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  2. jakira

    Max archer range

    I have heard 67 but the max I have gotten is 64 without carrot juice. This is with a bow that both increase range distance bonus and range distance bonus cap. So you could say that cap maybe surpassed with gear still testing if the range distance bonus cap can be rolled to be greater.
  3. Its not about trinkets. Its about giving feedback on game mechanics to make the game better.
  4. At a time that maybe mattered, not in a pre alpha, you can still get a shiny trinket without nightcapping
  5. At what stage would burning out night capping be appropriate?
  6. Only reason people burned out in the beginning is because you're trying hard and made your guild nightcap and cap over and over and over again, which is very unnecessary at this stage of the game, and with factions.
  7. Today
  8. For an ek that has no use and account limited bank space. Not worth it. And if we are reduced down to 3 character slots that removes mules for me. And I only have one account. ACE hasn’t convinced me of putting any more money into the game.
  9. Surprised I didn’t notice this. This should’ve been something brought to our attention not snuck in there. @thomasblair @vkromas @jtoddcoleman
  10. There are two types of people. You and I are not the same type of person.
  11. Is chopping heads supposed to be like 3x faster than releasing? I started my release before opponent was out of combat tree, then he pulled out axe, then started to chop my head. I didn’t even make it halfway thru the release bar. Having them be the same time always made more sense to me.
  12. Skull helmets! Skull weapons! I want to be able to skin enemy players (quarry stone born) and make armor from it. I don’t see how EKs are really going to be any benefit as things play out. Certainly not using exports for skulls.
  13. Jah

    Linux Client

    When you run the client directly it connect to the TEST server rather than the LIVE server. You could probably get around this with a command line parameter.
  14. Silverback

    Max archer range

    I've seen 42m in a recent video..I know there is also carrot juice with +3m
  15. Since this game is written in Unity, there is more hope. (and from what I'm seeing below). I also had problems trying to run the installer in WINE. I used winetricks to install vcrun2013 and a multitude of other items to try and get the installer to not crash. From what I can tell from the output, it seems to crash when it calls the function to download the content. I'm not sure which function they are using, as I'm not getting a lot out of the WINE output (but I'm only a novice at WINE debugging). To see if I could get past the installer, I booted over to a windows install and installed the game. I verified I could login and make a character, etc. Then in Linux I tried to run the launcher in WINE and it freezes and locks up the launcher. Similar to the installer, it's at the point where it would need to check for a new client / download the new client. -BUT- When I choose to run the client exe directly it runs and allows me to login! This is using standalone Proton 4.9 w/ DXVK 1.3.2 (Ran through Lutris to hopefully make a Lutris script). Now don't get your hopes up just yet 😞 .... I did notice a few problems. Some that winetricks could probably fix and others not... 1. My characters that I created on Windows are missing! My guess is that the launcher is doing some connection magic or I'm not connecting to the same bank of servers because the launcher isn't present. (Fixing the launcher would be needed to fix this). 2. Mouse issues. Everything works fine until you alt tab out of the game, or click outside of the game. When returning, you can no longer click on any item and keyboard input is ignored. There have been games in the past that have done this and there is normally tricks to fix this. Other than these 2 items, the game client seems to be running in the menus flawlessly. Which gives me hope! By the time I got to this point I needed some sleep, so I didn't try and create a character, etc. I'm thinking of trying that tonight to see if I can get in-game and check out the FPS / etc. to see how the game is. I'm hoping that someone smarter than me can figure out the installer/launcher issue because it seems like this is needed for full functionality. I don't know if the devs are open to letting us know what they are using in the installer/launcher for this piece to assist in fixing that piece. *wink* *wink*
  16. To say that players won’t impact your experience and thus your decision is fluff. If UxA plays on the dregs and gets zerged off over and over that is 100% going to influence whether you play or not. It’s not like you guys have done your selves any favors, politically. Personally I’ve always liked the 10th and it’s members but this new angle you guys have taken is confusing to me. I’ll support you guys to play however you want.
  17. In fact the functionality has already been tested. But only for a very short time and kind of long ago. We were able to use skulls and hanging banners on connectors that were placed on the spikes of fort walls. Like with the mounts right now, it was only the functionality, without any thing been shown. So, quite sure it will come. Once we come to the placement of props.
  18. Bazgul

