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  2. You just need a guild, which will handle your leveling, provide you resources and defense. Crafters are rare, most of us are combatants and will take any crafter we find. Your experience will massively improve one you stop playing solo.
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  4. Equipped horseshoe becomes unequipped when retrieving body and moved to inventory.
  5. Another thing the developers discussed, quite a long time ago, is that, after the game launches, there will be a catch up mechanic available, like a research book. Honestly I can't remember the whole concept. You will be able to purchase training, which should help. There are more experienced posters that could go into this a lot better than myself.
  6. It's crazy how many mmos I have played where there is some gigantic box with a system message that pops up in the middle of your screen while you are fighting. WHY? 😱
  7. Funny thing is all you did was what I was going to do myself to not get swarmed by the balance. Why do you think I ran to the cliff..... But I guess my name is pretty fitting for it so still funny.
  8. We will be getting XP for harvesting/crafting activities added at some point in the future, so that will help with the leveling issue (so you can open the slots for crafting discs). I do see some opportunities for newer crafters to focus on while waiting on the passive training for a desired specialization: 1. Craft white level starting gear/consumables, and sell or trade at prices low enough to be accessible for other new players that don't want to craft 2. Craft Artisan component parts, and help supply more advanced crafters like an apprentice role 3. Craft items like siege weapons and cooked food that don't rely on passive skill training for best results 4. Look to join a guild that can help you get up to speed faster Part of the fun in a game like this is finding a niche where your current skills and character build meet a need in your team. Be creative in thinking about how you can contribute right now, it's not always necessary to be maxxed out in everything - that is a long term goal.
  9. The fun of this type of game, is to make cool templates and test them... Its getting to the point where building out a token feels like work instead of play. in SB we would pl and equip toons in a single evening. Max level in 2-3 days and then just hunt for disciplines with no RNG.
  10. I knew deep down in my heart, that you liked me.
  11. It's not grinding for goggles if they don't exist! We are 3/4 of the way through this campaign and across both servers not one guild has had them drop, I think its pretty safe to say they aren't in the game on live currently.
  12. I’ve stated that before and was rebuked. I don’t know how the dedicated testing pop does it say after day, wipe after wipe, added loop onto another loop. I’d like to say give it time and see where it looks closer to launch but then I see every failed mmo and just lose hope in the genre.
  13. I’m with @PaleOne on this, there’s so much unnecessary grinding for what’s supposed to be a PvP focused game.
  14. I praised Order as a faction. Any self-glorification was mainly just projected by you guys on to me. But feel free to dig through literally every single post I've made in this thread and cite as many examples as you can. I think you'll be a bit strained to find anything other than where I said I've been a major contributor to Order's siege equipment stock. My first post was on page 4. Four pages into the debate that's continued up to page 15 and had already been posted in by some of those saying this topic is about me. This topic isn't about me, my argument is not about me, but just like you can see with how Jecht makes a point that's on-topic and is immediately met with a personal attack that's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, BALANCE wants this to make me the focus of this debate because Balance is losing this debate when it comes down to the actual substance of the argument. So Balance is having to strawman arguments about how I'm pronouncing myself "the greatest of all time". Anyway, I will back out because Neuby asked. Maybe @soulein & @Angelmar should make even half an attempt to control their own member's trolling though before they go running around griping that people are speaking their mind. If you exercised half as much control over your own members as you seem to want others to, the forums would be downright civil.
  15. I will put a petition before they council to add you to it. In all seriousness though, this thread only got out of control because somebody wanted to use it as an opportunity to humble brag about winning a few fights and then claim their opponent was being a scoundrel.
  16. So are you saying not to max Spr now with the increased 2000 SP cap?
  17. I got the same "Login failed. Please try again. Generic/unknown HTTP error" message. I got an email about getting an Oak Tankard if you put in 4 hours on test. But not sure how to put those 4 hours in. Is there a Test schedule anywhere?
