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  2. You're not alone in that. Guild storage has been a bane of our existence for a very long time and even some of the weird work around solutions we had previously just don't really work now and were inconvenient at best.
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  4. I was disappointed that there doesn't seem to be much hope surrounding guild banks - or something of the sort.
  5. The spoils of war aren't always about gold (though gold is generally a very good incentive). For many, securing a prestigious place in history is equally important. The history of Crowfall is your story. We want to help preserve it through War Stories. There are a number of ways to tell your story: through videos, gifs, screenshots and battle reports. You can then share them on Twitter (with the hashtags #crowfallgame and #warstories) or the Crowfall forums.
  6. Great job on the Q&A! 2 pieces of feedback if they are useful. 1. When announcing the campaigns I get that it would be a nightmare to list all the uptimes but maybe list one time so that extrapolation on when it might start is possible.( Really minutia but I I'd love it if you did😁) . 2. Coleman is on the right path in trying to beat it into everyone's head that we are testing a game and I'm incredibly thankful for the feature freeze and focusing on the next build of the game. I just wonder if more patience might be pragmatic. I 100% get why it's annoying to answer the same question multiple Q&As in a row, specifically referencing the vendors question. I respected that it was just like an oh this bull**** again moment for those following. I looked for some feedback on it anectodally from my guild and most of the new eyes to the Q&A found it off-putting. I really appreciate the time you take to keep us in the loop and share your thoughts and address some of the concerns the community is having!!!!
  7. This is the first Q&A I've seen, since I just recently bought the game, and it was really cool; you guys do this better than you seem to think. The passive changes to disciplines sounds great, and it's great to see that you already have a balance pass to classes and disciplines scheduled for later on. Besides that, props on the "this is a testing enviorment, hold up a little and let us make progress towards release" attitude. It's the right mindset imo.
  8. Ah ok gotcha. And yea I can see how that would be, unoptimized.
  9. twitch video on demand autotext transcript
  10. The dev's announced in a future build, passives will no longer need slots. All your available passives will be active for their appropriate trays (survival, melee, etc). The dev's also mentioned wanting to create a system similiar to D&D feats. My suggestions are: 1) Give a bonus passive or stat based on the combination of minor discs selected. For example, if I slotted Sturdy, Overwhelming Odds and Matching Plate, I'd get a new bonus called "Defender" and could choose between a raw stat increase or a passive bonus to mitigation or barriers, etc. It would be nice if we could be given options to choose from as some specs and vessels may need some benefits over others. This would help prevent people from picking the same minors, by giving different outcomes based on the combos of 3 slotted. 2) Add more utility passives from minor discs For example: A minor disc which has a passive that increases range by 5m. A minor disc which increases barriers by 100. A minor disc which increases group members mitigations when they are within 20 meters. A minor disc that grants a healing class, a ranged damage ability. A minor disc that grants a non healer class a minor heal.
  11. If you have already applied to one guild, you might not be able to apply to another at the same time. If you have, can you try withdrawing that request? If that isn't the issue, then send an email to support@crowfall.com
  12. Hello, I am trying to join a guild but it keeps giving me this error when I click request to join - The user has already applied for this guild. How do I get into a guild?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Would you prefer a cookie cutter pvp class then? It would negate having to get the good drops, eliminate crafting, do away with the pve altogether. How are you going to get all the things you need to build your character if you don't pve some?
  15. Better re-title it then...cause it says, 'Feedback'.
  16. You can PvP in EKs, but there's nothing to win there, and likely won't be any time soon, if ever. They've talked about having tournaments that would involve winning guilds from the campaigns, but that is likely to be outside the EK system. More likely, it would be a special type of campaign. EKs are meant to be places where you can practice (can organize duels with others with PvP turned on), socialize, and be used as market hubs. Prior to them adding vendors to the other worlds, they were exclusively in EKs, and many people ran successful markets. If you watched the Q&A today, the vendors in the temples aren't a long term solution. The God's Reach worlds will probably lose vendors altogether, and people will have to visit EKs to shop outside of the campaigns, as it was originally intended. In addition, EKs can be used to house relics and artifacts obtained in campaigns. Check out the FAQ for more info on those: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq EKs should be the place to both craft and shop outside of campaigns, as they once were.
  17. I really like your Q&A's. Your boys are clearly getting more comfortable and its a good watch.
  18. I enjoyed the game, it was definitely more polished than the last time. Especially textures, that were missing back then. I met a group of very nice people who boosted me to max level (30) in about 2 hours. I wonder if this will be the same when the game launches. I guess the XP is boosted for now. I actually don't mind it, leveling in PvP game can be seen as kind of redundant and apart from teaching us the class mechanics it serves no real purpose. There was one thing I found very frustrating. I couldn't find the Spirit bank and I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what's going on. If a kind player didn't explain it to another player in chat I would have probably given up. The problem is that the drag and drop that works in other parts of the game doesn't work. You need to right click the item to get it into the new bank. And vice versa, you have to click specifically the icon to get it out. This needs to be at least better explained or even better, changed. I was playing an assassin and I found it hard to get behind the enemy for backstabs because it was hard to see anything in a group fight and my movement was blocked. Also I was missing a clear visual cue whether the attack was a successful backstab or a normal attack.
