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  2. I would make it so that Forts no longer gave points every 10 minutes or whatever it is currently. Instead, make it so that all the points are accrued during the Fort siege window. Meaning if the faction wants to gain points from said fort they'll need to actively hold the fort to accrue maximum points during the siege window. Basically a king of the hill scenario. Example: 2 hour siege window Faction A holds fort for 25 minutes 1,250 points Faction B holds fort for 70 minutes- 3,500 points Faction C holds for for 25 minutes 1,250 points I would develop the fort siege system even further by having small points of interest in the vicinity of the fort that could be captured at lower value to generate points as opposed to just one circle.
  3. I feel like pushing for completely player-driven, emergent sandbox gameplay in the casual Faction ruleset that tells you who you can and cannot kill is going down a rabbit hole that won't lead to anything good. A lot of us have to accept that once Dregs comes out we're never playing Factions again and let the casual playerbase have their game. This includes myself, who definitely Faction gameplay is 1000% not for me. As someone who had to do a lot of hurry-up-and-wait fort/outpost flipping duty during Cybele I really don't think that the old capture free-for-all was a game for casuals.
  4. That is a good point - there isn't much map strategy involved when the spreadsheet tells you where to go. Makes it harder for small groups to have any impact. Edit: IDK what the solution is for that, maybe some wildcard objectives or some activity to force a vulnerability window to open?
  5. The Crowfall® community is getting larger by the day (thanks to you!) and new players are looking for some Crows of a feather to flock around with. We want to help spread the word about guilds who are open to bringing in new members. You can help us accomplish this by creating a guild recruiting video. We'll share the videos on our social media channels. Your video should be at least 30 seconds but not more than 60 seconds in length. In accordance with our Fair Use Policy, your Crowfall-related creations may include images and video from Crowfall; however, please any materials -- such as images, video or music -- that are under copyright protection from a source other than ArtCraft Entertainment. Content must also be in line with our Rules of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. For inspiration, here are three “vintage” recruiting videos that were submitted previously: Caldera Obsidian Undead Lords Upload your guild recruitment video to YouTube and send the link to community@crowfall.com. If you’re choosing not to make the video public, you’ll have to use the Private setting so that we can view it and share the link. The video description should include a link to your guild’s thread in the Guild Recruiting section of the Crowfall forum. You may also wish to include a link to your guild’s website and/or Discord information. Hit me up if you have questions.
  6. TBH I've always been critical of the invisible orbs. Pro Druids have always told me I'm stupid. I've always felt that bombs would be more interesting if the orbs remained visible (enemy orbs colored yellow or something) to use as a zoning threat, and had their explosion radius increased to about double what it is now with clear ground marks for mazimum explosion radius. This seems much more appropriate for druid orbs as they're dual purpose devices. If you successfully zone people with your orb trap it isn't wasted resources as they can still be used as a fallback position for heals. Even fully visible no matter what you do with a druid orb its useful. Then you'd have affirmative counters to breach that area like: Pummeling the people standing behind it with ranged attacks so they panic-eat the orbs for HP Walk around Make a coordinated tank rush to eat the damage with ults It would also help to differentiate them from traps, because traps are a thing now, and there's an entire promotion class built around traps that's worse at functional traps than a druid. Currently those traps are visible to all but we were told that eventually they should obey the same stealth and perception rules as players, which is a much more reasonable counter (get a perception scout) than "dodge out of the way in 1.5 seconds even though retaliate takes like .6 seconds to animate and you're in combat tray and blocked in by who knows how many allies and you had no idea this was going to be an issue unless you've been staring at the floor for 30 seconds in stead of fighting and meticulously memorized the tiny green farts where each orb was placed"
  7. @Jah My reply was directly in response to anglemars post and numbered referencing every point made, with my opinions. I don’t need you to try to unvalidate my opinion just because you might disagree with portions of it. Feel free to disagree with my opinion but don’t try to take some righteous stand point like others opinions arent valid on the said topic being discussed.
  8. The majority of the hardcore deciding to be on the same "team" is more of the problem, rather than that they exist, or even play to win. It's just a different way to avoid real challenge than farming in GR, but is at least, if not more, detrimental to the game in general and people having fun.
  9. The thread is about some specific changes. Its not about how safezones are ruining world pvp, how objectives like forts don't feel useful, etc. The thread isn't about how everything is great now. Its about how less sieges per week is a welcome change, having less outposts is a welcome change, and not having all 12 forts flip every night to whoever stayed up the latest is a welcome change. Those changes are not killing pvp. There are a variety of other factors that might be, but the specific changes discussed in this thread are not.
  10. Having a schedule system for objectives is good, and it does help with the nightcapping issues that is so frustrating in Survival games, or any territory control scenario like GW2 WvW. This issue though is really a hardcore players problem: I'm not sure that casual players have burnout, and for that segment of the playerbase it's more important to make sure there is fun content available when they can play. Once the Dregs is open for hardcore players (and 3-Faction has it's intended audience) ACE can tweak the schedule again if needed. It might turn out that nightly sieges are better in 3-faction but hard to tell with low testing pops. Either way, now ACE has a nice tool they can use to make the adjustments.