    Max archer range

    What is the max archer range you have been able to obtain and what is the hard cap?
  19. I've noticed having crit amount 5 seems to yield less purple and legendary resources that crit amount 4. Might just be coincidence but at 5 most of my crits are just blues on r10s where crit 3 and 4 amount seemed to yield more of the good stuff.
  20. I agree, and think that this cuts to the core of the problems with the 5.8x & 5.9x factions campaigns; too many player styles in one game space. For 5.100 Ace used wartribes and their loot to create a complete game loop in GR. I think that helped, a lot. New and pure casual players have a place to go and something to do; rather than logging in once, getting crushed & never coming back. Not to suggest GR is perfect, but I think it's a good starting point for future iteration. Now they're working on a space for hardcore guilds to call their own. Once we have that space, the structured guilds trying to paint the planet and our 50+ vs 50+ fights will go there. After that factions campaigns will be small guilds and the randos that want to run with them having small battles with each other over whatever POI the game says is important now.
  21. Not a bad suggestion. It could see it working better if points were accrued not based on time held, but based on time/ticks spent with the target switching sides. So you don't get points for just standing around in your fully captured/held fort, but rather you get points when opposed and the circle starts to switch sides. I wouldn't take away what we already have, but use this as a way to accrue more points. But the above said, I would not want to distract ACE from the dregs milestone and game style to add in a change like this, and if that game style doesn't have the same points structure, I would not circle back to this until we see how dregs does play out. Cheers
  22. They already stated they want to have skull pikes for your EK but I believe that's part of the decoration layer stuff which isn't currently finished. This is also the layer on which other nonfunctional deco is supposed to go and they've showed a bit of it before like alternate window designs, or the various cosmetic items you can see in some houses currently being used as a placeholder. EK stuff is currently on the backburner as they get the main game in ship shape but we were assured multiple times by Todd that Eks are still super important to him and will definitely have their time when the campaigns are fully sorted out.
  23. I question if complex campaign map strategy is a viable goal for faction campaigns when the entire point is a lack of leadership structure and ability to compete without assembling massive player hierarchies. Making "player leadership" and grand strategy too important in faction campaigns kind of undercuts the purpose of faction campaigns. You're supposed to be able to enter faction campaigns, talk to nobody and know nothing about politics, and still have a competitive experience. It seems to me the entire point of faction campaigns compared to dregs is you're told by the ephemeral CPU leadership who to fight, where to go, and all you need to worry about is how to fight and whether you want to show up with your little squad. Its an introductory/casual campaign type. Being led by the nose in to fight locations seems appropriate for it.
  24. You could ditch the stealth speed buff and make them straight up immune to slows (but not roots or hard CC) to further naildown on mobility, but I liked the idea of brigands having an option for slightly faster stealth and a more "close range dance" race for warden. Half elf just seems like the logical "default" melee ranger race (in the same way as nethari is to confessor, Mino to myrmidon, wood elf to druid, or elken to archer) so it made sense to me to think about synergies that would be specifically appealing to both melee ranger templates. This also makes a good middleground option for assassins that feels worth giving up glideand the crit bonus. HELF assassin with this setup would be less good at infiltrating, but better at skirmishing, seems like an attractive tradeoff. This suite of bonuses alongside HELF's more DPS friendly stat array also makes an attractive platform for DPS druids, giving you some nice close range skirmish power so you can have a bit of kite without teleporting out of the fight. I really think some kinda super-retaliate is the way to go for them and then work everything else around that though. Straight up ground speed is kind of a thing a lot of races have, and while increased combat speed is unique it has the same problem as stat caps if its by itself in that it just doesn't "pop" like the high impact abilities afforded to other races. The uber-retaliate (preferably with a unique and faster animation) would have that cool factor and be something wholly unique with great synergy for ranger, druid, and assassin builds. Other random race balance/appearance notes: Stoneborne are cool but their racial ability needs a buff. Maybe remove the healing limiter, increasing the CD if that is too OP. Centaur chants could use a range buff. Where are the nethari tattoos? Weren't the magical glowing tattoos supposed to be the most striking visual difference between them and humans? Shouldn't that be what the accent color is for? Humans don't have a use for the accent color. I suggest giving them cosmetic piratey jewelry options (noserings, hair beads, racks of earring, etc.) to further differentiate them from the missing nethari tattoos. This would help showcase the diversity/ubiquity of man, having the more standard "noble" looks alongside the more "roguish" looks on the same race for very little art budget. Half Giant's making me mad passive should have its low damage requirement removed and be rebalanced around simply taking attacks. It is the only racial ability that is literally nonfunctional when fighting a more dangerous opponent. Where are the sun elf variants for high elf? I want my red elves!
  25. Since they limited the amount of outposts in the zone I would keep it the one we currently have but it would also toggle a zone wide buff to your faction. Could be extra heal, dmg, run speed, harvest yield, extra damage vs buildings etc. It would give more of a short term incentive for players to capture along with the long term campaign points as a win condition.
  26. Cheers. I don't know why I couldn't figure that out before reading your comment, but I've got it now! Turns out, a piece of bread in my inventory was my 13th item...
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