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  1. Today
  2. I think you can hit B and store items there in spirit bag I believe they are 100% safe there
  3. So general feedback regarding starting off I noticed that there is no way to get back to starter zone so if you don't get the leather and stuff u need before you go to temple your screwed also why put a merchant who sells items for gold when you can't even farm gold in the starting area that I could see its just kinda confusing or maybe I missed something also I really feel like there needs to be more mobs spawned that are rank 2-3 between the starting area and the temple this seems to be a strange level gap where the forests in the temple are they go right to rank 4 and are in packs of 3 (which I got my ass handed to me several times trying to take them on).
  4. This all applies to Dregs as well. Do we know the Dregs will be highly different than the current system? Wouldn't be surprised if it is similar but guilds just have to do the work of building and they can be destroyed or damaged to award points to attackers. Or maybe they'll just copy/paste SB and call it a day and a handful of people will rejoice?
  5. Any word on how the discrepancy happened?
  6. i actually think this should change per campaign. Short campaigns have faster durability depletion compared to the longer ones. But I do feel that armor does break a bit too fast even for a short campaign like this. Give me at least 3 days and that if I'm being reckless and dying a lot.
  7. Staff

    Can i play plz

    keep it down, my gf wants to farm mats and im feelin real lazy rn
  8. So are we just gonna naked farm mobs now cause armor doesnt last long atm made a blue set last night and was almost broken in less than a day. swords last a good amount of time it seems should get 7days or so out of it before breaking that sword but armor just melts on mobs in comparison. Armor had 750 give or take on each piece. I feel the aim should be a set of gear should last for a week or so either that or costs need to be halfed resource wise.
  9. brentd

    Can i play plz

    Ya I am having an issue connecting back in keeps endless loading and I am in the starter area
  10. Nueby

    Can i play plz

    No kidding! I wanna play too..
  11. Your K/D can't take the hit. ACE is doing you a favor.
  12. Connecting to zone in Order temple. why tho
  13. Thracia has rebooted several times costing many guards bought. Now Order Temple is down. This has happened many times since campaign start. Can we get new hamsters in the wheel that runs the order server?
  14. Possible bug or Design? I was ganked inside my factions fort that was not taken over. My local bank was also looted?
  15. That does sound like it would be interesting. I have faith that they will iterate to improve the mechanics. Just sucks waiting.
  16. Thanks for the reply Hyriol. I am glad that having recipes unlock via skills is still the main pathway. You are probably correct in that it is currently on the development backburner as it currently works fine for testing purposes. I also like this idea, although it would be a little bit more work for ACE as they would have to balance it to make sure the mature skilled crafter is better off (or maybe it isn't more work because I think they still are better off anyway? I'm not an expert on all of the crafting formulas).
  17. well.. considering we have keeps, forts, and outpost.... I would say pretty close to everything. 2 thirds for sure.
  18. 1. should work like WoW BG tbh there a flag with guard around it, with an interactiable objext in the middle, clicking on the objext hass a channel bar interupted by dmg and when it finished channeling it goes to nuetral for 5 minutes then flips to the faction who clicked it (During this time other faction can click the nuetral flag to flip it back to there if defenders or restart the cap timer if it the 3rd faction.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Let's cut out the Faction Campaign asks for now and let them work on the Dregs.
  21. And Sieges on Keeps + Forts = every little thing in the game?
  22. They started with Faction due to it being the hardest to get right. They are building systems and making changes based on a limited subset of players opinions/wishes in a small pre-alpha playerbase that have stated they wont even play Faction campaigns anyways. Game was touted as a sandbox pvp mmo during kickstater in much the same vein as Shadowbane which had timers for major sieges NOT every little thing in the game.
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