  11. 2x sieges in a day is meh. 1x per week is yay. Please check my post history for suggestions about revising the siege materials economy to add context to all the time in between. I could repeat the same novel again but that would be redundant. I think the major issue people have with windows is that their actions between windows don't feel meaningful. With a better set of risk/reward systems focused around movement of POI resources via caravan to reinforce owned objectives, and the ability to loot that storage by taking down objectives during windows the context of the space between windows would be about preparing for the next windows rather than just trading outpost captures or ganking harvesters out of boredom. I'm all for ganking harvesters. It's my favorite thing. However there should be a persistant and valuable feeling pvp activity in the world and outposts alone don't do that. The way the current system works it feels like the war stops whenever the vuln window stops. The war should feel persistant and offer you a persistant opportunity to contribute to the war effort even if you're not going to be around for those large battles, and do so in a way that invites pvp interactions. In my personal opinion that should be the concept of player driven supply caravans driving those big chunks of stone, metal, and timber to make your keep or fort even harder to take down next fight, or stored to construct even more siege weapons rather than those weapons being constructed from just the same materials as gear. Also I completely agree that objectives having literally zero reward and only serving as a way to beat up your gear for ephemeral points is bad.
  12. I personally dislike this fort/siege schedule as it only fixed a few minor things like back capping, and created a slew of new headaches. 1 - yes night capping forts is dead.....bc no pvp allowed at 98% of forts lol, theres only one objective fort to fight over for 17 out of 24 hrs of the day.... in 6 zones......really, really, boring and anti sandbox feel going on. This also removes any strategy for map movement or control as you are literally forced and pointed to what you have to fight over or care about. This directly helps the faction with the more active player base as now they know exactly where to stack their troops and what they have to defend. (as admitted by most balance they are having an easier time keeping stuff capped)(reference scoreboard) The 5 man fort group now cant use geography and movement as a weapon to get around numbers, they are forced into non winning fights or, to not pvp and farm n craft to try to eliminate any numbers advantages with gear n vessel upgrades. Also now the “night capping” is just towers and gy’s, it definately still exists, as shown by wb roaming group doing towers last night at 2 am in marq with 7 dudes (not funneled to active fort bc forts are pointless still) This directly ties to why the campaign map is dead, pvp has no purpose for character progression or reward and you can make epics in gods reach and campaign temple and eks, why would any one trying to get geared up risk getting slaughtered when you have designed the game to have more safe havens than pvp locations? No one is on campaign because of this, it is by design advantageous to not pvp or be in pvp locations. 2 - i agree on back capping being dead and this being a good thing, shorter fort timers might make the last ten minute strat be less viable if fort windows were only 30 mins? more people might d up for 25 mins over 55 mins etc. 3 - reduced pvp siege burnout is now replaced with pvp boredom. fort locks and less towers have removed almost all campaign map participation, with a main reason being they are all still absolutely pointless for account/character progression. Why would me and a buddy go try capping towers when we could be farming up gear or vessels for guildmates or factionmates, there is no reward to pvp only risk and detrimental gear hits. The game in current format is minecraft with a 5 hr pvp window. 4 - circle standing time is much improved, good job 5 - Respawn cap points have all the same problems forts n towers do, usually they have no strategic purpose bc, capping alerts enemies to the zone, usually not near a valuable objective, and also again they do nothing for a characters development. gy’s are pointless, besides in siege zones during 10-11 if you dont have a fort. All in all im really surprised how vocal some are in support of these mechanics because it sure seems like its killing the pvp and world persistence. There are far to many hideouts for people to progress outside of pvp, and far to little pvp objectives with meaningful purpose that people care and want to fight for. Fights for just points on the scoreboard hasn’ t worked for 6 months. Make pvp have a purpose towards something and people will pvp, until then, this is what crowfall campaigns will look like.
  13. I definitely think the updated schedules are a big improvement. Not having nightly keep sieges is much better, and the reduced fort schedule gives the forts more value. Having them available primarily when most of the player base is online is the right direction. As mentioned by others, two sieges on Saturday is a bit much. I'd say keep the earlier one and either drop the late one or move it to Sunday night. I'd also like to see the timer on forts increased to give defenders time to rally, as well as some changes so last-second sniping to avoid PVP when capturing them isn't the default. In addition to those, keeps should probably not be available to siege on the same night a campaign starts. A lot of people end up missing out because they have to patch, import vessels, etc. As a general observation, the large-scale PVP has been much more active since these changes went in, which is good for everyone.
  14. Oh god I derailed this thread. BACK ON TRACK PEOPLE.
  15. from forum posts it seems all UxA does is politics with very little actual playing
  16. Actually Tark was -W- i just gave him a home after he left them. Like i did a few other -W- I just say what i see . Politics are something im not good at cause i do my best not to lie and always play it truthful. If im wrong i admit it. Its okay though
  17. Today
  18. Nope, shields don't show up under armor either - the only ways to find them are to hope searching for "shield" works or to scroll through the list.
  19. This would be a great place to start and would give them a unique roll in the game. Throw in some movement CC reduction or a long cooldown triggered immunity & let them be that one race you can't kite.
  20. use escape artist if you dont like being rooted
  21. the hamster seem to kill geared hoa and w people pretty well. Also seemed like balathan was attacking undergeared people with top of the line gear.
  22. Remember that time @soulein co-led the balance faction to 7 (8?) trial victories on a High Elf swordsman knight? Pepperidge farm remembers...
  23. I agree with all of that. Some fine tuning would be nice. Half Elf is garbage. The aelfborn (half elf in Sb) was garbage for years too. They need a dip in stats and then some meaningful ability (a unique retaliate would be amazing).
  24. I was talking specifically about knights. Every other race is better than high elf as a knight.
  25. He’s the guild leader of UxA, Tarks “former” guild.
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