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  2. I don't think the game should be balanced for 5 people, its a group siege game. If you're losing because of numbers you have options, you're just choosing to lose.
  3. Grivyn

    Clerics basic weapon

    Clerical mana problems disappear with Field Surgeon and Noble purpose, prior to this it's a tightrope. Once you have Field Surgeon you can constantly throw hammers and throw every single heal you have as soon as cooldown over. The power curve between a cleric without Field Surgeon and with is staggering.
  4. I think the entire concept of this game has always been part MOBA/RTS, and part Open World PvP MMO. The thing is that if the system is too restrictive you take away some of what makes an Open World PvP MMO a desirable genre. The advantage to Open World PvP MMOs is that you and 5 of your buddies can run around PvPing against multi-thousand member organizations and successfully being successful. I don't need to be able to take on all of Goonswarm to drop out of WH space into a Goon system and gank a couple goons. If we have a system that goes around and rotates what we can take groups will single stack and run from point of interest to point of interest. In the end, when you have a 20 stack of one faction, and the other faction couldn't muster more than 10 at that time of night if they tried, and there is no opportunity to stay ahead of the larger force with smaller ones. The net effect will be LESS PvP because people are going to stop trying. That being said, there are 12 forts and like 150ish outposts in this game. We can restrict the number of options to increase the likelihood of PvP without making it impractical to go capping with 5 of your buddies. It's about finding a proper balance.
  5. Based on my coordination chat with Order last night and the head count we did when the zone capped the organized Order and Chaos forces combined were floating somewhere between 40-50 people. If there were more they were not working with either command group and were not included in our math. The only other active siege group on Chaos to my knowledge is FoE and they were not present as far as I knew unless they were off capping a fort or something in the same zone. Based on rough head counts at the earlier skirmishes during the siege before the zone lock we thought their was around 20-30 balance at each keep they defended. There is a chance they just moved people around quickly so it seemed like there were more, but that wouldn’t explain the zone cap either, so I’m not sure. I suppose there’s also a chance we counted poorly during the skirmish but the cap later seemed to indicate we were close. Even if we outnumbered Balance say 60 to 40 combined given the asynchronous action I’m not particularly surprised at the outcomes and have no real complaints to make. We’re getting better and we’re bringing a lot of new people up to speed so I’m fairly happy with our progress and showing. The keep Order took was captured by a lone player jumping the wall and wailing on the tree for 15 mins and did not represent a commitment of anyone’s forces.
  6. They do not have the tech to do that and that would cost them a ton of money, time and resources. The parcels are not built to have communication from one to another. In short, this isn't going to happen anytime soon, if ever.
  7. TBH if ACE's banking system, in a game with this level of economic interreliance and where the end goal is to hoard loot in a persistant bank, Doesn't include custom containers and rank-permissions-by-container they're going to have a very bad time a few years down the road. Nobody wants to go back to the days of your guild bank being literally a giant unmanageable box when there are SO MANY items in Crowfall and you can practically fill up a spirit back just with materials required for ONE crafting profession. TBH, just treat banks like EVE does, let them have their own interface, and keep the grid stuff for character inventories. When you start dealing with amounts required to do the 'endgame' tasks like stoneworking for EK parcels and structures, having a bank with 30+ stacks of the same thing is going to be an unmanageable eyesore compared to "Common Iron (5099)" as a single line item. If they *really* want to stay stuck to the grid based system for whatever reason, you can still use it for outpost banks and player inventories, but the BIG banks intended to be shared really shouldn't use the same stack limits and grid display as that mode of inventory management only made manageable because the size of containers is so small.
  8. Going to have to start shaming them and posting SS of numbers with time stamps.
  9. Our support is weak. We need to organize a picket line. Let em know we mean business. #jewelcraftingmatters friends and enemies unite for a just cause! We shall prevail! Not like its hard, there’s empty houses.....
  10. I appreciate your attempts to tone down the OP's exaggerations, but you are still way off. Balance numbers do not match Order and Chaos combined. Its not even close to that. These topics could be more fruitfully discussed without derailing them with false claims about Balance numbers. Yes, the current faction mechanics would allow everyone to join the same faction and win effortlessly. Something probably needs to be done about that mechanic. But, no, it has not happened.
  11. I completely agree with your OP Yoink, thanks for bringing this up. This issue is compounded IMO by how powerful high end gear is compared to basic/white gear atm. It wouldn't be such a huge issue if the gear power curve was a lot more shallow how I was led to believe it would be from initial kickstarter FAQs. Soon discs will be craftable and we'll probably see the gear power curve and gap grow even more. Atm the tome catch up system appears to be the main answer the devs have for this, so I guess we'll have to see what exactly they have planned for that.
  12. Sloppy