  19. Guild criteria: Region: America-East Coast (GMT -3). Language: Spanish/English (I'm latinamerican, but I'm used to playing with english speaking groups). Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature group of players (not age-wise), with friendly and helpful people aiming mainly to have fun and help eachother. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, it's not that I don't plan on taking the game seriously once it launches, but I'm 34 y/o, have a toddler and a full time job... so that seriously restricts my playtime. It also prevents me from being on comms most of the time I have time to play, so that shouldn't be a requisite. Size: Small or medium, big zerg-like groups are not my thing. Play-Style: I always focus on PVP, but I'm planning on specializing on Exploring and Necromancy/Alchemy with my first vessel, to then focus on combat skills and playing an Assasin (Blackguard/Cutthroat, haven't decided on that). Since I can mostly play on short sessions and random times I figure that's gonna be more usefull for my guild. Experience: I started playing MMOs with Lineage II on a private server like 15 years ago, where I ended up being the leader of a medium sized guild that did pretty great. I've been playing EVE Online for the past 10 years (with short and long breaks here and there, this is one of them), focused on PVP. I'm currently part of the leadership of my corp (EVE's guilds). I don't want, by any means, to be part of the guild leadership. I want to help as much as my free time allows me to, but real life comes first and that won't ever change. Voice-Chat services: I've used almost everything, from the first version of TeamSpeak to Discord nowadays, so the hard/software isn't a problem. As I said before, getting in comms every time I play just isn't possible; I can maybe jump in if someone really needs me to and of course for planned events like Raids, Sieges or any planned guild activity. Don't expect me to do so if I just logged in to fck around for less than an hour, it just won't happen.
  20. Its going to change again so everything will be out of date by launch. Currently it is far to grind oriented for my taste which is why we all wanted passive skill progression. We can take a little grind but all that does is create afk leveling groups like in SB and doesn't really create active leveling.
  21. Arcane archer gives +3%piercing damage, should be +3%elemental damage, as it is required if using spellbound bow or elemental quiver/arrows.
  22. Field surgeon is great. The purge and rescue are worth it. The heals are ok. As for putting it on a stealth class I’d agree not worth it. @Grillo As for being able to heal your stealth character. Agent provocateur has a great heal while in stealth. There is a minor that also increases how much stealth healing you get, the name escapes me. Knife Grinder has a bleed removal ability and descent attacks. Escape artist is great too for getting away, cc immunity and dodge regen.
  23. Well played to everyone. It was a blast playing with balance faction (EU/NA) and fight against so many chaos players. Special thanks to 4Gs and to anyone who wants to improve by playing and fighting back.
  24. Vanguard played on the Balance faction in the Perstilyn Campaign! And the victory went to the Balance faction. Vanguard came back with a vengeance this campaign, after having acquired some new recruits to fill holes in our roster - our first goal this campaign was to get as many fights as possible, to create better synergy with our new players. We definitely achieved way better synergy - with these insanely motivated players, anything is possible (here's a fight from the campaign, where we showcase great coordination) : As the campaign went on we noticed that our enemies were demoralized, spending most of their time bunkering in their main keep. This gave plenty of opportunity to get practice, by attacking almost every siege night - and chaos stood their ground, providing lots of fun fights for us. It also gave us the possibility to screw around, have fun and try different things (such as destroying their entire keep with trebuchets): We then chose to go for the win, already having a point lead, we defended our 2 keeps from multiple failed assaults. The final big battle we had in the EU campaign was recorded by our very own @XeXeeD - and it was the final nail in the coffin for Chaos: Thank you to our enemies for giving us fights this campaign - especially the russians and BlackCanarios crew who by far were carrying the Chaos faction, by ruthlessly capturing every objective they could - Top chaos guilds: (Top chaos players): Thank you to our allies @Mogres Nordic Marauders and @Pestyphus@Darksilver@Kegelj Farewell - if you are looking for a german guild, you should check out these 2 guilds! Top Balance guilds: Top Balance players: Well played everyone! We are hoping chaos comes back with a taste for blood soon. Vanguard will spend the rest of 5.100 testing, practicing and preparing for the launch and wipe in the next big patch in 2020. We have currently 2 spots open for new members - whether you are an experienced player already in a guild or a new player does not matter to us. What matters, is how you show us that you have the motivation and mindset to improve and become a great player within the guild. Apply today - tell us why we should take you in, and what you can bring to the guild! ___________________________ In the off hours from the european campaign, we also visited the NA campaign, where we also played for the Balance faction. Participating in a few sieges, we aided Winterblades @Angelmar @damebix and HoA @soulein in achieving victory for Balance - check them out if you are looking for an NA guild with skilled and motivated players! Thanks for all the fun!
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