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  2. Frostweaver all he way! I hope we can choose body type aswell, need to build a rugged lone wolf frostweaver, with Icey beard. Just cant wait for this game! ❤️
  3. I agree the company needs to make money somehow. Alt spam and grinding seem more like a job then a game. I was just hoping for cosmetics and housing to spend money on.
  4. Store is also a form of RMT if they allow us to trade VIP and other store items for in-game goods. Is what it is, money is going to play into this one way or another. Was hoping the game would be worth dealing with such things when I first backed during KS, now not so much. No way I'm going to play a mediocre game that also has some form of P2W. Not to mention grind to win. Still have a bit of hope left though. Anything can happen, but I prefer Camelot and Ashes more firm and "honest" view on P2W then ACE's "we aren't P2W cause we're like EVE."
  5. Vip was "pay 2 win" so it got removed. Now its who owns more alts. A much more annoying way to "p2w". (didnt think old vip was p2w). AltAge (archeage) was bad enough lets not do that again :/.
  6. kk ty all for posting good to know you are not alone! LG solairre
  7. Are you guys recruiting more players since the campaign is starting tomorrow? Saw a bunch of you in the balance keep in God's reach tonight.
  8. Would seem so unless they come up with something of value. Only thing of value that I know of that people will actually pay for is advantage. Cosmetics and store discounts aren't going to cut it. Can't remember the exact amount but I believe they mentioned maybe 25% or more of revenue would come from VIP post-launch. Will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  9. So people pay 15$ a month out of the goodness of their heart.
  10. Today
  11. If you are still stuck, send email to support@crowfall.com - they will know the common issues and workarounds.
  12. improve respawn system! current system is zerg based and also based on unwanted fort capturing windows. I wanna suggest 2 ways to fix it. core ideas: 1) death shroud + new respawn mechanic are interchangeable and incompatible atm 2) increased timers on new death if you have any kind of closest to you death place temples makes you able to back to the battle almost immediately. 3) death shroud unpersistent to be viable 1-th way: 1) remove death shroud 2) make respawn cooldown depend on distance and amount of respawn points. https://imgur.com/XxgYnuU if you have keep and fort in the zone and you get killed inside the keep, you can chose - wait here and be safe or travel to closest temple and respawn there but faster. numbers can be adjusted. 3) keep grave on the map until next death. this way ppl think where they want to respawn 2-th way: 1) keep death shroud. but make it persistent already (unable to remove via teleport/gate jump or relog) 2) keep current system but increase also death shroud timer on death. like on the 1-th way: a) respawn on the grave immediately +5m to death shroud b) respawn X parcels from grave minus X*30second to death shroud this way ppl also think about place they want to respawn.
  13. if those communities came ultimately whoever survives would be the best cupper, unless someone thinks they can pull some god tier strategies off and win which would be possible given their lack of knowledge in the beginning, but no kingdom lasts forever no matter how large, EVE is a good example that even the invincible have an Achilles heel somewhere, sometimes you just need a friend on the inside
  14. Hell, just give the single dust we get now the normal chance to roll a chaos ember.
  15. Yeah K:D ratio seems like a win condition that will only last one trial. Way too easy to game that one. 20 kills 0 deaths would beat out 199 kills 10 deaths. I imagine a lot of your top K/D winners may end up being alts that get fed. Something like kills minus deaths would probably be a much better measure. Or if you want to go super fancy (Kills - Deaths) x (Kills/[Kills+Deaths]). In simple terms it is the difference in kills and deaths times the percentage of your K/D that's kills. Netting to 20/0 a total of 20 points, while 199 to 10 would get 179.96 points and someone with more deaths than kills would get a negative score. It rewards people with a high KD ratio but also rewards people who made a hell of a lot of kills more than people with higher KD ratios but far less kills. For simplicity's sake you could call it "Lethality Rating" Either way though, with captures being a victory condition I'm not too concerned as a character that goes after assists over kills. Looks like caps will be what I'm after this trial.
  16. Boi! Am I ready for this game!

  17. To be fair I've been active enough in the last 3 trials to get a gold from each and I don't know who you are if @Armegeddon is your main. APE seems to give a lot of thoughtful input from what I've seen of his posts.
  18. Elementalist is a discipline that completely negates the damage type for close to half of all the players. There are disciplines which are structured as hard counters . Mudman, Militant Mage, and Scarecrow function in a similar way to Elementalist but are isolated to very specific types of damage. Most classes can change weapons or have options for damage that are not elemental. Clerics and Confessors have no other options so this further exacerbates the issue. If any ability does fire damage then you can not change it to do non-elemental. Most classes have at least some options or paths to change their damage type. This is not a Meta issue because it affects three different types of damage.I am a heal/tank Cleric but I feel bad for anyone who plays a DPS Cleric or Confessor. Please split this Discipline or remove it.
  19. Block is very clunky right now. It has a hidden CD after it is used. If you block within about 1.5 seconds of releasing the block key, your character will take a block stance but not actually be blocking.
  20. Block is very clunky right now. It has a hidden CD after it is used. If you block within about 1.5 seconds of releasing the block key, your character will take a block stance but not actually be blocking.
  21. To a good extent, you are right. But, don't mind this little fishbowl. There are gaming communities out there that could bring more people alone than we have playing collectively amongst the entire population... then i guess it doesn't give a damned who you piss off. Right now, emulated games have higher pops. If this is the way it stays, then we will all looking for another game. If it doesn't, and pop does come... a lot of people wil be changing their mindset.