    Guild Banks

    I love the idea that guild banks can get jacked. I've been wanting to do it for a long time now. I finally convinced my clan to make me one of the bankers! :) I just assumed they would make a tab based system. But that's why I asked to see their design plan, so we could all have this debate. Banking and especially guild banking are HUGE quality of life items, and I think we can all agree they need to be designed correctly. Logs, or not... you can definately track (donations/thefts etc...) if the tabs and access levels are flushed out correctly. For some added danger, it's why I did suggest that the guild banks are only in the temples! Until of course, we can build our own Forts and Keeps, and build a deployable/destroyable guild bank there. So people who want to craft have to run the resources from the temple to the fort/keep. Watch out for highwaymen. You could also add a weight system, a caravan system and more for people to move mass quantities of goods.
  13. Today
  14. This is exactly what I said when I heard they'd add time windows to forts as well, several weeks ago. This will absolutely favor Uncle Bob, although granted, it'll diminish the issue of night capping as well, which is present in most RvRvR games I played. I like the system games like DAoC, ESO, etc. had in place: you can't take forts willy nilly, you need to follow a map "track" of sorts, from outer outposts towards the more valuable inner keeps; so players could read the map and make strategical decisions accordingly. Prime time was always a laggy, unplayable clustercustard (and I have no reason to believe CF will be any different), so most of the best pvp was usually found during random hours when a guild attempted to make a move for emperor or something like that. As you said, the low population in CF's pre-alpha is skewing our view of things and leading to kneejerk reactions.
  15. Ikas

    Hi there! :D

    Hi @bpack1000 and welcome! You will for sure find useful information and help in the forum, feel free to ask your questions. If you're looking for a guild, check out this section of the forum: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ Good luck and enjoy your journey!
  16. One night of my guild farming and turning in this morning Can you please make these stack as this doesn't even include the other items that dropped. Body parts, ore, scrolls and the like. Take the numbers away from the scrolls also please as its just more bloat. I have to have banks for every type of resource, as there are so many items and they really need to stack more than 1 or 20 on any of those items, especially necromancy parts since the goggles are no where to be found.
  17. I’m pretty sure we had less than 20 in that. Several of our squad got queued. So that’s less than 50 of order and chaos combined. 🤔
  18. Order had 29 in discord last night and I don't think everyone was in zone for the last keep fight last night. Maybe 25 order actually in zone. And the zone was capped at 100.
  19. Alright, I feel like I have to step in here. When SmokinJoker mentions numbers, he's not talking about in one zone; obviously that would be silly because Chaos and Order combined were about 45 people, so the most Balance could have had in the last fight was 55, and it's likely to have been 10 or so less because of random gatherers and spies. Balance has shown regularly that they can field enough to put up a strong defense at two keeps. 100 may be an exaggeration, but I certainly don't think it's more than double the reality. The truth probably lies in between somewhere. That said, props to Balance for being able to do that. Zerging seems to imply lack of individual skill so the group has to rely on numbers; I can tell you from fighting Winterblades and HoA frequently that skill is not in question. No, claiming a side is zerging is just a way of expressing frustration over a numerical disadvantage. If you have more people, bring them. Why tell some of your own guys that they can't come to a siege? That's the only alternative and that's silly. I think the point SmokinJoker is making is that we've seen people jump to the faction that has the numbers. People want to win, and that's the path of least resistance in a lot of cases. But that only makes the winning side even stronger. Most of Order used to be Chaos and both factions have grown since the split so I think if we merged again we'd be equal to Balance, but then we'll just always be zone capped and people will be sitting out in a queue while the fighting is happening and that's just not fun. That leads to sitting in zone hours ahead of time, and honestly I'm glad that time is behind us. At this point, the most fun is when Chaos and Order fight each other and Balance stays out of it. I think many on Order and Chaos would agree with me on that. And that's unfortunate. But when you have a faction that's good because they're skilled and organized, and then you see other groups and individuals join that faction on top of that, it creates a cascade effect. That's, ultimately, the problem. That said, Corvus Citadel will always be Chaos and we've shown that we don't give up. So we'll see you on the battlefield.
  20. That could work, and I would be happy if it did, but ACE has to have "set containers" functionality to support it.
  21. This is exactly one of the problems here. If the community has addressed these issues "MULTIPLE TIMES OVER THE YEARS" then why are they still an issue to this day? it wouldn't be hard to make temporary craftable boxes for EK's to use as a guild bank for now. Or at the very least do a performance tweak so we dont have mass disconnects and broken games during siege times instead of adding more stuff that's broken. If these 5 problems have been a PROBLEM for years now then what is the point of us testing and voicing our opinions just to be givin half ass excuses.
  22. Oh noes! It's been reported and being looked into. What a weirdo bug!
  23. If you can't be bothered to care about the same complaints, why are you replying to this thread?
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