
  21. Ble

    Gaea's Wail

    I've been holding down the button for this entire CW, wonder if i can 1shot a ToL
  22. Thank you for the explanations, it answers the question for now perfectly. It is just to early in the dev cycle for this feature. I do hope however that it will not require down the line additional monetary investment and purchases and that we will be able to build our houses and social hubs with in the game. At least I hope that is part of your plans, given the realities of Business models today or Crowfalls business model. I played both Ultima Online, Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies (best crafting and housing system ever for me), and I consider these to be the Housing paradigm. Crowfall is already in that view a step lower than them because it is instanced Housing (some 21 years later starting with UO and not unlike all the Asian F2P games and some regrettable more recent titles such as Albion and Archage or relatively less recent such as Darkfall, and VanGuard with their node based housing all of lesser Housing systems. As such, to ask to have to buy land and houses on top, at least from an old school gamer's point of view is not appealing, because we have seen known and experienced better. I have not gathered all my first impression yet about what can be experienced in Crowfall, but I am taking notes. I like much of what I see and the feel of it, I am not sure about the Character combat system with the trays and the additional action to go in and out of combat (why can;t that be automated?)..I play a ranger mind you and it is cumbersome. Anyways I say all this with reserve, since I still need to experience the Campaign and other mechanics maybe there is a reason why the IN/OUT of combat tedium is required which I am just not seeing or realizing yet with just PVE. Yet first impression I do not find it fun truth be told, yet I digress at this time, will make another post in appropriate area about all this. Thank you kindly!
  23. There’s two potential factors at play: The First is material quality. The quality of the materials you use determines the possible quality of the result, so if you mix material quality there’s a chance your result will be the lowest quality you used. You should almost always use all the same quality for an item to insure the result. There’s a few items where quality doesn’t matter, but their specific to certain crafting, I don’t believe Runemaking has any of those. You can somewhat play the averages to game the quality up and down, but as rule I generally avoid it unless I have lots of spare material. It doesn’t seem to work in your favor I’m the end. So if you have all the same quality the second factor comes into play: assembly chance. Every recipe has an assembly difficulty, the farther from this number the higher the risk of a Flawed Assembly (which will automatically downgrade and not let you experiment). If your assembly is over the target number you will max out at 98% chance, there’s always an inherent 2% failure chance no matter what your stats are. Something to keep in mind: the quality of the materials you use will alter the assembly difficulty. The higher the quality the more difficulty, when your first starting out this could turn a simple recipe at common to a difficult recipe at rare. While not directly related to your question some things to know about crafting: Assembly stat is easy to max out between training, gear, and base stats. Don’t focus on it too much when building a crafting vessel. Instead you want to focus on Experimentation and Experimentation Points. These are the important stats that really determine the difference between good and bad items. Everyone gets Experimentation from Intellect but the points vary per crafting, it’s usually the same as their primary assembly stat. There’s some more nuance to building crafters but that’s the basics to look at. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask! A previous post I made with crafter details: One note in there, it’s much easier to max out blue crafter vessels now than when I wrote it. And some can max out or get really close with Commons vessels due to the way their stats breakdown. We do often rely on the crafting command buff to get the last half a point to hit the soft cap of 18 points, so if you don’t have access to that you may need to upgrade your vessel.
  24. I agree and disagree. I do think in the respected Temple areas that there should be a designated place to meet and team up, instead of on the fly like most other MMO's have. An old school Inn/Tavern feel. I also recognize, as already mentioned, that this is a QoL add in for down the road. These guys have bigger fish to fry.
  25. I don't like harvesting in CF either. I think it should be tied to control points and the labor should be done by NPC harvesters. Mining rocks is not something heroic demigods (Crows) should be doing.
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