  22. I see you post.. but I have never seen you in game. At least on this account. I would suggest you spend time to train...get dust or embers, craft (I have 7 accounts) Yes... factories, sounds great! who is going to farm all the resources. Who is going to have the skills? What happens when your city is ripped down when you have no stations to craft with? The point I was making was, in a two hour seige, if you are outnumbered, all of your gear, the time to craft, the time to gather, can all be undone, months of playing by dozens of people, on an equal playing field.... not to menttion if you are outnumbered two to one..I don't se how people do not see this coming.. never played shadowbane.. let me fill you in.. I will gather a force, through alliance or sheer number, I will dominate the resource spwwns, I've got a three hundred man roster (imagine when Winterblades and House Avari were dominating things). If I call in I can get 150 on in a night... easy. I get geared faster, I start tearing down cities. An alliance forms. I ally people (easy, everyone jumps in on the winner). I'm better because ive got more resources and numbers. You have two choices at this point. Cede your city to me or come out time and time again until no one in you guild has any gear left, and then you are broke and I get everything anyway. Tomorrow, I take your other city, or your allies city, and stockpile gear...factories won't solve that poorly made socks. People will stop logging, and I'll just take more....snowball... Uncle Bob. That is what will happen. Full loot doesn't help "small leet PvP groups", because the minute you do that, I'll show up with 300 and rip down what has taken you weeks or months to build, take anyone's gear that is foolish enough to face my numbers, and make you homeless just for the simple fact that you rolled my farming groups.... I've seen it happen in games.. Factories will help ZERGS btw, how could it not? Think about it... So, when your guild has no guild city left, and all your gear is looted out by a three hundred person horde, your player base is demoralized facing hours upon hours of regrinding mats in the current format (that is not going away, that is Blairs design), tell me how you will get the troops to not uninstall...? You wont. Again, I warned you(full loot)
  23. Sad but true. Training speeds/potential, resource amounts, crafting requirements, etc can all be dialed in. Remember blueprints or whatever mass production system is supposed to exist at some point. Unless this is supposed to be click and forget to make 1 sword a day or something, I hope it actually allows players to stock pile resources and craft a good number of XYZ relatively easily. As is it wouldn't work but there are tweaks they could make to at least make full loot a potential campaign type for those that want to give it a try. Full game, probably not going to ever work. This design is solely lacking in this area.
  24. 1) Yes please. Give us something to do beyond standing in circles, ganking those doing PVE, and timed blow a hole in a wall to kill a tree siege. A map that had choke points, travel route difference/benefits, hard to reach strongholds, land control, buffs for POI ownership, guard placement, capture XYZ to be able to capture/siege ABC, etc. None of this is new or out of place in something like Crowfall. If they had all of that, I'd accept stand in a circle to get points system for winning (maybe). There are lots of possible win conditions and resulting rewards to try. From simple, capture X POIs and hold them for Y time. To complex requirements of completing a list of time sensitive, multi-step, map wide, multi-organized guild/alliance objectives. I'd rather have a jammed packed action adventure over a week days or week instead of weeks/months of doing the same repetitive activities that likely the outcomes will be known early on (hello current model). 2) I don't see combat changing drastically unfortunately. Would of really liked melee needing to use positional attacks, ranged being physics based, physics in general, combos being fully realized for all classes and a lot more powers. The current design is zerg/melee ball friendly. Some form of anti-zerg mechanic would be welcomed. Be it some form of friendly fire or limited/diminishing returns on a target or more precise targeting with friendlies blocking damage if not being hit themselves. 3) Would be interesting to see a cap on how much training could be accessed in a campaign. Ex: 1 year in someone might have XYZ fully trained but they could only access X fully during the current campaign or they could access 50% of X and 50% of Y. Which would possibly bring some balance to new/old/alt accounts. If Tomes or catch up mechanics actually caught someone up in a line, this would even the field. Still would reward alt accounts and guilds having enough of all the necessary harvesters/crafters. If specializing and dependence are a big deal, keep it that way. Find it rather funny that they put so much value on this yet time removes the value. Of course this is a "future dev" concern but seems avoidable. Would also like alternative campaigns that allow everyone X points to spend for training at the start and regular training isn't available. This would really remove any difference between accounts being new/old and require players/guilds to pre-select what they will do prior to the campaign. That is risk/reward/strategy/logistics insert whatever sounds cool. Toss in stricter guild limits, no alliances, the less you bring in (item value) the more potential export/winnings, etc. Everything above could apply to Factions as well. My fear is Dregs will be Faction rules we have plus claim/build strongholds and POIs for a guild instead of the Faction. Would be a real bummer and no go for me.
  25. Encountered the same bug and fixed it the same way. Loading into GR then back into the campaign. A guildy logged on and encountered the same bug too. @Pann @jtoddcoleman Please make sure you guys account for this when selecting importation rules for the trial of Maeve if it isn't fixed by then. We may need to go to GR and back quite frequently if the bug persists. On the upside I have yet to encounter the loading zone bug so if you guys were trying to fix that I think you did.
  26. Not currently. Gave an "advantage" with passive training that they removed due to training changes and likely not wanting to be seen as P2W. Beyond that not sure what they have planned that won't provide an advantage over those not paying. Well as in perfect is likely not going to happen anytime soon. Several games have handled it well enough though. DAoC, GW2, ESO, BDO all did it decently well all things considered for the time/tech being used. Camelot Unchained hopefully pulls it off a bit better then others as they've spent so much time on the engine specifically for this. As is though, Crowfall doesn't seem to be meant for anything beyond 50v50 with how combat and siege function. Would of liked to see larger experiences, but seems they want a less then large throne war. It is better but not a huge difference IMO. Still have the fall back of "pre-alpha" so they have time to continue improving.
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