  18. Would be better as a toast message than an annoucement
  19. The form has been removed, and replaced just with the email (that should always work).
  20. i just figured out that i was hiding signatures this whole time. fbm
  21. I am a serious Craft monkey and I was actually excited to try this game out. I have been here offically 3 days and still I am not even able to get into the crafting professions. I find this majorly discouraging and actually ridiculous. My experience in this game has been a mixed bag. Please do not jump the gun and really read what I have to say if you are going to reply. I can totally understand the investment you are looking for as far as crafters and that I think is great it. Early on when the game starts everyone will have a niche but when you do the math new players will be obsolete while Vets have all these different skills mastered. Now you are always behind the curve and quite frankly you are completely useless to anyone being out leveled and out geared and literally no way to catch up or help your faction. Doing the math you have to wait at least 10 days before you master one section at least and then you just get into the basics of the next or finally get into the craft you want and then you have wait another 10 days at least to master it. Now I tried going out and leveling while doing exploration and crafting and it was not very forgiving. I have to give up time in gathering or crafting to get buffed enough to be more effective. The world and the concept are awesome. But From where I am sitting if you are not a day player you have almost no incentive to play this game after its been live 6 months. And as a Crafter I was incapable of doing what I enjoy because I have to own the game for at least 20 days to even see a profession payoff and that is if I could figure out the convoluted STAT system to the Item quality. Please let me know if I am missing something.
  22. Hi Jah, Thx for the help. As it turns out I am an idiot. I was looking for a title that said Advanced Harvesting Tools.....much like the title Intermediate Harvesting Tools. Once I took a closer look at things, I saw how Rune Tool crafting worked. doh-oh
  23. Just add something at the side top of your screen much smaller saying it briefly then disappearing automatically. +1
  24. @vkromas @thomasblair Jack of some master of one type class. The melee is fast like any ranger and it scales good with stats(if you don't go hard and max nearly all gl keeping pace) . The bow skills are useful for runners and siege equipment. You get crushing and piercing pen but you can't wear a runic mace only a runic short sword. Alertness is good, constantly doesn't apply but still puts skill on cool down especially when switching trays . Forest step constantly lands you above target and are unable to cripple at times because of this. You can step to players and mobs but never guards for obvious reasons. You are unable to use camo from illusionist for some reason. Powerful supression although terrain interferes with its viability and takes practice to make sure it sticks , tank with the only downside of stake being placed and most don't engage when you are in it. Ranger q is also very powerful and almost chainable however the reduction of damage on players always makes lifesteal almost completely worthless. So PVE king and pvp niche with some strange keystone choices and some definite balance chances needed
  25. It already got mentioned, that a lot of the CC-Promotions are less valuable because of the retaliation spam. I would like to add, that the sheer amount of CC abilities spread over the other Promotions of all classes (a lot of dps promotions got stun, blind etc...) reduces the value of going for a cc-promotion as well. I think it should be more of a standalone feature for cc-promotions to be able to CC someone. e.g.: DPS-promotion bullies down the target, which gets restrained by some cc-buddy. Personally I´d say reduce the value of retaliation (CD, stamina costs etc...) and take some (not all!) CC from other Promotions to give cc-promotions a purpose. (And maybe add diminishing return (i don´t know/feel like if it is already implemented?) to counter endless cc-chains.) personal conclusion: the CC you gain by going arbiter does by far! not compensate the loss of heal compared to a crusader and your damage is neglible... I played arbiter quite a lot and it was fun, but as soon as it gets serious your like a fun feature to have for the group, but another promotion would have been more useful.
  26. Warden to me look like having quite a niche playstyle, being sort of a good anti stealth escort kind of build? Is it tanky enough to go head to head with dps classes? Im melee it looks like it have decent dps and decent survivability? On paper it looks like something that could be quite good, but maybe there are some pros and cons im missing? Thanks in advance for your inputs. Best regards. PinkFluffyPanda
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