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  3. Some of the exploration soul drops are listing as "soul_exploration_##_display_name", ##= 07 or other numbers When trying to runegate into the Order Temple sometimes it will state that I am in an unsafe area and port me to outside the Order Temple and drop me in the middle of the Rank 3 Warbands, right next to the boss. This has happened once when using the runegate from newbie cave zone to Order Temple, also once when gating back from the Adventure zones to the temple.
  4. Well, enough of my opinions. What other races should be "improved"?
  5. Put in some more time tonight and wrapped up my Gathering Guide much faster than anticipated https://www.roleplayinn.com/crowfall-gathering-guide/ Next on the agenda is likely editing in a section about crafting stations to the crafting guide. A third of these text guides will likely be in the works in the near future so I can give my editor a heart attack when she gets around to editing these all for me. Still deciding what subject to focus on next.
  6. We'll see what happens. ArtCraft basically prompted a break from the playerbase with the long gap between trials. While I appreciated the chance to focus on school and the fact that it's spring / nice out in the US right now, a lot of the time when people take breaks they find other games. People are growing disinterested in the continued faction imbalance and I know we've lost a lot of people to Conqueror's Blade. I was hopeful with FoE coming this side that this would be our best campaign yet as they seem like a tight crew but Chaos was a complete no-show at sieges tonight, and the Order turnout was completely underwhelming by everyone but FoE. We'll see how things turn out, and if we can rally some numbers to get some decent fights going this campaign. The real question is what is Balance going to do if they don't? Post pictures of green maps every night and fight nobody? Sounds fun...
  7. Could anyone tell that child that it's not so hard to add a button for top down, orthogonal view? You can choose to do so before or after the slapping occurred. ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to API reference: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Camera-orthographic.html Please thanks?
  8. i dont think he does, he rather ruin the gameplay experience and turn people off the game to win some pre alpha campiagns, the whole balance faction ordeal is kinda ruining the game for most people
  9. Jah you do realize that this is pre-alpha, right?
  10. So then no chance of winning i shouldn't even try then gotcha.
  11. You do have to play to win. Your guild tapped out before this campaign even started.
  12. We've played NA balance since before you lot left order at the start of the trials and took the landscaping off our hands. We'll probably still be playing NA balance when you leave as well. You really shouldn't drink on the job. Its very unprofessional.
  13. on full loot servers they can just up the resource drops rate or reduce the materially cost to craft items. prob reduce the dura on equipment slightly too if there easier to craft.
  14. Hmmm, what is this conversation? This seems like an unnecessary flex.. 1: Hi, my guild is on Balance on EU, we're 5 people and just want to practice, not being involved in these squabbles. 2: Why would we make ropes? 3: Last time you guys visited EU was back in Trial of Zaleena, and that fight didn't go so well for you guys: 4: Yes you could probably overrun the server, could be fun to see. Now please leave us out of this flexing competition.
  15. To be clear I don't belong to Vanguard, and I'm not European. I'm American. The reason I'm featured in their video is because I fought alongside 3 of them + another player who was TRA at the time in a fight where we stopped 9 balance 5v9 right here on NA. They were winning 4v9 when I arrived on scene but my CCs did hasten the inevitable.
  16. Balance 115 vs Order 53 vs Chaos 48 as of scoreboard People with score on the scoreboard (People with Score, Kills or Crafting) Balance 109, Order 47, Chaos 41 So yeah balance has over half the population so there no wonder why they have all the keeps. Called this long before this campaign even started.
  17. Hallo alle crowfall Freunde , ich denke was es ist das ist es , Prä-Alpha und mit einigem das gepostet wurde bin ich durchaus einverstanden!! Ich habe persönlich einige Probleme ,gegenüber dem gameplay (Spielverlauf) ,schreibe aber nichts darüber im Forum weil es meine Einzelmeinung ist ,wichtig finde ich es das es eine grossteils einhellige community-Meinung gibt und die auch vertreten wird .Ich finde das Thema hier sehr gut und es werden Dinge angesprochen die mehr als Einzelmeinungen sind.Wer möchte kann auch auf meinem discord channel posten was er/sie denkt.Ich sehe das Gildenunabhängig auch wenn ich der Meinung bin vergesst auf die kleinen Gilden nicht! Es ist was es ist Prä-Alpha und die Spieler wollen mehr und das ist halt ein Widerspruch in sich selbst.Und vom Gefühl her sind derzeit nur wenig Spieler online europaweit. LG solairre & fishbone
  18. are you also getting rid of death shroud? and how much was it lowered? not like we wont find out so why be vague. gotta be honest, im losing interest in Grindfall at an increasing rate. alot of little things are piling up that have removed the fun of the game. its starting to feel more like a chore than a game (not burnout). seems like you are more focused on creating more ways to grind than you are on ways to make meaningful pvp (which there are numerous suggestions for all over this forum that are good). before the war tribes update i was really tempted to upgrade my account and buy a second one in case i got a friend to play. im glad i didnt, and most likely wont. in fact i "bought into" another game that is essentially a direct competitor. the game you advertise is not the game being delivered.
  19. Frankly they need to expand on the skull drops make them worth something, I don't know about you guys but I would rather loose my entire inventory than let one of you get my skull I'd like to see a rule-set where skulls decided victory
  20. I wish it was permadeath right now in 5.90. We would have all your keeps and you would be starting over with an untrained character. Go look at the NA map I wish it was full loot right now in 5.90 today. We would have all your keeps, and all your loot, and you would be perma- dead, starting over on a naked, unarmed, untrained toon with no keep. Go look at the NA map. Evidently you Euros have forgotten the last time we spent a weekend on your servers. If we need to come over to the E.U. and change that 4Chaos/2 Order map ratio to 6 Balance, Yumix and his Merry band of goat ropers ain't gonna even be a speed bump. Eradication happened go look at the NA map first day in the Trial of Maeve, and we weren't even disgruntled off. Now how can you tell if someone is disgruntled off when they speak Mandarin and there are a couple thousand of them on your server. I'll tell ya... You ain't got no keep, you're perma- dead, and your nekkid. Jeeze man why you warning them, let them have their way, so I can have their stuff... at least until the East Asians get here. Oh I fixed your post, contrary to popular belief we didn't have quite 300 hundred tonight, but if it was a Full Loot rule-set we would have made sure to put a few xtra people in the head chopping loot squad.
  21. the satyr raid boss was hitting me for 0 dmg at times and his max hit was about 40 he was rank 7 raid boss
  22. Had a piece of slate drop from a hunger crystal. I think it was a rank 3-ish. Guinecean Duelist replays the first few frames of the sit animation while logging out. One of the exploration soul drops reads as "soul_exploration_10_display_name". (Edit: I made the rune, it's Villein)
  23. In addition, the "People's Elbow" needs to be addressed. Alpha Warrior Neckbreaker is pretty ridiculous AoE damage and CC.
  24. OOof! Hot damn! I havent been on this Forum since Kickstarter finished. Gotta jump ona nd check out the game see how far its come.
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